Part 3~Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

We learned in Part 2 of the unique relationship between the Jews and Persians~and the unprecedented move by the Persian king~to allow the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.
Now, in Part 3 we open the book of Daniel and examine the workings of the realms of darkness and light in the battle for the tiny Jewish nation.
In fact, one of the very first attempt at a “holocaust” took place when Haman tried to destroy all of the Jews. We learn of the relationship between the earthly and heavenly realms and spiritual and physical wars.

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Part 3~The Spiritual Battle over Persia (Iran)
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 2~Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

In Part 2 of Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock, Dr. Rawlings takes us back in time to ancient Persia.

This is the beginning of an examination of the specific relationship between the Jewish people and the Persian nation.

After the Jews were exiled to Babylon, the Persians came into power. Most are familiar with the book of Esther, that tells of how, with God’s grace, the king acted to save the Jewish people.

In what could be termed an almost unprecedented experience, the Jewish exiles are given permission by King Cyrus to return to Israel in order to rebuild Jerusalem.

The biblical books of the prophets Isaiah, Ezra, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah and Chronicles tell of Jewish life in Persia and the return to rebuild the temple.

Part 2~Historical Context
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Israel, Iran and The Bible~A New Teaching DVD

We are pleased to announce the completion of Jerusalem Vistas~Israel Vision’s new Teaching DVD titled:

Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock 

On a daily basis we read about the threat presented by the conflict between Iran and Israel. Dr. Jay Rawlings examines the Bible for insight from the scriptures and Biblical Prophecy. Israel is God’s Time Clock, and in this new DVD, the only authoritative source (The Bible) is our guide to find out exactly “what time it is now”. With a nuclear middle east on the horizon, these “signs of the times” are becoming more and more frightening.

The entire series will be available on DVD for purchase from 01 September. Meanwhile, we will be posting portions for your viewing on this Blog. Below you will find Part 1~The Introduction. In the following days the remaining sections will be available~you will not want to miss them.
Israel and Iran~God’s Prophetic Time Clock, is a timely and sobering analysis of Middle East tensions. We hope and pray that the signs of impending disaster are wrong…

Part 1~Introduction
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Kirk Cameron~Did You Know He’s A Strong Christian?

This is an interesting segment from an interview of a successful actor who also happens to be a believing Christian. More than that, he has never been afraid of speaking out about what he believes is the truth. Interviewer Piers Morgan asks him if  he thinks homosexuality is a sin and he answers very honestly~which of course has stirred up the wrath of GLAAD~The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. (You can google them if you want, as we will not post it here)

More and more it appears that the media, TV and movies have taken an anti-Bible attitude. Judeo-Christian beliefs, such as marriage being between a man and a woman are mocked, and anyone who dares to take a stand faces derision and black-listing among other things. When a personality dares to stand up, it does make the news, but, as in this case the reviews are less than positive. One should ask, Why?

Kirk Cameron was initially known for his role in the TV comedy Growing Pains. He married his co-star in 1991, and together they have six children. He has made several movies based on his strong belief in God and the Bible. The first were the three Left Behind movies, about the biblical end of days. Next came Fireproof a movie about a young firefighter on the verge of divorce, challenged by his father to try a forty day “Love Dare” to save his marriage.

His latest project is entitled Monumental, and follows Kirk on a journey across America to discover what it was that once made America great~and to find out if the American forefathers left any kind of instructions that would guide people back to the source of America’s success. You can check the link for more info~the movie will be shown in theaters on 27 March 2012.

Below the interview we have also posted the movies for anyone who has not seen them. (If they run slow just click the YouTube box in the bottom right and it will re-direct you to the film on a YouTube channel).

Given the world situation today, can movies of this genre “speak” to people? What do you think?

