A Visit From a Friend

Some days ago we received a visit from a long-time friend. Elana Watson and her music are familiar to many of our partners in Israel and North America. We asked Elana to give us an update of her activities which she did. 
Boker Tov!
I am so happy to be returning to my home in Israel. I am using this time to do a few multi-media projects involving Hebrew language courses and some music concerts.  
Then I ran into my old friend…David Rawlings!!…what a wonderful surprise to find that he is still buzzing with  a whirlwind of creative ideas and the outcome of our meeting may prove to produce the  most exciting opportunity I have come across in long time. This visit to Israel is truly an awakening.
I invite you to visit my website and view the new Hebrew word stone carvings I make at: 

Welcome back Elana, enjoy your stay!

To Americans~From Your Neighbor, Canada

I was looking for something to end the week with–something that would bring a smile to your face and leave you feeling good. Thanks to our good friend Sarah, I think I have it!

Surprisingly, it seems Americans know less about Canada than people in the Middle-East! Last year, when Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Whistler (in British Columbia) Tom Brokaw did a piece to enlighten our American neighbors.This is a nice clip that points out  how  our two countries have been living side by side as good neighbors, respecting each others rights and standing together. We share much more than what may be the longest border in the world. Citizens on both sides should be proud of the long, lasting, friendship~I pray we will retain this unique relationship and only allow it to grow stronger.

To our Canadian friends–please watch with pride, especially at 3:15~the Highway of Heroes~we will do a story on this later. To our American friends, this is for you–sent with love…Enjoy!