War in Israel?

With so many prophets proclaiming the coming war in Israel, I am exercised. I MUST take this opportunity to bring a word of encouragement. Trust in the written word of God, it cannot fail. Let us dig a little deeper for a fuller picture that eclipses all of the doom and gloom.

Here are my thoughts on possibly an even wider conflict than the miserable Syrian war according to Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

Now with President elect Trump coming into office on January 20th 2017, he will surely have to address the situation in Syria.
Putin has a “hook in his jaw” just as it is written by Ezekiel. He just cannot stay out of the Middle East, whether he is wanted or not!
His wicked plans and shrewd manuevers are unfolding like a chess game. He is a very strong adversary working all over the earth.

There has to be a confrontation IF, he, President elect Trump will make good on his campaign promise to “destroy ISIS swiftly in Syria and Iraq. World opinion due to the tragic situation in Aleppo will mitigate this. Meanwhile militarily, Putin has propped up the Assad regime along with Iran’s backing, known in history as Persia. These countries are on a collision course with the West.

Iran and Russian harbor hatred towards Israel, see Ezekiel 38. “Gog comes down to take a plunder and a booty or spoil” (perhaps huge natural gas reserves in Israel). Ezekiel 39:3 is very clear. It says, God Himself will “knock the bow (missiles) out of Gog’s hand” by incredibly powerful natural forces. Could this be the armies from the north, including Russian & Iranian men and missile? Lebanon and Syria will be neutralized, Israel will live! Am Israel Hai!

Putin is the major threat at the moment. Also, PRAY for President elect Trump to resist any aggressive moves in Cuba. Remember the Soviet’s 1960 attempt to plant Nuclear weapons 90 kilometers from America in Cuba’s Bay of Pigs? This previous strategy cannot be repeated. It is high time for Biblical principles to be employed by the White House such as …“resist the enemy and he will flee from you.” I believe the LORD God of Israel is looking into the affairs of the nations to bring glory to HIS Name!

Our work is to BELIEVE God’s Word. We all must lay aside our criticisms and jugements and PRAY for President elect Trump. This man is richer than all 44 preceding US Presidents combined, yet he has chosen to take a salary of US $1.00 and give his Presidential salary to charity. He has placed more Christian advisors around him that ever before in American history. PRAY that these anointed men and women give him the divine strategies found in the Eternal Word of God. Let us look up and not faint. We are standing on the edge of the greatest revolution our world has ever seen. Let God be God and all men liars!

Gratefully yours,

Dr. Jay Rawlings

Documentary: Israel, world terrorism, revival & YOU

Dr. Jay Rawlings top documentary: “Israel, world terrorism, revival & YOU” deals with the most pressing challenges of our time. The document opens us a window to a drastic reality of the Middle East: The spiritual battle for the return of Messiah to Jerusalem has begun.

Jay challenges Christians to rise up to authority By using the sword of the Spirit. Middle East turmoil touches Europe, in the form of the influx of refugees. At the same time the aliya of the Jews and  their homecoming to Israel is seen as one of the major keys to global revival. Jay shares us the keys of the Kingdom to our current challenges .


No Relief

know and am a witness, says the LORD. Jeremiah 29:23

Kay Wilson is also a witness. Giving testimony at a Stand With Us event in Sussex England, she relives her experience with Palestinian terror. Please do not say, “Oh not again enough!”

This is an unforgettable account of innocence lost as she witnessed the murder of a Christian friend right in front of her. Yet she survived  against all odds.  I want all who watch this to understand, that NOTHING has changed.  I pray her voice will be heard or she just crying in the wilderness?

For newcomers, here is a little back ground. The Palestinian Authority has not changed its agenda since it started in 1964.  PA President Mahmood Abbas, 81, a Holocaust denier, inherited a tradition of tyranny. His predecessor, Yasser Arafat, was also President of the PA for life. Nothing has changed. There are no free elections in the Palestinian Authority. In 2005 I, Meridel Rawlings, did extensive research on abuse in the PA. Living in Jerusalem, I consulted with Israelis, Palestinians and Christian Arabs.  Professor Moshe Sharon of the Hebrew University was my advisor. My masters thesis was entitled:  Abuse of Children in the PA.  Nothing has changed. Everyday children in the PA are taught on TV, radio and the Internet to hate Israeli’s and to kill them! This is called incitement and Abbas does nothing to stop it.

