UNRWA Goes to War~Trains Child Jihadis With Your Tax Dollars!

Over the years, Hamas has turned Gaza into a breeding ground for terror. One would think that they would fade away, considering the huge  numbers they “claim” to have been “martyred”. The truth is, there are endless lines of young jihadis waiting to “die for the cause”. They do so because they are trained from birth to hate. They are taught that death is the only way.
“But” you may say, they are educated in United Nations Schools”, surely they will be turned away from terror? Sadly, that is not the case. It is the very schools paid for and continuously funded by the United Nations that are raising up future terrorists. The fact is, they are ready to kill and die by the time they reach grade school.
In the film below, created by David Bedein, the truth of the UNRWA schools and operations is revealed (not for the first time)~operations that are funded by the United Nations, which is funded by your tax dollars. What needs to be addressed is the billions of dollars pumped into the evil nest of barbarians called Hamas. This is Money that should be used for “real” refugees like the Yazidis, and Syrians who are under attack, starved and brutally slaughtered in the tens of thousands; or the people in Africa who are dying from Ebola~partly due to primitive conditions and the lack of funds for medicine~or for that matter, acceptable drinking water and toilet facilities.
There is no excuse for this! Over the years, UNRWA has managed to increase their refugee population from around 500,000 to almost 7 Million!! Children who are born in America and other free countries are being brought back to the middle east and registered by the PA as refugees. They are not! 
Children born in Gaza are born to hate and die~they are not given allowed to think or dream of anything else. All this is funded~By Your Tax Dollars!
Consider that the employees are all Gazans, most of whom are Hamas members. Consider that there is virtually nobody to challenge the hate filled motives of Hamas. Those who do vanish very quickly. The only possible way to change this is to stop the flow of funds. Force the “benevolent” Hamas leaders to dip into the billions they have pocketed over the years and use it to build their state instead of rockets.
At about 5:00 the film examines the schools and interviews children and teachers. Please force yourself to listen~carefully~to the end. Ask yourself:  
What on earth are the staff and teachers in UNRWA schools “teaching” to these children that would prompt them to make the following statements??
“We want to sent a message to Netanyahu~We will die and not surrender”
…everyone has to sacrifice their blood for their country, and they have to die as martyrs,
to die as a martyr creates a state of relaxation for the people and for the martyr’s family
                                Q:  In your school curriculum does Israel exist on the map?
                                A:  No, it doesn’t exist
                               Q:  Do you study jihad in the UNRWA classroom?
                               A: Yes
Time after time the question is asked~“Why”~Why does UNRWA receive more money than all the rest of the world’s refugees combined? Common sense tells us this funding of terror should be stopped.
~Is anyone listening? Apparently not!

UNRWA School Child:  “With God’s Help I Will Be A Martyr…”

PM Netanyahu: Two Pieces of Advice for Presbyterian Church

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Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was asked about the recent “divestment / boycott” from Israel and Israeli products by the Presbyterian Church.
He responded with two pieces of advice:
1) Fly to Israelvisit the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

2) …Take a bus and tour Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc….but make sure it’s an
   armoured bus~and don’t say that you are Christians.
It has also been posted that this church is now planning to remove the word “Israel” from its prayer books.
One must ask if they also plan to change the Bible to insure comlete removal of “Israel”? (Don’t even ask about banning the medical and technical innovations that Israel has given the world)
The picture above is scan taken from the “Original, 1611 King James Version of the Bible”, telling us that nothing (…not one jot or tittle) in the Bible shall be changed. Here are the original words…
For verily I say vnto you, Till heauen and earth passe, one iote or one title, shall in no wise passe from the law, till all be fulfilled…Matthew 5:18 (Original 1611 KJV Bible)
Those who read scripture are familiar with this commandment, and surely, a “church” would be even more aware. The idea that they feel they have the right to erase Israel for any reason smacks of chutzpah!
The church needs to examine the middle east, with “honest” eyes. In every country Christians are being persecuted, and Muslims are being killed by other Muslims. Women have no rights, the press is stifled. Only in tiny Israel are the Christian and Muslim communities free to grow and practice their faith. Only in Israel do they have full voting rights. Only in Israel are women free to choose their occupation and lifestyle.
Calling a divestment or boycott, because Israel defends her people from another genocide, speaks of the willfull blindness of those who do think in this way. Again, in the words taken from the original source…
Heare now this, O foolish people, and without vnderstanding, which haue eyes and see not, which haue eares and heare not…Jeremiah 5:21 (Original 1611 KJV Bible)

Yes, Israel has many problems and makes many mistakes, but to choose to divestment, boycott, and attempting to ban Israel from the world is equivalent to demanding euthanization of all “mini-poodles” because a “bull-mastiff” attacked the kid next door.
If the Presbyterian Church truly wants to change things, and truly desires to better the situation in the Middle East, perhaps they should call for and end to the persecution of Christians in Arab countries? Forget about the Jews~how about your fellow Christians who are being slaughtered on a daily basis?
To really bring about change, one has to believe in God and prayer. One must pray to God and ask for change…But the prayers must be made with complete, deep, faith and obedience. In today’s world, people are very good at reciting the words with great theatrical aplomb, but God knows what is really in their hearts. Only prayer can rescue our broken world, but that prayer will only be answered if it is given up humbly and sincerely to the Lord and King of All.

And I will blesse them that blesse thee, and curse him, that curseth thee: and in thee shal all families of the earth be blessed…Genesis 12:3 (Original 1611 KJV Bible)
Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Final Celebrations of the Christmas Season…

Serbians in Belgrade~Picture Credit: Blazing Cat Fur
For many people, especially outside of North America, Christmas does not come on 25 December. The Orthodox Churches in Russia and other Slavic countries as well as in the Middle East, hold their Christmas Eve celebrations on 06 January.
The Assyrian, Armenian and Coptic patriarchs celebrate with marches and services held in Bethlehem and  within Jerusalem’s Old City. There are also Christmas markets in Bethlehem and Nazareth as well as the Old City, and a variety of religious services and activities. Tourists from around the world travel to Israel for this special time.
Although this is a time for peace and celebration there are still conflicts. In the entire middle-east, Israel is the only country where the Christian population has increased. Bethlehem, which is now under “PA” control, has gone from a majority Christian to a majority Muslim city. The Christian population now is about 10%, and those remaining dare not speak out for fear of persecution. The Christmas “Tourism” business is pushed, but once the tourists leave it is a different story. There are even factions who are trying to “steal” the day by claiming that Mary was a Palestinian, and Jesus was the first Jihad. Even during this holiest time of the year, propaganda and politics rule the day.
Regardless, those who are true believers have only one thing in mind on this day~and that is the Miracle and Hope that was given to all mankind. Despite threats and oppression, the tiny Christian communities continue to pray and wait for the time when all the world will know peace.
Please pray for the Christian Communities in the Middle East! They are now among the most persecuted (and ignored) people in the world!

Божићна песма – Превјечни родисја по љети~The Pre-Eternal is Born
Angels Are Singing~Serbian Christmas Song