UNRWA Runs “Camp Jihad”~Why Are They Not Monitored?

Over the years, the western world has paid billions of dollars to the United Nations and UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency)~the only refugee agency in the world that encourages refugees to act upon the “right of return” and does not even try to resettle them so they can move on with their lives. Instead of learning how to become productive members of society, these children are being trained to become martyrs and suicide bombers. Summer Camp teaches a false version of their history and a heavy dose of hatred. 
Please take the time to watch this video. The world is pouring money into UNRWA and they are training future terrorists. These children have never even had the slightest chance in life because the world continues to fund thier education of hatred and martyrdom. 
This film should upset you~it is nothing less than child abuse~but you must see what your tax dollars are being used for! If there is ever to be the slightest hope of peace, this ongoing education of hatred must be stopped. By the way, UNRWA also runs the schools~the text books are another story!
Contact your members of parliament or congress in your respective countries. Demand to know:
~ Why Has There NEVER Been an Audit of UNRWA?
~ Why Is There NO Accountability Whatsoever?
The mandate to fund UNRWA will up for renewal in June 2014. If nothing is done, your tax dollars will be used to fund the next generation of terrorist jihadists.
For those who may think that the only ones they are taught to hate is “Jews”, pay attention. The children are taught that it is the “Infidels and Christians” who must be destroyed. Do we have your attention now??

These Children Are Raised for Juhad and Death~It Must Be Stopped!

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