Left Behind I~The Movie~Kirk Cameron

Left Behind II~Tribulation Force~Kirk Cameron

Left Behind III~World at War~Kirk Cameron

FireProof~Kirk Cameron

Monumental~Premiering in March 2012

Father~Son of God Removed~They’re Offensive to Muslims

* Picture Taken From WND
Do we have your attention? We certainly hope so!
In a nutshell, three Bible translating organizations have removed references to the Father, the Son and the Son of God in their latest Arabic translations~to avoid offending Muslims
One example that has been given is of an Arabic translation of Matthew 28:19…baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (KJV),  which has been changed to read, “…Cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messenger and his Holy Spirit,”
The reason these changes are so dangerous is that Islam does acknowledge Jesus the Man, but does Not recognize the Divinity of Jesus Christ. They claim that Mary (Maryam) was a Muslim, and Jesus is one of the greatest of God’s prophets and messengers~a trusted hadith states:

Abu Hurairah (ra) narrated that Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, said, “By the One in Whose hand is my self, definitely the son of Maryam will soon descend among you as a just judge, and he will break the cross, kill the pig and abolish the jizyah, and wealth will be so abundant that no one will accept it, until a single prostration will be better than the world and everything in it. (Sahih al-Bukhari)
For Bible Translators to bow before Islam is more than a disgrace~it is demeaning the Bible and Jesus Christ in favor of Islam by accepting the Islamic language over the True Word. Once this takes hold, where will the church be? Already there are more mosques than churches being built and Islam is the fasting growing “religion” in the world. The politically correct, multi-culti pandering of the secular left has left a dark void~and Islam is quickly taking control and filling it in with Sharia Law.
We are in a time of persecution for all faiths, save one~Islam. Through threats and terror Christianity, Judaism and every other faith group are slowly being suffocated. All over the middle east (Except Israel) Islam has declared its majority rule and everyone else must bow to their growing demands.
Nurse Uniform
Think back over the past few years~every visible sign of Christianity is being removed~no Nativity scenes, a Christmas Tree is now a Holiday Tree, the Ten Commandments can no longer be posted in public places (ie. courthouses in America), the Lord’s Prayer is banned, and don’t forget the nurse in the UK who was told she could no longer wear her tiny gold cross around her neck~all because it is “offensive to Muslims”
Yet, Muslim nurses are being given leave to wear full burkas, in Yorkshire England, hospital nurses were ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move dozens of Muslim patients’ beds so they face towards Mecca, and provide fresh bathing water before the prayers, so that Muslims have “a more comfortable stay in hospital”. There is a plethora  of taxpayer-funded training programs to ensure that everyone is familiar with the workings of the Muslim faith. Sniffer~search dogs are either banned from Muslim areas, or must wear special “Muslim Booties” so as not to offend and security cameras are not allowed in Muslim dominated areas~we could go on ad infinitum…
Christian prayer is banned in schools and public buildings but special prayer rooms, foot baths and toilets are installed to accommodate Muslims, while in Canada teachers even lay out prayer mats every Friday in the school cafeteria so Muslims can have prayers (all other children are banned). Burkas (of course) are allowed even in situations where they are a safety hazard, halal food is forced on everyone (they rarely even label it as such anymore~it is just there),  Muslims working in shops refuse to handle alcohol or pork, and guide dogs  are banned in taxis, buses and other public transport~among other things. What has happened to our world? 
We urge you to visit the site, to read their Fact Check response to Wycliffes’ comments on why they made the changes. They also produced a Fact Check (pdf) file that is a must read. They sought input from current and former staff of these agencies, global pastors, translators, linguists, missiologists and theologians with significant experience on the issue.The sixteen page PDF Fact Check can be downloaded from their site.  

Please do go to their site, read their summary download the PDF~Read it Carefully. Some examples documented from Fact Check:

A Representative??
Wycliffe/SIL produced Stories of the Prophets, an Arabic Bible that uses “Lord” instead of “Father” and “Messiah” instead of “Son.”
Frontiers produced a Turkish translation of Matthew, distributed by SIL, that uses “guardian” for “Father” and “representative” or “proxy” for “Son”
SIL consulted on the Bengali Injil Sharif, which translated “Son” as “Messiah” and “Son of God” as “God’s Uniquely Intimate Beloved Chosen One”. 
Denying any aspect of the Holy Bible in favor of “Islamic Wording” is the first step to forfeiting your faith. There is no half way in Islam. By using their wording, you are moving towards Islam, and they are tightening the noose around your neck. There is no political correctness in Islam!
You can go to the site and Sign The Online Petition asking the translators return the Bible to its original words.

But there were false prophets also among the people, 
even as there shall be false teachers among you,
who privily shall bring in damnable heresies,
even denying the Lord that bought them,
and bring upon themselves swift destruction…2 Peter 2:1

What is The Most Important Verse in the Bible?

While searching for interesting items this little clip came up. The arguments presented are good. Watch the clip–then let us know–What do You think is the Most Important Verse in the Bible?