Wishes for a Blessed New Year to Everyone!

The year 2012 has been a busy and eventful time for all. Here in the middle east time seems to zoom by and it is almost a surprise to see 2013 is already here!
This part of the world is like a bubbling hot spring and one never knows when a geyser will erupt. Sometimes it is hard to stay grounded, but we know that the Lord is is kind and loving and He has already declared how the story ends.
We enter this New Year with hope, gratitude and wonder. Our Hope is that the world will see peace, the homeless will find shelter and the hungry are fed. It is with Gratitude that we send greetings to our family, friends,and partners around the world who have faithfully supported us in our work to send out the good news from Zion and it is with Wonder that we see the work of the Almighty in our daily lives.

May the Lord bless you all with health, happiness and peace during the coming year and always!

When is the Last Time You Were Hugged?

Please take a few minutes to watch and think about this experiment. Notice at the beginning when these young people try to give away “free hugs” how people back away and look at them like they are “not quite right”
Now keep watching as gradually people are won over–then watch the smiles. I dare you to watch to the end without a smile coming to your face and a bit of moisture in the corners of your eyes!  May God Bless those young folks for going out there to spread some joy–for free!
If only there were more people in this world willing to give free hugs and even more willing to accept free hugs. Have you hugged anyone today? Has anyone hugged you? Regardless, from all of us at Israel Vision to all of you out there–here is your hug :)

Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy~Wow!