Banned in India~Why? The World Needs to Watch This!

This Documentary by BBC, “India’s Daughter” Reveals the Cultural Horror that prevails in India (from the Accused who do not accept any responsibility for their actions, to the Lawyers defending them) and the complicity of the Indian government in their efforts to Hide these atrocities from the world. 
Banned in India, the clip has been repeatedly taken down from the Internet, however, we will try to keep a link active. 
We Felt it Necessary to Make This Available to You Because of Meridel’s Work in the Field of Abuse.
*Please Note* Some Parts Are Very Explicit and May Be Shocking or Difficult to Listen To

Now Finland is Being Overrun!

Muslim Prayer Site
Ramadan this year has seen Muslims coming out in force to exercise their strength and contempt in host countries~and this they do very well. In cities all over the world they have blocked streets and prevented citizens from reaching homes, shops or places of work. Very few people stand up and protest because those who do are vilified or terrified…
Even peaceful Finland is suffering an invasion. According to a post on Tundra Tabloids, it was reported in Aamulehti that when a father brought his 2-1/2 year old to the play park it was full of Muslims who had commandeered the area for their prayers. When he took a picture with his camera it apparently caused words to be said. The park manager said asked them to stop as they were blocking the area, and this was not allowed~but it is not clear if they did.
Children Not Allowed to Play While Muslims Pray
It is not necessary to invade other peoples territory to drop and pray~Muslims can arrange their prayer times at home. They to not because this is Islam’s way of moving towards forcing their ways and traditions on the rest of the free world. While they say you don’t have to convert (ha!) they do make you subservient and taking over playgrounds and city streets is one way of  doing this. 
I am all for people having the right to pray and worship as they wish. The problem is when people show absolutely no regard for the rules and laws of the land they chose to come to”. When they try to impose their will, blocking streets or taking over buildings and playgrounds~forcing the majority population to stand back and “wait till they finish”~it becomes oppressive~and the free world must not succumb. 

This is Moscow…

This is not Mecca, or the streets of Paris or London~this is Moscow people…And yes, we know that it is the end of Ramadan, but we also know that this is their way of showing power, by closing down and taking over streets, and not allowing any non-Muslims to pass.

Culture Crisis in Norway

A clash of civilizations…this was a prediction made (at 5:00 in the video below) by a respected Muslim writer in Norway, just weeks before the massacre. 
CBN News traveled to Oslo to investigate the nation’s experiment with Muslim immigration and multiculturalism, and the rumors that Muslim radicalism was growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims. 
They found No-Go Zones, Sharia Law, Female Genital Mutilation and Norwegian women being raped by Muslim men~because they were not wearing a hijab. 
For the most part, Norwegians, (particularly the politicians) refuse to see the light~they are so busy hating and boycotting Israel they fail to see what is happening in their own back yard. Let us hope that this blind, politically correct, multicultural stupidity does not prevail in the rest of the free world!

Media~Norway Shooter is Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist

When a shooting as horrible as the one in Norway happens the first thing people do is ask Why? If the shooter is Muslim, everything possible is done to separate him from the religion of Islam. Nobody is ever willing to call it as it is.
In the Norway tragedy, why is the media immediately screaming “Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist”? Where is the separation here?
What has happened in Norway is an unbelievable horror. What the media is doing with it will only complicate the issues. Please listen to this report, and consider how the news is being presented in your area. We must hold our news outlets responsible for biased reporting~especially in cases such as this where there is clear bias against the white, Christian population.

Newborn Girls Killed~Women Have No Value in Pakistan

Most sane people would agree that anyone who could slaughter a newborn and toss it in the garbage is sick–yet in Pakistan, over 1,200 newborns were killed and dumped last year.  Why? The full story is on Bare Naked Islam blog. From 2002 to 2011 the USA alone has given 11.740 billion dollars in Military aid to Pakistan and a further 6.08 billion dollars in Economic aid. Maybe they should start channeling some of that Military money to education~such as killing newborn babies just because they happen to be female is wrong…

The Secret Files of the Inquisition~A 4-Part Series

The Inquisition was used to enforce Catholic Orthodoxy around the world for hundreds of years. The meticulously kept records of the Inquisitors were locked away for centuries. Finally in 1998 the Vatican opened the archive of the Holy Office of the Inquisition on a limited basis.

