Pastor Umar Mulinde Meets Friends & Bishops in Jerusalem

Evelyn & Pastor Umar Mulinde
In January 2012 we met an amazing couple~Pastor Umar and Evelyn Mulinde. The circumstances were grave~Pastor Umar was in Israel for medical treatment after being doused in acid by Muslim fundamentalists. At the bottom of this post you can follow the links to articles and videos on Pastor Mulinde.
Over time, the story of this amazing man has been revealed. Born a Muslim and trained to preach Islam, Umar Mulinde had an “curious mind” and this led him to question much of what he had been taught. As a result, he found the Love of the Lord. While studying the scriptures he was constantly reading about “The God of Israel”, and as he learned more, he developed a Love for Israel.
After he completed his degree, Umar was ordained as a pastor and began his outreach to other Muslims. These actions were like a “death warrant”, but he was not deterred. Rejected and considered “dead” by his family, persecuted by the Muslim community, this young man built a church in Uganda with thousands of followers. Each Monday, his congregation spends the day studying and praying for Israel. Below he tells Bishop Daniel Williams of Christian Communion International, that he believes his faith and this devotion to “bless” Israel may be one reason that his life was saved in this latest, vicious attack, referring to the scripture:

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curse thee…Genesis 12:3

Bishop Quintin Moore
In April 2012 during the 4th Jerusalem Assembly. David, Jay and Meridel brought Pastor Mulinde from the Tel HaShomer hospital in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to meet with Christian leaders attending the assembly. 
The clip below is of an encounter that took place in the lobby as they arrived. Bishop Quintin Moore of The Christian Communion International, and lead pastor of The Father’s House speaks with Pastor Mulinde and they discover a common friend, “John”, who was the pastor that led Umar to the Lord!
In the next days we will post the round table meeting between Pastor Mulinde and some of the key speakers at the 4th Jerusalem Assembly. You will hear Pastor Mulinde tell his riveting story of the persecutions he endured on his journey of faith…from Islam to Jerusalem…Do Stay Tuned!
A Meeting of Friends and Bishops… 

Here are Links to Information on Pastor Mulinde’s Amazing Story:
Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center  Where Pastor Mulinde is Being Treated:

Part 12~Hora Efrochim~Hora L’Agadati

The final dance performed in our series is called Hora L’Agadati. The name is derived from one of Israel’s most popular citizens, Baruch Kauschenski-Agadati, known for bringing Folk Dance “from the street to the stage”.
Baruch Kauschenski-Agadati was a Russian-Israeli classical ballet dancer, choreographer, painter, film producer and director. Born in Bessarabia, and raised in Odessa, he made Aliyah in the early 1900’s where he attended the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Agadati went on to become a key personality of the Israeli arts world and one of the pioneers of cinema in Israel.
We hope you have enjoyed watching some of Israel’s brightest young people in action. Regardless of what you may hear or think about Israel, life does go on each day~people go to work, they laugh, they cry, and our children dance…!

Part 12 of 12~Hora Efrochim~Hora L’Agadati
Bitte entschuldigen Sie die schlechte Übersetzung, sind wir nicht Deutsch sprechen
Der letzte Tanz in unserer Serie durchgeführt nennt Hora L’Agadati. Der Name stammt von einer der beliebtesten Bürger Israels, Baruch Kauschenski-Agadati, für die Erhebung Folk Dance “von der Straße auf die Bühne” bekannt sind, abgeleitet.  Baruch Kauschenski-Agadati, war ein russisch-israelischen klassisches Ballett Tänzer, Choreograph, Maler-, Film-Produzent und Regisseur. Geboren in Bessarabien, und aufgewachsen in Odessa, machte er Aliyah in der Zeit um 1900, wo er an der Bezalel Akademie für Kunst und Design in Jerusalem. Agadati fuhr fort, eine wichtige Persönlichkeit der israelischen Kunst weltweit und zählt zu den Pionieren des Kinos in Israel geworden. Wir hoffen, Sie haben genossen, einige der begabtesten jungen Menschen Israels in Aktion. Unabhängig davon, was Sie hören oder denken über Israel, das Leben ist an jedem Tag gehen~Menschen zur Arbeit zu gehen, sie lachen, weinen sie, und unsere Kinder tanzen …! 

Teil 12 von 12~Hora Efrochim~Hora L’Agadati

A Meeting with Pastor Umar Mulinde in Jerusalem

Pastor Umar Mulinde~Jerusalem
On Thursday (31 May 2011), we posted Parts 1 and 2 of a moving, private meeting with Pastor Umar Mulinde and a some of the people who attended the 4th Jerusalem Assembly, including Jay and Meridel Rawlings, and Dr. Charlotte Phillips. Today we have Parts 3 and 4 for your viewing.
On Christmas Eve 2011, the young Pastor of a Church in Uganda, (Pastor Umar Mulinde) was the victim of a cowardly terror attack~because he chose to leave Islam for Christianity. More than that, he openly shared his love of God and Israel with his fellow citizens! Following the attack, and fearing for his life, he contacted Jerusalem OnlineU (where he had learned about Israel) and requested to be brought to Israel for his treatment. Very quickly, calls were made, and the wheels were set in motion. Travel Visas were arranged, the wonderful doctors at Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, offered to care for him without charge and within days he was in Tel Aviv.
Evelyn & Umar Mulinde

When we first met Pastor Umar and his lovely wife Evelyn their quiet strength touched us all very deeply and they quickly became “part of the family”.  This young man has suffered (and still suffers) unspeakable pain.

