Friends of Israel Initiative

In this CBN interview, Eric Stackleback speaks with the former Spanish President and Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar on his “Friends of Israel Initiative”. Jose Maria Aznar is a man of strength and conviction, and when he says if Israel goes down–we all go down, you can take that to the bank…
Follow the link to the site of the “Friends of Israel Initiative” and learn more.

What is an Intifada?

Networking sites such as Facebook are being used to encourage tens of thousands of people world to march towards Israel for a 3rd Intifada. After a great effort by many people one page was taken down, but many more have sprung up in its place. 
Make no mistake about it–a call for Intifada is a call for genocide and the elimination of the state of Israel.

Israel Apartheid Week

Israel Apartheid Week is upon us, and once again the only democracy in the Middle-East (that would be Israel) is being vilified. We at Israel Vision have felt the effects of the anti-Israel movement.

More and more we receive letters that are “returned to sender” with less than friendly remarks. Here are just two examples. In both cases the box checked says “Addressee has gone away”. It is possible the “messages” came from someone at the Royal Mail. In the second letter one can clearly see that the red sticker was put on top of the hand written Return to Sender, then below in a different ink is written a very ugly message. My apologies for the language, but this is what we received.

The first claim that we are British Passport Thieves is almost comical, considering Six British SAS soldiers were arrested in Libya this week, carrying passports from several different countries–Oh My!

Dubai police accused Israel of using fake passports in the death of Hamas murderer and weapons smuggler, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. To date there has never been proof that Israel was involved. Both Hamas and Dubai police have said that Mabhouh had enemies across the Middle East, any of whom would have had a motive for his murder. It has even been said that the PA was involved. But it is much easier to accuse Israel. In reality, anyone who thinks that the Secret Services of any country in this world do not use fake passports is living in fairyland.

The second letter is more disturbing. I somehow doubt the message writer has ever been to Israel or know of the contributions Israelis have made and continue to make to the world. I will also guess they have never experienced a suicide bombing in a busy cafe or on a full bus.

Do those who write hateful messages know that this week Israel marked the third Yartzeit of 8 young boys murdered in cold blood while studying Torah? They were aged 15 to 18 and one aged 26. The gunman fired between 500 to 600 rounds into them before he was finally stopped. I wonder if the message writer knows what it is like when a car is ambushed and four people are shot to death at close range (just to be sure they are dead)--one of them a 9-months pregnant woman?

Yes, Israel did go into Gaza–after  tens of thousands of bombs were fired on its civilians. Yes, a lot of Gazans died, but in the end, even Hamas admitted that the majority were fighters. Civilians died but they were not targeted. In fact, Israel dropped leaflets and called the homes before they attacked (do you know any other army that does this?). Hamas uses civilians as shields.

The fact is that Israel is the Only Democracy in the Middle-East, and the Only Country in the Middle-East that dismantled Arab refugee camps. ALL of the Palestinian Refugee camps are in Arab Countries! Palestinian Arabs in Israel were given full citizenship, they  have elected members in the Israeli government (who sadly, are trying to destroy the country). Jews and Arabs are both Doctors and Patients in Israeli hospitals. The list is endless, yet in cities all over the world banners of hatred will fly and letters like the one above will be returned with insults.

The clip below highlights the narrow-mindedness of those who hate–just because it is the “in thing” to hate Israel. Hopefully good people will not partake in this hate-fest.

Peace Activists or Hate Activists?

Today this video was posted on Arutz 7 HERE. These “activists” attacked a legitimately owned farm to steal precious water from the well as their Arab partner looked on in pleasure.
The farm is Har-Sinai, which was named after Yair Har-Sinai, a Jewish father of nine who was murdered by Arab terrorists nearly ten years ago while tending his sheep. He had carried no weapon.
There is something wrong with people who fund those that spend all their time attacking and stealing from hard working people (who actually have “legal papers” proving ownership) and give it to squatters. Call it pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-Jew, anti-Semitism or whatever you want–It is still hate, it is illegal, and it is very ugly.

