He Said Allahu Akbar~The Attack On Fort Hood

On 05 November 2009, a Palestinian American, Major Nidal Malik Hasan walked onto the military base at Fort Hood, shouted Allahu Akbar, and proceeded to kill thirteen soldiers plus an unborn child.
The Obama Administration, with their penchant for political correctness have refused to lbel this murderous act for what it is~A Muslim Terror Attack.
This desecrates the memory of those who lost their lives and adds trauma to those who were wounded. Obama and his minions have removed all reference to Muslim, Islam and Terror in their security and training documents and they will literally choke if asked to accurately describe “Terror Attacks by Islamists” because in their politically correct fantasy land, no such thing exists.
At the end of the clip you will see the following suggestions~Do Take the Time to Make Your Voice Heard…

Contact the President, your Senator and Congressman…
The Fort Hood Victims and Their Families Deserve an Apology;
Purple Hearts for the Soldiers and Fair Compensation for All of Their Injuries.
Call It What It Is~An Islamic Terror Attack!

The Munich Massacre at The 1972 Olympics~Remember !

Ankie Spitzer Views Room Where Husband was Murdered

We wrote HERE about the Munich Massacre that took place at the 1972 Olympic Games when “Palestinian” Terrorists brutally murdered Eleven Israeli Athletes. Since then, Ankie Spitzer, the widow of murdered athlete, Andrei Spitzer, along with families of the athletes, has lobbied for a single minute of silence to be observed during the Olympics opening ceremony. They Have NOT Been Successful.  The IOC claims any recognition would politicize the games, however, their refusal is based in the fact that they do not want to offend the Arab Muslim world. Once again, it seems that terror will win the day.

In an article in Commentary Magazine, titled “Ignoring Munich Massacre Reminds Olympics are Pure Baloney”, senior online editor and blogger, Jonathan S, Tobin provides an insight into what he terms the “popular mythology” of the “moral” value of Olympic sports and the hypocrisy of the IOC. He states:

…Though we will hear much about the “Olympic Spirit” during the endless promotion of this event, it is and always has been a gigantic fraud that has always preferred to appease tyrants and ignore crimes in the pursuit of building a global business brand…

…The reason for this refusal is clear. Any reminder of that historic crime would offend the vast majority of member nations that participate in the Games who don’t want any mention of an event that puts the Palestinians in a bad light.

The families will not give up. They have a website dedicated to this cause, and are hoping to persuade the Olympics to recognize the 40th anniversary of the tragedy this summer at the 2012 Olympics in London.

The First video below is Ankie Spitzer’s appeal and request for everyone to sign a petition asking for “Just One Minute”. Do Go to the LINK and read the STORY learn about the petition and then Please Sign The Petition! Your privacy will be protected as there is an option to NOT have your name displayed.

Bios of Athletes at Munich 11

The Second video is probably the best and most truthful coverage of that horrible day. It contains original footage, comments from news casters, police, and the families of the eleven athletes. You will see WHY the attempt to stop the terrorists failed! Do take time to watch the entire film~listen to the families of the victims, including the daughter of Ankie and Andrei Spitzer~as they speak of their motive for asking for this small honour.

05 September 1972~Palestinian Terrorists from the Black September group disguised themselves as athletes and crept into the Israeli quarters.They said their operation was backed by PLO Chairman and Fatah leader Yasser Arafat. Five of the eight members of Black September were killed by police officers during a failed rescue attempt. The three surviving terrorists were captured, but RELEASED shortly after by West Germany following the Black September hijacking of a Lufthansa airliner. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s successor as leader of Fatah, is accused of having funded Black September’s terror activities, and in 2010 he eulogized Mohammed Oudeh, better known as Abu Dauod, the mastermind of the massacre.

One can only pray that the 2012 the Olympic committee and the people of the UK will decide to remember the eleven athletes who came with their hopes and dreams~dreams of peace and friendship between athletes~only to return home in coffins. The Minute of Silence would serve as a reminder that politics and the Olympic Games should never be mixed and that the “Olympic Spirit” does exist and does overcome hatred! Don’t Let Terrorism and Hate Destroy the Spirit Freedom and Peace!

