Israel Tour November 2015


Meridel and I invite you to join us this November 15 to 23rd on YOUR trip into the heart of Israel.
Come and see for yourself! Download the brochure here.

Visiting Israel can be transformative!
When people see Israel and experience its beauty, energy, dynamism and extraordinary humanity, not only do their opinions about Israel change, in many cases they themselves are transformed.

Your perfect response to the Israel smear campagne of BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions)???

An informative trip to Israel of course!!!

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Israel, World Terror, Revival and You

Israel, World Terror, Revival and You is alerting Canadians of the present ISIS danger within
the borders of peace-loving Canada. This power-point created and presented by Dr. Jay Rawlings,
gives a timely, Biblical, prophetic up date on the collapse of nations in the Middle East.

Dr. Rawlings is telling his audiences across Canada how they can make a difference. He surprises everyone by illuminating the scriptures hand in hand with current history and breaking news. Yes… Terror and Revival go hand in hand.

You may want to order a copy of this prophetic biblical teaching.
What time is it? Just listen this clip!
Canada is under threat! Do not doubt it.
You can stand up and be counted today!

A Political Candidate Who is Not Afraid to Mention Jesus

In a time of Christian persecution around the world, it seems that one presidential candidate is not afraid to openly declare his Christian background. I am sure that this will now be a whipping post for those who oppose him.
Ted Cruz spoke at Liberty University and left no doubt of his Christian roots and his love for America and Her founding principles. I suppose this will be considered politically incorrect, but in reality it is a breath of fresh air.

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My Resting Place~20 March 2015


Teach my soul Your Wisdom Lord
And make me rich indeed
Not of silver nor of gold,
Ill-gotten gain by greed.

Not by power
nor by might,
But in Your Spirit dwell.

And may my tongue
rest in Your Peace
My actions, thoughts as well.

My feet with joy to walk O Lord
Along Your Holy Way
My spirit’s joy redeeming time,
Just living day by day.

Though I am poor in this world
Nor fame or fortune have.
Yet in Your hand I shall remain

Written 12 May 2004, by R.G. Fowler of Blessed Memory (Meridel’s Younger Brother)


Prayers Work! Our Call To Prayer is Answered…

Earlier this week we sent out an appeal for a “Call to Prayer”. Your response was immediate and very encouraging.

On Tuesday night, we all went to sleep with prayers on our lips:

O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me…Psalm 25:2

When we woke up this morning, it was with great joy that we learned of Benjamin Netanyahu’s decisive victory over those who would see Israel broken into pieces.  Praise God!

This Land shall not be sold for ever: for the Land is Mine,for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me…Leviticus 25:23

On the way back from a meeting, Jay, Meridel and David stopped at a point overlooking Jerusalem. They were discussing the results of the election and decided to film a few words.

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God:the powers that be are ordained of God…Romans 13:1

Thanks to all who joined us in prayer. Most of all we give thanks to the Lord our God for his goodness and mercy.

Jay and Meridel On The Election Results