The Movie Iran Tried to Stop~Watch and Learn

This is a re-post. The original “full” movie has been removed by the producers but it is available in five segments which is posted below for you to watch.
Earlier we posted about the cancellation of the preview of this movie in Canada. Well, Iran still can’t control the internet. Please take the time to watch!
Iranium~Part 1

Iranium~Part 2

Iranium~Part 3

Iranium~Part 4

Iranium~Part 5

Honor Killings in Sweden

This is only the beginning. Immigrants claim to want to escape the problems of their own countries, but think nothing of murdering their own children who want to leave primitive beliefs behind. This story is about Sweden but every western country has its own “Honor” killing horrors.

Shocking Video Muslims Don’t Want You to See!!

It is a well known fact that during WWII the Nazis collaborated with the Mufti of Jerusalem to exterminate the Jewish people. Now, more than 60 years later the Muslims carry on the Nazi hate fest. Blood libels, brainwashing their own children and spreading lies and hatred openly on all of their TV channels. The same Palestinian Authority that the world is telling Israel to hand over land to runs this evil propaganda on a daily basis. Watch–Learn–Beware! This is going on today and once again the world is falling for the same old lies!

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil  is that good men do nothing…

Muslim Boy Traumatized by Hearing His Teacher Say “Ham”

You know you just can’t make this stuff up. I don’t know what is the bigger outrage, the fact that this kid’s family is pressing charges or the fact that the teacher has actually been charged with mistreatment motivated by xenophobia for telling his geography class that the cold, dry weather of Trevelez (Granada) was favorable for the curing of Hams. 
I should note here that  it is in fact Most well-known for its mouth-watering cured ham, jamón serrano”. So now history, geography fairy tales, piggy banks are to be banned or changed? When do we finally say Enough?

Black Flag of Islam

This video was made to assist those who do not understand the symbolism behind the black flag of Islam, that has the shehadeh (creed of Islam) written on it. This is the flag of the Jihad in Islam. Not the banner of a single group calling for Jihad but the banner of the Jihad. Over and over it is seen as the backdrop for beheading and jihad speeches. It is visible in protests all over the world. Their war is against All of us who are Not Muslims.

Austrian MP Tells the Turkish Ambassador the Facts

The Turkish ambassador to Austria, Kadri Ecvet Tezcan, criticized Austria’s, integration policies, and the Austrian people, saying among other things that…“Austrians are not interested in other cultures.” Speaking to Austrian newspaper Die Presse in December 2010, Kadri Ecvet Tezcan claimed Turks in Vienna knew they were not welcome in Austria, (saying the Turks were treated like a virus). He also revealed having been told that the Austrian foreign minister does not welcome ambassadors for meetings–and revealed he would relocate the United Nations (UN) from Vienna were he leader of the international organization.

BZO Parliamentarian Ewald Stadler came back with a strong response. Here is the video with (English Sub-titles)–We need a lot more politicians like Mr. Stadler. Instead we are burdened with weak-need, politically correct governments who are giving away our freedoms.