Canada plans to expand free trade agreement with Israel

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Jul 26, 2015, 05:00PM | Jewish Business News

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced plans for an expanded and modernized free trade agreement with Israel.

According to the announcement, the updated Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) will provide “expanded market access opportunities for agricultural, fish and seafood products through the reduction or elimination of Israeli tariffs on a large number of products, and duty-free access under tariff rate quotas for certain products.”

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Israel, World Terror, Revival and You

Israel, World Terror, Revival and You is alerting Canadians of the present ISIS danger within
the borders of peace-loving Canada. This power-point created and presented by Dr. Jay Rawlings,
gives a timely, Biblical, prophetic up date on the collapse of nations in the Middle East.

Dr. Rawlings is telling his audiences across Canada how they can make a difference. He surprises everyone by illuminating the scriptures hand in hand with current history and breaking news. Yes… Terror and Revival go hand in hand.

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What time is it? Just listen this clip!
Canada is under threat! Do not doubt it.
You can stand up and be counted today!

A Huron Christmas Carole~Inspiring!

Christmas is almost upon us. In some areas, this time of year is purely spiritual while in others it is only commercial. We see people fight and trample over one another to get “that gift or item” that suddenly they discover that they can’t live without !??
Through it all, there are some who relish the time with family and friends, and those who actually remember why there is Christmas at all. At Jerusalem Vistas, we like to search for interesting and inspiring hymns and carols for the season~to remind people of why we celebrate.
In that vein, we found a unique contribution from a Canadian Musician and Actor, Tom Jackson. The carol was so inspiring we have included a  few other clips that provide a feeling of “Christmas Spirit”. They tell the story of a man who is known not only for his acting and concerts, but for his Humanitarian work. Each year he raises money for the community homeless shelters and those who are “down and out”.  He claims that his parents taught him that being generous was a gift, and that he was “blessed with his upbringing”. Tom Jackson admits that he was on the bottom of the ladder~living on the streets~and that it “opened his eyes”. Over more than twenty years his concerts have raised in excess of $ 200 million for community shelters and the needy.
The Huron Christmas Carol, was taught to the Indians by priests when they arrived in the country. Listen to the words~it is the “Christmas Story” put in a way that those (who could not imagine where or what Bethlehem was) could understand the holiness. 
Do take the time to listen to the interviews as well as the song. This is the story of a believing Christian who does what he can to help others~and while you watch, think about how we can all do something small in our own community, for those who will be without this year, and every year…

The Huron Carol by Canadian Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson Speaks of His 2013 Christmas Concert Tour
2011 Interview With Tom Jackson

An Interview With Tom Jackson at His Home in Calgary