A Word from Jay in Jerusalem

July 15, 2020

Dr. Jay Rawlings

Dear Special Friends and Precious Partners,

Proverbs 18:24 says, “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”  How well, Meridel and I and our sons know that good friends are hard to find.

I Jay, say AMEN to this truth.  During these last weeks I have been thinking about YOU. Why? I have been shredding old Jerusalem Vistas files. Legally, according to Israeli, Canadian and American law, any file older than 10 years can be discarded. In order to protect YOUR identity, I have carefully disposed of this information in ways to prevent “identity theft.”  In doing so I have prayed with thankfulness for each of YOU by name.


In a way, it is sad to shred our donor records. But on the other hand, it is very inspiring. I carefully read your names and addresses and the amounts you gave in order to keep us on the front lines. Later I shared some of these memories with Meridel and the family. Why? Because your faithfulness has encouraged us all, time and time again. Some of you responded to help us create our first film, Apples of Gold. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Proverbs 25:11   Do you remember?  The Israelis were our ‘apples of gold’ and the pictures of silver was the 16 mm film used by the 100 Huntley Street  film crew.  I travelled to Jewish and Christian communities throughout North America for a full year to raise the budget for that film. I did it for the JOY set before me. For 50 years now we have published the WORD OF GOD and send it out globally in many languages. You enabled us to create documentaries, TV programs, books, booklets and PowerPoints. You supported our lecture tours and today meet us on the internet.

Scrolls of fire – Kisalon


Together we have worked to build the Kingdom of God on earth. It is completely clear that without YOU we could not have made such a regular impact on a variety of audiences around the globe. The greatest sign of the soon coming of Messiah is ISRAEL. We have doggedly believed from the time we were called out in 1969 that the ancient prophetic promises to Israel ARE coming to pass today! This truth has been the glue that has given our messages a timely and inspirational edge. All glory goes to the Holy One of Israel. You also share in the blessings of these endeavours. Thank you!      Photo: Scrolls of Fire, Angels and Israeli soldiers fighting together in battle.


 Everyone would like to know what is going to happen in the future?  That means, today, tomorrow and long term. There is no question that every one of us on planet earth has been completely impacted by the deadly Novel Corona virus… me, you, your family, and our nations.  Yes, there are answers to these valid questions. You just have to know where to look for them. Jesus said, “When you see these things, ‘Look up, for your redemption is near. He that endures to the end will be saved.”’ Matthew 24:14

His word “saved” includes our body, soul, and spirit. He is with us offering complete deliverance in every way. 

Coffee in War Time

I took Meridel out for coffee before we were locked down again last week. Sitting in our local mall, which was busy at the time, she burst into tears. “There is so much suffering everywhere.” Explaining her feelings, she emphasised, “We are at war!”

I had to agree with her, and surprised myself my uttering, “We are in the Tribulation.”

I hope you are not shocked by this. It is high time to wake up and fill our lamps with fresh oil. The signs are all around us. What ever you are going to do, do quickly!

Dr. Jay Rawlings in his office in Jerusalem

 “Israel, the Nations, and the Future”

Several years ago I wrote a script on the above subject and our team made it into an eight part series. We are now working to re-release it as a multiple part program addressing the issues we all face in the COVID-19 era. By September 2020 YOU will be able to order a link to the first part of Israel, the Nations and the Future in the COVID-19 Era”We are currently in production. Join me on: www.israelvision.com for updates. For your continued support, I thank you.

In Yeshua’s Victory,    Jay, Meridel and Team

Now a short Bible study from Meridel: 

This reveals the heart of our Father in heaven. I was amazed… 

“BECAUSE they did not believe in God,

And did not trust in His salvation.

Yet, He commanded the clouds above,

And opened the doors of heaven,

He rained down manna on them to eat,

And gave them of the bread of heaven.

Men ate angel’s food;

He sent them food to the full. 

Psalm 78:22-25

The Spirit of God is searching the whole earth right now nation by nation.

 Where are those who will show themselves strong on His behalf!

Those who are planted in the house of the LORD

Shall flourish in the courts of our God. 

They shall still bear fruit in old age;

They shall be fresh and flourishing to declare that the LORD is upright.

 Ps 92:13-15.

And try Me now in this, says the LORD of hosts,

“If I will not open for you the windows (DOORS) 

of heaven and pour out for you such blessing. 

There will not be room enough to receive it. 

Malachi 3:10 

Love from Meridel

Dr. Meridel Rawlings working on her latest book called “Stain Remover”

Featured Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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