Germany’s Turkish Mega Mosque~Oh Dear!

Eric Stackelback reports on a disturbing event in Cologne, Germany~the construction of a massive 1,200 seat ($40 million-plus), mosque~that will be the largest in Europe.

Once built, the mosque will occupy a full city block with a surface area of 22,000 square meters (236,800 square feet). The 55-meter high (over 100 feet) minarets stand as tall as an 18-story office tower~a real traffic stopper!

Although Cologne is already home to over thirty mosques, German Muslim Activists claim this monster mosque is needed:
“If you compare it by percentage to the total population of Muslims and compare it, for example, to churches for the total population of Christians, then you should have in Germany not 3,000 prayer places but 15,000”
The majority of the Muslims in Germany are Turks who regard Turkey’s Prime Minister (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) as their leader~Not the chancellor of Germany! Erdogan, who stated that the assimilation of Germany’s Turks into German society would be “a crime against humanity”, is directly involved in the building and supervision of mosques across Germany, including the Cologne Mega Mosque, through a cultural organization called DTIB~which acts as an arm of the Turkish government in Germany.
When Germans question this (lack) of loyalty and refusal of Muslims to integrate, they are immediately threatened with violence and accused of being “racist” and “nazi”.
Cologne is home to the famed High Cathedral of St. Peter, the largest Christian building north of the Alps. The four Turkish Islamic associations also reside in Cologne and many Germans now fear that the construction of this mega-mosque is a Muslim political statement~a visual display of Islamic dominance in the city. Ordinary citizens in Germany are concerned, yet, Christian Leaders Are Silent~Why?

Islam and the Battle For Our Minds

Reporter Eric Stakelbeck brings another outstanding report that points out the gross failure of the media to communicate truth on the dangers all people in the west are facing. He is joined by Michael Widlanski, author of the book, Battle For Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat.
You will see clips of government officials who are so intent on “cover up” they will not even “name the enemy”. Watch and listen to the very people who are supposedly working for the safety of the people refuse to speak truthfully.
This is not a new phenomenon! it has been creeping into society for years, but political correctness, corrupt officials and lies have placed the word in severe danger. For too long, government decision makers, the mainstream media and even the intelligence community are misleading everyone about the nature of the Islamic jihadist threat. We run the risk being sent back to the dark ages if we don’t wake up. 
In Stakelbeck’s words, “there is a battle for our minds going on and the enemy is winning…”  
Dear Friends, Please Listen Carefully and Pray!