Muslims Enforce Sharia in Washington National Cathedral

This past Friday, a Muslim prayer service was held (for the first time ever) in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

The date, 14 November 2014, is significant to the Muslim world in that it marks the 100th anniversary of the last declaration of holy war, or jihad, by an Ottoman “caliph”.

Can anyone tell me why they would allow a Muslim prayer service to be held on “this day” in “this cathedral”?? And while we are at it, why would anyone remain silent as women and “non-muslims” are relegated to the “back of the room”.

Where are all the Christian leaders and representatives~or lay people for that matter? Strangely silent~or so it seems~except for one brave woman who dared to speak out. She told the gathering:
Jesus Christ died on that cross over there. He is the reason why we are to worship only him. Jesus Christ is our lord and savior!

We have built, and allowed you here in mosques across this country, Why can’t you worship in your mosque, and leave our churches alone?

Of course she was immediately removed from the premises.

What is so outrageous is that she was the “only” Christian to object to a Church being used by Muslims, who Do Not believe Jesus is the Son of God. This stunning silence, as Islam moves to repeat the past and conquer Christianity is shocking. Can it be that she is the only Christian in DC who takes her faith seriously? The fact is, that…

…by allowing Islamic prayer services on its premises, the church has become a mosque in the eyes of Muslims. It is now the property of the Ummah, held in trust by the waqf board, and will presumably be officially claimed by Islam when the time is ripe…
Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham was quoted as saying the following:
It’s sad to see a church open its doors to the worship of anything other than the One True God of the Bible who sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to earth to save us from our sins…
You can read about it at Tundra Tabloids. For more details on this story, including a translation on some of the prayers go to Gates of Vienna~15 November, and you can also go to a follow-up article by Gates of Vienna~16 November. Christians should be educating themselves about the reasons and meanings behind such events. It is time to understand that not everyone in this world acts with “brotherly love” and “good will” toward others.
This ongoing pandering by the Christian community towards Muslims can only end badly~for Christians.

Watch A Brave Christian Woman Object to Muslim Prayers in National Cathedral

God vs. Atheism~Which is More Rational?

The argument for or against faith seems to be heating up on a daily basis. Those who claim “atheism” usually have very loud voices, but are they the majority? People of faith, most of the time, are comfortable in their belief and while they stand strong, they are much calmer and quieter. I remember a simpler time when people just believed…

Many years ago, we attended the Christening of a beautiful baby girl. Some of the guests only attended out of friendship, having already “lost faith”. The younger brother (about five years old) was confused and decided to leave before we even started. The minister went to him, asked his name, and if his dad had a car. He asked what the name of the car was. When the child could not answer he told the boy to ask his dad. *Note, this was all done in a very quiet, personal way, with the minister kneeling in front of the child to be on “eye-level”.  The boy returned with the name and the minister asked if he had noticed the letters on the back of the car. The boy nodded in the affirmative. The minister took his hand and led him to where the family were waiting. He explained to the child: The letters on the back of your dad’s car spell the name of the car-maker. They put their name on it so everyone will know who the maker was. This is what we are going to do today. With the words we pray, we are going to put the name of the Maker, God, the Creator of all, on your sister. Just like you, and all of us, she will belong to Him forever.
We were all very moved. The “just friends” in attendance claimed they had never thought of things in just that way, and after the short service said they had a new respect for “their Creator”. More important, was the fact that all of us, including a young child, were able to grasp and retain the fact that God was the Creator of all, and that we all belonged to Him. Simple? Yes, but why should faith not be? Does everything have to be dissected, labeled and packaged in a tidy little box? 
I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you,
that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing;
therefore Choose Life, that both you and your descendants may live…Deuteronomy 30:19 (NKJV) 

For those who insist on science and philosophical debate, here is something to think about from Prager University.