Egyptian Protesters~Destroy Israel

No matter what the problems are it will always come back to hatred of little Israel. No matter that the Israeli Arabs have more rights than in any other Arab country. This has nothing to do with land, but everything to do with hundreds of years of hatred preached by imams who refuse to  come out of the dark ages. Watch to the end…

“Peaceful” Protestors in Israel

The IDF has maintained the view that Jawaher Abu Rahma, did not die from inhalation of tear gas during a “Peace Protest”.  
The news reported that  Jawaher Abu Rahma, 36, had inhaled tear gas fired by the IDF and died as a result. The story was further played up with the claim that she was the sister of an Arab who was killed in Bilin in 2009 after being struck by a tear gas canister. Once again the Palestinians and their anarchist, anti-Israel groupies have managed to pull off another hoax on the world at large. Nothing says publicity like a grieving mother holding her dead daughter’s photo. 
What is particularly disgusting is the continuous abuse of grieving families. Any death is horrendous, but to use a tragedy to spin anti-Israel lies is just plain vulgar.
Although the Palestinians claim the protest was peaceful, photos of the scene have shown just the opposite. Below is a film of the riot that took place at Bil’in on 07 January. This is the scene that takes place week after week, without fail. Listen to the warnings, the IDF  gives in English and Hebrew, and the warnings not to cross the yellow gate, all of which are totally ignored. Watch  the soldiers who do not show any signs of aggression as they are being pelted with stones. These are the Peace Activists you hear about in the news.  This is what they call “peaceful protests”.  Think about it–these are the peace-makers…

Bil’in Riot, January 7, 2011

MK Danny Danon to 5th Column~Be Very Afraid

MK Danny Danon told Arutz Sheva that he will be the Knesset member heading the committee of inquiry into ultra-leftist groups’ sources of funding. The Israeli parliament recently voted to establish this committee to look into the funding for the groups who are acting against the state of Israel
MK Danon is optimistic: “I hope we can stop these groups, which received 40 million shekels from the European Union in the last five years alone… We will try to discover the truth and in the end we will recommend changes in legislation as well.”
For years there has been a fifth column operating from within Israel. They work against the state and have been (filmed) on more than one occasion instigating riots and attacks against Israelis while claiming to be pro-peace. Among the organizations and persons Danon intends to invite to the committee, he lists:
  • B’tselem–director, Jessica Montel
  • The Center for Defense of the Individual–director, Dalia Kirstein
  • Yesh Din–director, Roi Maor
  • Ir Amim–director, Yehudit Oppenheimer
  • The Public Committee against Torture in Israel–director, Yishai Blanc
  • Adallah–director, Mahmoud Yazbek
  • Peace Now–director, Yariv Oppenheimer
  • Gisha–director, Kenneth Mann
  • Association for Civil Rights ion Israel – President, Sami Michael
  • Mousawa–Anwar Jamal, Tariq Bashir, Jafer Farah; as well as
  •  Breaking the Silence, Machsom Watch, The Israeli Committee against Home Demolitions and the Center for Alternative Information.

Danon said that he “recommends to Yariv Oppenheimer [Peace Now Director] and the other directors of the NGOs that are a fifth column within Israel to start sprucing up their CVs, because soon they will be unemployed…it is time to find the sources of the monies for these groups that act without letup against the state of Israel.” He added: “We will try to find out who are the ones who arrange the riots at the Bil’in checkpoint, who funded the legal motions in the matter of Highway 443. We will reveal the bodies that roam the Galilee and purchase private lands with Saudi money. The leftists seem afraid and they must have a reason for fearing this committee.”

Hooray–It is about time!

New Trends in Arab Anti-Semitism~Part 2

You can read the transcript of the below video on the MEMRI sitefollowing are some excerpts from a TV program on the Holocaust and antisemitism and a studio debate with Sa’id Okasha of the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. The footage and debate aired on Al-Faraeen TV on January 29, 2010.
Sa’id Okasha
 The video opens with a skewed narration about the holocaust which at one point is referred to as…Hitlers famous measures against the Jews.
At 2:36 Egyptian Researcher Sa’id Okasha is “interviewed” on the intro by Al-Faraeen TV.  He tries to challenge the totally false reports and antisemitic myths the female interviewer has just presented. 
You must listen to the hateful tone in her voice as she constantly cuts him off and refuses to let him finish a sentence. You can see the frustration on his face and here it in his voice. Actually, one wonders why they called him to the interview at all.
At 6:25 she says…Mr. Sa’id we didn’t invite you here to cause trouble for us, live on TV. But of course this is only the beginning. Do read the full transcript of the interview, it is one of the best examples of how the Arab media twists and turns the facts and are able to outright deny the truth when it is presented to them–even when the presenter is one of their own researchers!
At 9:27 begins a series of hate-spewing programs from arabic tv…the last punishment was carried out by Hitler… followed by …allah willing the next time will be at the hands of the believers.
At 10:02 another smarmy imam begins showing WWII pictures …lets watch the holocausts that the Jews underwent which were allahs way of wreaking vengeance on them…this is of course a part of the corruption of Germany by the Jews…
At 10:59 he is becoming excited at the scenes…Note the humiliation on his face, allah be praised…The muslim mind only wants to see others (non-muslims) humiliated–and of course dead.
At 12:36 we again see the segment of a Jewish women kissing a soldiers hand. The speaker declares…notice what humiliation, fear and terror have struck her. But he is dead wrong. The scene in question is actually a British soldier and she was kissing his hand because he was one of the liberation forces that ended her horror.
This segment and in fact most of the pieces of film are taken from a 59 minute film made up of “original reels of film” that were taken by the liberation forces when they reached the death camps. The woman kissing the soldiers hand was taken from Reel #6 at Belsen camp (54:01)The American and British soldiers carefully recorded the horrors they found in the camps for all time. I strongly suggest you follow this link to Atlas Shrugs where you can watch the entire set of reels. 