Pastor Umar has not had his wife by his side for the majority of this time as she had to return to Uganda where their six young children are. Rather than complain of his own situation, both Pastor Umar and his wife were concerned with how the children would react to these events. He was determined that his wife be with their children to help them deal with what had happened and not turn away from their faith in the Lord.

David said that Pastor Umar has the Heart of a Lion and we have seen this demonstrated over and over again.

In the first video clip below, Pastor Mulinde speaks to those present and in the second clip he asks for prayer and receives a blessing, then he delivers an Important Message for all in the West.

*** Part 1 and 2 from this Very Important Meeting HERE
*** Links to More Information on Pastor Mulinde are below the Videos

~ 3 ~  Lost Tribes Needed and A Request From Pastor Umar Mulinde (2:00)

~ 4 ~   Blessing and An Important Message From Pastor Umar Mulinde

Here are Links for Information on Pastor Mulinde’s Amazing Story:

Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center  Where Pastor Mulinde is Being Treated:

Pastor Umar Mulinde in Jerusalem~Parts 1 and 2

Pastor Umar Mulinde and Dr. Charlotte Phillips
Many activities and gatherings took place outside the venue of the 4th Jerusalem Assembly (02 April 2012), one being a very exclusive prayer meeting. Jay, Meridel and David were able to bring a very special pastor (from Tel Aviv) to Jerusalem to be lifted up in prayer.
After being viciously attacked with acid in Uganda, Pastor Umar Mulinde, was brought to Israel for treatment. Since his arrival in Israel, he has deeply touched the hearts of many people, be they Christian, Jewish or secular. We were privileged to be able to meet with Pastor Mulinde and his lovely wife Evelyn at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, and they are now a part of our family. This humble, soft spoken young man truly has the Heart of a Lion beating in his chest, and his love of God has no limit. Even though he has suffered greatly, his message remains clear and his faith is stronger than ever.
The 4th Jerusalem Assembly was held during the week of 02 April 2012. One of the many prestigious speakers was Dr. Charlotte Phillips, the founder and overseer of Glory Center Ministries, Baltimore, USA.

During the first part of this spirit filled meeting, Dr. Charlotte Phillips had special words for Pastor Umar and spoke of her calling to “build a bridge between Africa and Israel”. Here, for your viewing are portions from her message.
~ 1 ~   Two Realities in the Earth 

~ 2 ~  The Connection

Here are Links for Information on Pastor Mulinde’s Amazing Story:

Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center  Where Pastor Mulinde is Being Treated:

4th Jerusalem Assembly~Itamar Marcus~02 April 2012

If you watch only one video I strongly suggest that this be the one. Many times we have posted items from the web site of Palestinian Media Watch. In this clip, the Founder and Director, Itamar Marcus speaks to the 4th Jerusalem Assembly about the vital work his organization does. He gives an insight into the “Palestinian” society and their way thinking and how they control  thought via the media.

During his talk, Mr. Marcus previews videos that have been taken directly from Palestinian TV Channels, officially sanctioned by Mahmoud Abbas~and which are completely against the “Peace Process” that Abbas is always accusing Israel of breaking.

You will see time and again how PA TV broadcasts false information claiming Jewish Cities and Holy sites as “Palestinian”, but It is not only Jewish sites that the PA is trying to claim as theirs~at 5:45 in children sing of “Nazareth~the Arab Fortress”. Of even more interest to Christian believers is the recent clip of the Mufti of the PA saying that Jesus was a Muslim and a Palestinian, and at 29:43 in a children’s TV play, children compare Arafat to Jesus, saying “Yesterday they crucified Jesus, today they (Jews) poisoned the father, the Elder (Arafat)”.  
All of Israel is Shown as “Palestinian”
 This is all part of the Arab taqiyya~and we all know that if you tell the lie long enough and loud enough, eventually people will accept it as truth. So the children of the PA (and their parents) have the lie drilled into their minds on a daily basis, which is then screamed to an uneducated world, and lo and behold it is suddenly Israel and the Jews who are the cause of all the worlds ills.

If you need more proof, watch at 19:57~you will see the “newest” lies claiming the biblical heroes as being “Palestinian Muslims”, right down to Moses the Muslim who really led the Muslim children out of Egypt. You really can’t Make this Stuff Up!!

Some of what you will see may be shocking to you, but be aware, These types of films are shown daily on Palestinian TV with the Approval of the Palestinian Leaders, including the Peaceful Mahmoud Abbas!
Palestinian Media Watch has been showing this information to leaders around the world. Sadly, it appears that they are Not Listening! It remains to the ordinary citizen to call their elected officials to task and demand they stop dealing with the very people who would eliminate freedom and human rights. Everyone Needs to watch this video and be aware of the hoax that is being foisted on the world.
Itamar Marcus~Palestinian Media Watch, Founder & Director