Proof That Success Does Not Require Nudity and Vulgarity

Judges Do Not See the Artist
Over the years there has been a shift in what we know as entertainment. More and more performers have shunned the training and hard work required to develop talent and concentrate on becoming “overnight” sensations. 
Now, the majority of “performers” make their claim to fame by stripping off, behaving outrageously and creating a spectacle. Reality TV has made those with no talent into “stars” who are paid unreasonable sums for doing absolutely nothing of value. 
How can this be? Nudity, obscene gyrations and lewd behaviour~both on, and off the screen have created a culture of vulgarity. Children not yet in their teens are imitating singers who bare all and mimic an assortment of sexual acts. Anything goes~the more shocking the better!
How many aspiring performers compromise themselves for fame? How many “good kids” have been lost because they are convinced there is “only one way” to be successful? Where will it end?
Those of us who are believers and strive to maintain some sense of moral standards know this is not the way. Time and again we can see proof that real talent and hard work (and keeping your clothes on) can lead to success. The videos below are only two examples, and for those who care to look, there are many more. In these days where it seems as if the world has turned upside down, it is a relief to see that there is still some normalcy left.
The first clip is from The Voice~Italy. A young, energetic nun brings down the house with her performance. When you watch, do turn on the captions and listen to the judges comments. I think the men are totally taken aback, and one looks downright emotional. One of the judges asks Sister Cristina Scuccia what the Vatican thought of her appearing on the program. Without hesitating, the sister responds:
“He (the pope) always says we should go out and evangelize.
Telling of God doesn’t take anything away from us, but will give us more. I am here for this”
Notice how the audience reacts~rather than being shunned for her faith, she is wildly cheered!
The second video many of you may have already seen, but it is so very inspiring. Two teens aged fifteen and sixteen, one very shy and introverted because of his appearance, sing their way to the finals with talent, hard work, and placing their friendship above possible advancement.
The world needs more good, honest people to step forward and take center stage. Whether it be music, acting, business or in everyday life, people need to speak out and be heard, so that the next generation will see that the real way to true success involves self-respect and hard work~not stripping off. We can’t all be “stars” on center stage, but we can be successful in our daily lives and go from strength to strength by trusting in God’s Word.
Sister Cristina Scuccia Wows All Four Italian Judges and the Audience!
Only Sixteen and Seventeen Years Old~Johathan and Charlotte are Amazing!

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