Ankie Spitzer’s Appeal for “Just One Minute”
The Munich Massacre~Told By Those Who Were There

You can read more about this tragedy at these links:

Israel Under Attack Again!

Around Noon today a series of attacks were launched near Eilat on the Israel Border to Egypt. Some report three and as many as four attacks were launched in what appears to be a coordinated effort. At this point two buses, and two or more private vehicles as well as an army patrol jeep were attacked by gun fire, RGPs and (possibly) missiles. 
Witnesses say the first attack, on Egged Bus number 392, was carried out by three gunmen in a vehicle which passed the bus then stopped and opened fire. The bus driver, thankfully was able to keep the bus moving and avoided a massacre. He has stated that in addition to the gunfire from the car he could see people shooting from the Egyptian side of the border. Highway 12 runs very close to the border. IDF soldiers on their way to a vacation were on the bus and some  were able to return fire as the bus sped off.
Shortly after another bus was apparently hit~some say by a missile. At the same time a family vehicle traveling on the road was hit by an RPG, killing for members.
The army and police gave chase and it is reported that an army jeep was hit by a roadside bomb. The hospitals have varying reports, but it appears there are at least five dead with as many as twenty-six injured, with reports that many of the wounded were soldiers~possibly from the first bus.
Updates are coming out every few minutes, and it will take some time before all of the confusion is sorted out. 
Again, and again our neighbours demonstrate they have no intentions of making peace. So why is the world putting pressure on Israel to “make more concessions”? These animals will never be content with anything other than the complete destruction of Israel. 
How do you feel about another genocide??

The Irresponsible Liberal Media

The liberal media has been frothing at the mouth over the idea that the murderous mad man of Norway was a “Fundamentalist Christian”. (Well, some are blaming the Jooos…) But this clip is about the absurdity that has become our mainstream media. Think about it–just what is the media planting into the minds of listeners? Listen to this report…

Newborn Girls Killed~Women Have No Value in Pakistan

Most sane people would agree that anyone who could slaughter a newborn and toss it in the garbage is sick–yet in Pakistan, over 1,200 newborns were killed and dumped last year.  Why? The full story is on Bare Naked Islam blog. From 2002 to 2011 the USA alone has given 11.740 billion dollars in Military aid to Pakistan and a further 6.08 billion dollars in Economic aid. Maybe they should start channeling some of that Military money to education~such as killing newborn babies just because they happen to be female is wrong…

Syrian Teen~Tortured to Death

When even Al Jazeera is reporting that the Syrian government is torturing and murdering the citizens you would think people would take note. Al Jazeera obtained this footage of the disfigured body of 15-year old Thamer al Sahri who was arrested in April for participating in an anti-government protest. His body was released on Wednesday.

*Note* There is a disclaimer that states the video comes from a reliable source, but due to restrictions on journalists in the country it was not able to be independently verified. 

There are questions that should be asked…Where are the UN and Humanitarian organizations? Why are there no sanctions being declared against Syria?

In Syria~You Protest and We Kill You

This film shows how Syria deals with those who do not toe the party line. What is interesting is that around 1:45 a man says in Arabic “We’re not Israelis–Why are they shooting us like we are Israelis?”. You see, in the Muslim world, shooting Israelis is like swatting a fly. That in itself is disturbing. Even more so is that the USA, UN and EU have remained steadfastly reserved on issuing any condemnations or taking actions–except for Libya where they are assisting the rebels–who are backed by and include Al Quaeda. 
Compare this milk-toast reaction to the world outcry that went up when Israel announced that it had approved “one stage” of a plan to build apartments for Jews–plans which had begun many years before, to build in areas that are part of and will remain part of Israel. I’ll bet the UN is right now busily drafting up more sanctions against Israel.