Why the Jews Are the Canary in the Coal Mine

by J. P. Golbert
July 15, 2015 at 5:00 am

Jews have been called the “canary in the coal mine.” Miners used to take canaries into the mines with them because the canary would die from coal gas escaping into the mineshaft before the level of gas could kill the men or become explosive. When the canary stops singing, it is a warning to the men to get out of the mine. How is that an apt metaphor for the Jews? Underlying the metaphor is the realization that what happens to the Jews will befall everyone. Why should that be so? This is the subject of this essay.

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Israel Vision TV’s 2015 promo clip called “Love My People” brings you into the heart of Jerusalem. Here you will discover secrets about the Israel that is not reported on your evening newscast concerning Jew and Arab alike. You will find out how Jay and Meridel Rawlings left lucrative medical careers in Canada, to begin a life in the media, giving a voice to the voiceless. You will be intrigued how through TV, Internet and digital media they have helped many unfortunate people grasp hope for their future through “love” and acceptance when their own stories are told, in “LOVE MY PEOPLE”! Join us for an inspirational ride of a lifetime.

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Israel, World Terror, Revival and You

Israel, World Terror, Revival and You is alerting Canadians of the present ISIS danger within
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gives a timely, Biblical, prophetic up date on the collapse of nations in the Middle East.

Dr. Rawlings is telling his audiences across Canada how they can make a difference. He surprises everyone by illuminating the scriptures hand in hand with current history and breaking news. Yes… Terror and Revival go hand in hand.

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