Urgent Prayer and Funds Needed!

Ten days ago our precious family member Joy Caros Rawlings has fallen and broken her hip.

While on a ministry trip to Europe Joy Caros Rawlings, one of the world’s leading portrait artists fell while visiting friends in Basel, Switzerland.  Joy is youthful in her mid-eighties and has been recently painting portraits of world-renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli and his family.

Thinking it was only strained ligaments she and her husband James Rawlings made their way by bus from Basel to Tuscany Italy where Joy’s daughter Samantha lives. However, since their arrival in Italy, the pain was excruciating and James had Joy admitted to a local hospital near Florence where they discovered by x-ray that indeed the hip was fractured and urgently needed repair.

Now, without local health insurance, they have to fly Joy on a stretcher back to their home in Vancouver, Canada for hip repair surgery and several months of rehabilitation. James said that the cost of a stretcher transport on the airline is $32000 while the 10 days she has been in the hospital another $20000. They have travel insurance but the company has refused to cover the major expenses except for minimal ones.
Please could you help us raise a prayer for Joy for her desperate and dangerous physical condition and for James to purchase the direct flight tickets to Vancouver and to pay the medical costs involved in Italy?
Here is how you can help financially.

If you Select Paypal, Please add a comment that the donation is for Joy Caros Rawlings.

2.German Bank Account
Frankfurter Sparkasse

IBAN: DE23500502010000162008

Nordend branch – Bergstrasse 29
D 60316 Frankfurt am 
Please earmark ” For Joy” any donations for their transport back to Canada

Here is our prayer contact info:  jvrawlings@gmail.com 
or meridel.rawlings@gmail.com

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