Speak up! You can make a difference.

The Visionary

“We, the Rawlings family will follow you to the ends of the earth!”

Daniel, Josh, Chris, David and Meridel

On January 28th Dr. Jay Rawlings received a “Life Time Achievement Award” from the World Jewish Congress and the Christian Allies Caucaus during a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem.

David and Joshua and granddaughter Maya were in attendance. Meridel will be in New Delhi India on the last leg of her Nepal journey and Daniel continues his filming work in Nepal.

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Also read “WJC, Knesset caucus honor Christian leaders Jay Rawlings, Duke Westover for their steadfast commitment to Israel” by World Jewish Congress.

Suddenly Jerusalem

image 2In Jerusalem young people Jews and Arabs dance together in the heart of the city.

We have threats, dangers, sorrow but double JOY!

Adi Gordon Rawlings inspired and choreographed this music dance. Adi is David’d wife and mother of Amitai and Liyah Rawlings. She has inspired thousands of young people “to dance for JOY!”

Israeli boy describes the coming of Messiah

This video is not professional and Hebrew is spoken.
Only the first portion has English subtitles, Nathan a 15 year old Israeli who had a near death experience in the Shara Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.
It was on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles in October 2015.

Nathan comes from a secular background and knew nothing of the prophets scriptures written by his own prophets. Here are the main points:

  1. Natan felt extremely ill with chills and ‘coldness’ possessed his body. While in the hospital,
    he shook and was filled with pain. Suddenly he found himself hovering over his body 6 feet in the air.
  2. He kept rising and rising until he could see the whole earth and eventually was lead to a tunnel.
  3. He was drawn to a light that filled him with a sense of love and security. He can’t find words to properly explain how amazing it was.
    (His whole life was played before him, there were no secrets. He talks about the extreme importance of ‘acts of loving kindness’. Go to 27:30 to hear what he says regarding the Messiah and Gog and Magog.
  4. The Messiah he said is already here and is very well known! People will be very very surprised. His is a Baal Tshuva, that is a Jew who has returned to faith in the LORD God of Israel. He also helps others to return to the LORD.
  5. The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul the 11th of September 2015, and it will get much worse in the weeks or months to come.
  6. There will World War 111, which will eventually lead the nations of the world to unite and attack Israel and Jerusalem.
    See Revelation 9:14,15 …”Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates. So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and monh and year, were released to kill a third of mankind.” America entered this war with Saddam Hussein and it has never ended… and has been heating up ever since. The war will burst forth along the Euphrates River. (Turkey, Syria, Iraq bordering Iran).
  7. The leader of the free world is know in heaven as Gog. Gog is none other than… Barak Hussain Obama.
  8. The whole war will last a short time.
  9. The Jews who did not keep Torah and Mitzvot (good deeds) will die. “Faith by itself, if it does not have works is dead.” James 2:17
  10. Tzahal will last only two days. Secular zionism (the flag, yom ha’atmaut) carries no merit.
  11. The Mount of Olives will split into two and the Messiah will be revealed. He will have the ability to know who is a real God fearing Jew and who is not.
  12. Messiah will fight against Gog and kill him. Gog will be buried in Israel.
  13. During the war, two Atomic bombs will be shot at Israel and Hashem (The LORD God of Israel) will suspend them in the air for two weeks.
  14. Israel will be captured but the worthy will survive in Jerusalem.
  15. The Messiah will wear a garment that is stained in blood. The blood symbolizes all the Jews who were martyred for the Name of God. The Messiah will judge the nations of the world who have oppressed His people throughout the years.
  16. It will take a long time to bury all the dead. “For seven months the house of Israel will be burying them, in order to cleanse the land.” Ezekiel 39:12
  17. Only those with real ‘repentant’ hearts will survive.
  18. They will inherit the highest level of heaven.
  19. The Beit Hamikdash – The Holy Temple of God will descend from heaven and there will be a resurrection of the dead. (This will take time and not happen immediately).