Each of Us Must Find Our Own Beliefs~Those Who Believe in God Have Chosen Life

Proof That Success Does Not Require Nudity and Vulgarity

Judges Do Not See the Artist
Over the years there has been a shift in what we know as entertainment. More and more performers have shunned the training and hard work required to develop talent and concentrate on becoming “overnight” sensations. 
Now, the majority of “performers” make their claim to fame by stripping off, behaving outrageously and creating a spectacle. Reality TV has made those with no talent into “stars” who are paid unreasonable sums for doing absolutely nothing of value. 
How can this be? Nudity, obscene gyrations and lewd behaviour~both on, and off the screen have created a culture of vulgarity. Children not yet in their teens are imitating singers who bare all and mimic an assortment of sexual acts. Anything goes~the more shocking the better!
How many aspiring performers compromise themselves for fame? How many “good kids” have been lost because they are convinced there is “only one way” to be successful? Where will it end?
Those of us who are believers and strive to maintain some sense of moral standards know this is not the way. Time and again we can see proof that real talent and hard work (and keeping your clothes on) can lead to success. The videos below are only two examples, and for those who care to look, there are many more. In these days where it seems as if the world has turned upside down, it is a relief to see that there is still some normalcy left.
The first clip is from The Voice~Italy. A young, energetic nun brings down the house with her performance. When you watch, do turn on the captions and listen to the judges comments. I think the men are totally taken aback, and one looks downright emotional. One of the judges asks Sister Cristina Scuccia what the Vatican thought of her appearing on the program. Without hesitating, the sister responds:
“He (the pope) always says we should go out and evangelize.
Telling of God doesn’t take anything away from us, but will give us more. I am here for this”
Notice how the audience reacts~rather than being shunned for her faith, she is wildly cheered!
The second video many of you may have already seen, but it is so very inspiring. Two teens aged fifteen and sixteen, one very shy and introverted because of his appearance, sing their way to the finals with talent, hard work, and placing their friendship above possible advancement.
The world needs more good, honest people to step forward and take center stage. Whether it be music, acting, business or in everyday life, people need to speak out and be heard, so that the next generation will see that the real way to true success involves self-respect and hard work~not stripping off. We can’t all be “stars” on center stage, but we can be successful in our daily lives and go from strength to strength by trusting in God’s Word.
Sister Cristina Scuccia Wows All Four Italian Judges and the Audience!
Only Sixteen and Seventeen Years Old~Johathan and Charlotte are Amazing!

One Brave Woman in Germany…

Many people are sold on “inter-faith” groups. On the surface it sounds like a great way to bring people together, and in many instances there have been positive results.

But~What happens when this “sharing” turns into one group trying to “take over”. Sadly, in these days, the answer is “not much”. All over the Middle East, Christians are persecuted by Muslims~Where is the Outcry? When Christians are discriminated against in Europe, North America or Australia~Why do people remain silent?

One woman, living in Germany decided she must take a stand! She felt that it was just wrong to have an imam give the Muslim Call to Prayer (proclaiming their god as the only true god) in a German church. When the imam began his call to prayer, this brave woman, who was seated in the balcony stood up proclaiming that “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany,” and shouting, “I break this curse.” She also warned the audience that what was happening was “a lie.” Watch this brave woman and learn!

Where is the Christian World? One woman stood up for the Truth~Where Are the Rest??
One Brave German Woman Rebukes the Lie of Islam

Final Celebrations of the Christmas Season…

Serbians in Belgrade~Picture Credit: Blazing Cat Fur
For many people, especially outside of North America, Christmas does not come on 25 December. The Orthodox Churches in Russia and other Slavic countries as well as in the Middle East, hold their Christmas Eve celebrations on 06 January.
The Assyrian, Armenian and Coptic patriarchs celebrate with marches and services held in Bethlehem and  within Jerusalem’s Old City. There are also Christmas markets in Bethlehem and Nazareth as well as the Old City, and a variety of religious services and activities. Tourists from around the world travel to Israel for this special time.
Although this is a time for peace and celebration there are still conflicts. In the entire middle-east, Israel is the only country where the Christian population has increased. Bethlehem, which is now under “PA” control, has gone from a majority Christian to a majority Muslim city. The Christian population now is about 10%, and those remaining dare not speak out for fear of persecution. The Christmas “Tourism” business is pushed, but once the tourists leave it is a different story. There are even factions who are trying to “steal” the day by claiming that Mary was a Palestinian, and Jesus was the first Jihad. Even during this holiest time of the year, propaganda and politics rule the day.
Regardless, those who are true believers have only one thing in mind on this day~and that is the Miracle and Hope that was given to all mankind. Despite threats and oppression, the tiny Christian communities continue to pray and wait for the time when all the world will know peace.
Please pray for the Christian Communities in the Middle East! They are now among the most persecuted (and ignored) people in the world!

Божићна песма – Превјечни родисја по љети~The Pre-Eternal is Born
Angels Are Singing~Serbian Christmas Song