At 12:46 under a picture of dead bodies the arab narrator states…this is what we hope will happen, but, allah willing at the hand of muslims. 
This is not a New Trend in arab antisemitism, it is merely the continuation of hundreds of years of hatred. While the rest of humanity moved forward, and developed the muslim world has wallowed in their swamp of ignorance and violence. They have kept their generations uneducated, primitive and seething with hatred. They do not even get along with each other. Yet, the world cries for Israel to “make peace”…
* Printed with permission from frumlife

Tradgedy~Deputy Commander Ahuva Tomer Dies

Reprinted from frumlife.   Deputy Commander Ahuva Tomer, the highest ranking woman officer in the Israel Police  Force, died on Monday after succumbing to critical injuries sustained in the Carmel fire. She was driving to assist the bus carrying 40 Prison Service cadets that was trapped (and subsequently burned). She herself was trapped and suffered burns throughout her body. Deputy Commander Tomer was initially taken to Carmel Hospital in Haifa, where a team of 20 doctors worked to revive her–finally succeeding in restoring a pulse–“against all odds,” in their words. She was then transferred to Rambam Hospital for continued treatment.

Deputy Commander Tomer was one of the best-known, highest-ranking officers in the northern region.

She made history in 1997 when she was appointed Police Commander in Nahariya, and again in 2009 when she was appointed Commander of the lsraels largest  station in Haifa. Well respected by all, she had achieved what no other woman before her had. Commander Tomer did this by hard work and dedication, never using her gender to gain advantage.

The picture on the left shows the bus, with her white care (left of bus) as the flames engulf them.

The below video was made as Deputy Commander Tomer completed and interview. She is shown (2:56) in her car before she drove into the flames in an attempt to help the trapped cadets on the bus. “Baruch dayan ha’emet”

Commander Ahuva Tomer Driving into the Blaze (0:30)

UN Adopts Nine Anti-Israel Resolutions–USA Keeps Quiet

The United Nations Human Rights Council this month adopted nine resolutions against Israel. The United States remained silent. A report by Lebanon expressed its objections “to the establishment of the Zionist entity on Palestinian territory”

Israel’s representative started to respond, “My delegation would like to state on record our strong objection to the inappropriate and abusive language used to reference the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the existence of a dominant terrorist organization, Hizbullah, as well as political tensions and struggles between different vital groups…” he was rudely interrupted by the Council president (the delegate from Thailand) who broke in to recognize the delegation of Lebanon who declared: “If there were no Israeli occupation there would have been no resistance and resistance of peoples against foreign occupation is a legitimate right. Thank you” at which point the hall which broke into applause. The Council president followed up with: “I appreciate the concern expressed by the Lebanese delegation”
According to Arutz 7, other UNHRC members responded with verbal assaults against the Israeli diplomat–Again the Obama rep remained silent.

Some of the comments quoted by Arutz 7 were:

Syria–There is no other terrorism on the surface of the planet like the terrorism committed by Israel–This entity was established on the basis of terrorism
Syria again–Israel…threatens to use nuclear weapons
Syria yet again–Lebanese resistance is not terrorism
Lebanon–Hizbullah was only a resistance movement that had the honor to resist the occupation

And there you have it. You have to ask yourself–Why are we pumping billions of dollars into the UN and more important, how can anyone believe the Obama administration is a fair broker when it comes to finding a resolution to the tensions in the middle-east?