Bus With Hamas Families Stopped by Shalit Protesters

Hamas Mocks Kidnapped Gilad Shalit
The world news is not publishing this one! The friends and supporters of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit staged a “hi-jacking” of a busload of Gazans returning from visiting Hamas prisoners. The event was six weeks in planning and was executed peacefully and perfectly. After a couple of hours the police arrived and the bus continued on its way~there were no arrests. The people aboard were very frightened even though all that took place was conversation~they knew full well that if the situation had been reversed there would not be one Israeli left alive…
The reason? Gilad Shalit was kidnapped on 25 June 2006, by Hamas terrorists, on a raid inside Israel. During the attack two soldiers were killed and another wounded.  Since that day, Gilad has been held without contact, most likely in an underground bunker~not even seeing the light of day! To date, the only contact between Shalit and the outside world has been three letters, an audio tape, and on 02 October 2009, a DVD that Israel received in return for releasing 20 female Palestinian prisoners. Since then there has been “no sign of life”.
Meanwhile, Hamas murderers in Israeli prisons lay around getting fat watching Colour TV,  earn Masters Degrees, and much more~including Regular Visits With Their Families! Hamas will not even allow the Red Cross to send a package to Gilad or confirm he is even alive. Yet the world wants Israel to free thousands of murders for his release?? 
For all the countries who combined donations send billions of dollars to the “PA” you should know that from your money, murderers and terrorists in Israeli jails receive hefty stipends every month, as do their families. The more Israelis killed~the higher the stipend they receive. When the Free Gaza people came to town, Gilad’s father asked them to take a single letter and request it be given to his son~they categorically refused~scum that they are.
Next week David will be on-site filming an event for Gilad Shalit, We will post it here, among other places. If you want to help, Spread the News to everyone you know. Write your officials and demand that funds to terrorists be stopped! It is time we bring Gilad home. Stay tuned…
Bus of Hamas Families Stopped

Israel Under Attack Again!

Around Noon today a series of attacks were launched near Eilat on the Israel Border to Egypt. Some report three and as many as four attacks were launched in what appears to be a coordinated effort. At this point two buses, and two or more private vehicles as well as an army patrol jeep were attacked by gun fire, RGPs and (possibly) missiles. 
Witnesses say the first attack, on Egged Bus number 392, was carried out by three gunmen in a vehicle which passed the bus then stopped and opened fire. The bus driver, thankfully was able to keep the bus moving and avoided a massacre. He has stated that in addition to the gunfire from the car he could see people shooting from the Egyptian side of the border. Highway 12 runs very close to the border. IDF soldiers on their way to a vacation were on the bus and some  were able to return fire as the bus sped off.
Shortly after another bus was apparently hit~some say by a missile. At the same time a family vehicle traveling on the road was hit by an RPG, killing for members.
The army and police gave chase and it is reported that an army jeep was hit by a roadside bomb. The hospitals have varying reports, but it appears there are at least five dead with as many as twenty-six injured, with reports that many of the wounded were soldiers~possibly from the first bus.
Updates are coming out every few minutes, and it will take some time before all of the confusion is sorted out. 
Again, and again our neighbours demonstrate they have no intentions of making peace. So why is the world putting pressure on Israel to “make more concessions”? These animals will never be content with anything other than the complete destruction of Israel. 
How do you feel about another genocide??

The Forces of Evil: We Willl Wipe Out Israel

Thankfully, there is an organization like MEMRI to track, translate and reveal to the world what is really being said in the Arab countries of the Middle East. You don’t have to like Israel, but if you love the country you live in, and the freedoms you have, this should be a wake up call for you. Remember, once Israel is not longer standing in the gap the dream of the Islamic Caliphate will spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Pay Attention!

Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel “Whatever the Cost”

Although Israel is just a tiny strip of land (only 65% of the size of Vancouver Island!) it seems that the world is constantly  pre-occupied with everything that happens here!

Indeed, there are days when Israelis feel they are “under the microscope of criticism”. The feeling that the entire world is against us, no matter what we do–or don’t do–weighs heavily on us all.

There are many in the public eye who make a “trip to Israel” (whether it’s for a “personal cause” or a campaign for office), in a bid for publicity and air time. Good or bad, Israel always manages to make the headlines.

In a society where elections can be won or lost on a single statement, it is not easy to be a politician who (openly) stands with Israel. It is not easy to swim against the current.

In November 2010 the Prime Minister of Canada did just that when he made this speech.  He spoke simply, honestly and with integrity. It  never hurts to hear it again…Thanks Canada!

Made in Israel: A Diamond’s Natural Colors Exposed

Once again Israel has come up with something new for the world to enjoy. According to the post in Arutz 7 a company named BRIZA has discovered a way to enhance and bring out the “natural colour” that each diamond possesses. Briza‚Äôs technology uses an electronic accelerator to simulate the conditions nature uses to color diamonds. The company has perfected the process to a degree that enables it to offer consistent results in 14 different colors.
On their website, Briza owner Amnon Barak says that “The diamond is comprised of carbon and other elements as well. Under the proper conditions, the carbon, plus these secondary components, combine to create color centers in the stone”  Now Briza has found a way to bring out this natural beauty. Now that is amazing!

A Rainbow of Light for the Jerusalem Light Festival 2011

One of the summer highlights in Israel is the Jerusalem Light Festival. This year the Old City of Jerusalem was lit up with a variety of displays from the 15th to 22nd of June. 

To direct the flow of visitors there were “light routes”–each one marked by a different colour. Inside and out, the old city was transformed into a fantasy of delight. 

David went to the old city to meet Zohar Gev, an internationally known artist who now resides in Denmark. He applied and won the bid to put his Rainbow of Lights display on the outer wall of the Old City.