Based on these previously unreleased secret documents, The Secret Files of the Inquisition reveals the true story of the Catholic Church’s  ruthless, attempts to remain the world’s only religion.  After watching the following series one has to wonder what was Not released!

This four part series  is a description of a time in history when fanaticism brought horrors upon all people and dragged the world into a dark age that would remain for centuries. One sees how those in power, when that power is threatened, move to eliminate any who disagree with their opinions.
The Secret Files of the Inquisition~Episode 1~Root Out Heretics
Although the Church of Rome proclaimed itself the only true religion, heresy took hold, causing the pope to declare holy war, even against other Christian followers. Inquisitors were sent to exterminate the heretics by hunting down, then condemning them to burn at the stake. In 1308 the entire village of Montaillou was taken prisoner by the Inquisition. No one was safe.
Jacques Fournier who conducted the final inquisition, eventually became a Cardinal and seven years after that he became Pope Benedict XII. It is interesting to note that Joseph Ratzinger, the current Pope Benedict XVI, in November 1981, became Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, previously known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition (from which come the names Roman Inquisition or Holy Inquisition).
Part 1 of 4

Secret Files of the Inquisition: Episode 2~Tears of Spain

In Iberia (not yet known as Spain) Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in tolerance for centuries until 1468. A young King (Ferdinand) and Queen (Isabella) proclaimed themselves Catholic Monarchs and instituted their own Inquisition. Thousands perished in a ritual called the act of faith. When the head inquisitor was assassinated In Zaragossa a wave of reprisals began. Perhaps those who suffered the most were the Conversos, Jews who had been forced to convert to Christianity. They were accused of secretly sabotaging the Christian faith but the truth was that many had became jealous of their success and chose to denounce them,  which resulted in their torture, death or expulsion. And of course the confiscation of all of their earthly goods which were shared between the church and state. Because Ferdinand and Isabella, did not want to give any power to Rome their personal “Spanish Empire” Inquisition took hold and resulted in a darkness that would grip the land and last for centuries.
Part 2 of 4

Secret Files of the Inquisition: Episode 3~The War of Ideas

Venice was home to many new ideas, including the dawn of medicine. New ideas, however , were considered to be against the church–satanic. In 1522 the decadence of a Medici Pope in Rome caused a devout priest named Martin Luther to take action. In the wake of this Protestant Reformation, a fanatical monk decided to exterminate all heresy. Impressed by the power of the Spanish Inquisition he adopted the same tactics. His path to power resulted in the Roman Inquisition. In 1559 Pope Paul IV created his Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited Books). Powerful leaders of the Catholic Church were soon arrested and imprisoned, accused of reading books banned by the Church. Free-thinking students, including those who had an interest in science and medicine were silenced. Jews were particularly targeted–all of their Holy Books and Commentaries were burned, except the Tanach, which was known as the “Old Testament”. Darkness descended on all the centers of learning. The Roman Inquisition left a legacy that lasted into the twentieth century. Indeed, their list of “Prohibited Books” was not formally abolished until 1966!
Part 3 of 4

Secret Files of the Inquisition: Episode 4~The End Of Inquisition
In Bologna, Italian Jews were confined to ghettos, forbidden to associate with Christians, own property, attend University or travel freely–all these laws were enforced by the Inquisition. Napoleon wanted to spread the ideas of the Enlightenment, and tore down the walls of the ghettos giving the Jews freedom. He conquered Italy, abolishing the Inquisition and ordered its files sent to Paris. When a Jewish boy was kidnapped on 24 June 1858, his devoted father would spend the next twelve years fighting to get his son back. The secret files of the Inquisition had been locked away for centuries, but one Spanish priest devotes his life to exposing the brutal records. Spain’s greatest painter,  Francisco de Goya, was called before the Inquisition for painting a nude woman. When he made a painting depicting the horror of the Inquisition Trials he had to flee for his life.

In 1908 the Holy Office of the Inquisition was changed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

Part 4 of 4