Hamas Gives Equal Rights to Women

Hamas has embraced equal rights for their woman and is training them to be suicide bombers. According to a report by Arutz 7, a crew from CNN traveled blindfolded to a secret location to film the women in action.

Female terrorists are nothing new in Judea, Samaria and Gaza,  but it is rare to allow a foreign news agency to interview them and watch them training. Reporter Paula Hancocks interviewed the veiled and armed women (all from the Salah ad-Din Brigades) to the background sounds of Allahu Akbar–oh joy.
The women saw nothing unusual in fighting alongside men saying that women also serve in the “Zionist” army. ***There can be no comparison as women (and men) in the IDF are a defensive force–they  do not strap explosives chests an go out looking for innocent people to blow up. My guess is Hamas thinks the publicity will “strike terror into the hearts of their enemies” Hmmm, not sure if this is hilariously funny or sadly pathetic.
The women were interviewed at a table loaded with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and explosives. According to the reporter the scene was “carefully choreographed for our camera and the message was clear.” 

The reporter described their ages  as between 20s to 50s. She also described the 64-year-old grandmother who blew herself up four years ago–the oldest Palestinian female suicide bomber.

The primitive Islamic mindset will no doubt insure that more than one of the women interviewed will follow in granny’s footsteps.

Western media now refers to these jihadists as militants–Any woman or man  who straps on explosives to blow themselves and others to bits is nothing but a terrorist–an insane terrorist–but still a terrorist.

What is particularly idiotic is that there is apparently no “virgins” or unlimited pleasures available for female jihadis–in fact, there is no reward for them at all.

Allahu Akbar Baby..

Muslim Orgies of Violence–From a Former PA Terrorist

Walid Shoebat grew up to be a young terrorist. Somewhere along the line he discovered Christianity, left the life of terror behind and started anew in the US. He left the PLO many years ago and never killed any Americans so is not on any wanted lists. Now he speaks out against terror. I have heard many of his lectures and he is truthful. Listen to this short clip at 3:31 he tells that the lies were even taught in the Christian schools “I went to 3rd grade and 4th grade to a Christian School, and what did I learn in the Christian school? IJesus was a Palestinian Revolutionist”. (Note: (1)The UNWRA schools are staffed with Palestinians–many pro-PLO and Hamas–who buy into the lie, as do the Arab Christians and (2) the man sitting behind Walid is Rabbi Tovia Singer who lives in the Old City, Jerusalem). Pay attention to what this man is saying. Things are not always what the liberal media tries to make you believe.

IDF Accused of Murder by Gas–Another Hoax!

Mother of Abu Rahma with Photo
Once again the Palestinians and their anarchist, anti-Israel groupies have managed to fob off another hoax on the world at large. On Friday, 01 January the weekly riots took place at Bilin, Samaria. The news reported that  Jawaher Abu Rahma, 36, had inhaled tear gas fired by the IDF and died as a result. The story was further played up with the claim that she was the sister of an Arab who was killed in Bilin in 2009 after being struck by a tear gas canister.

From the beginning the IDF had reservations about this case for several reasons, not least among them being that the initial facts surrounding the case were suspicious, and the PA medical authorities refused to allow accesss to any medical documents. In addition the IDF found that:

     1) The IDF used the same method of riot control for the past five years without incident
     2) Abu Rahma died at her home–After being released from hospital
     3) Abu Rahma was chronically ill with leukemia
     4) Abu Rahma was not event at the riot!

According to this report in Arutz 7, the IDF found that she did not die of tear gas inhalation but of cancer, and had been lying in a hospital bed for ten days prior to passing away.
Funeral Procession–Incitement?
Chief PA negotiator, Saeb Erakat had told AFP (and most likely anyone else with a camera): “We condemn this abominable crime by the Israeli occupation army in Bilin against people taking part in a peaceful demonstration and consider it an Israeli war crime against our people”. Of course he does. What better way to incite even more hatred towards Israel. He does conveniently leave out the fact that photos  show this was an especially violent riot–but he probably did not stay around for the real action…see no evil…
Any death is a tragedy, and we do not downplay the grief in the loss of a loved one. But we do condemn the world press for  encouraging faulty, false reporting and incitement.  To allow the tragic death of a young woman to be used in this manner is unforgivable. But, after all, Peace does not sell nearly as many papers as riots, terror attacks and death–especially if Israel can be blamed.
Now, I urge you to pay attention to world news. Compare volume of the outcry  was when Israel was accused of murdering this woman–a war crime. Now listen for the outcry as the hoax is exposed–the silence is deafening…

New Terror for Hevron

 The Cave of the Patriarchs is Judaism’s second holiest site and has been designated a National Heritage Site by the Israeli government. From the Travels of Reb Benjamin of Tudelah (1173):“And in the valley is the Cave of Machpela, if a Jew should pay the Ishmaelite watchman, he will open for him an iron gate. From there one descends stairs with a candle in hand. Upon reaching the third cave one will find six graves. These are the graves of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and opposite them, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah, And inside the cave are many barrels, filled with bones of Israelites who would bring the bones of their dead to the Cave in the age of Israel.
The area around Hevron has always been a hot spot and now the temperatures have been upped. Arutz 7 has reported that the Palestinian Authority is building a “new” neighborhood next to the resting place of our forefathers and mothers in an area that is under “Full Israeli Control”.  As if this isn’t bad enough, the “New Neighbours” are going to be freed terrorists and their families brought in from other cities and towns of Judea and Samaria!

Security people say they are aware of the risk but attempts to bring the issue up have been blocked “out of political considerations”

To read the full article follow the link to Arutz 7

Pray for Israel~The Disaster Continues

Fleeing the Bus Shot thru Back Window by R. Sofer

This information is taken from several blogs and news reports. The first story is from a blog called Shearim. This link is to an Israeli newscast that followed Israeli photographer Roni Sofer back to the location where he observed the burning bus and in fact saved three of the people from the burning wreck. He is an expert photographer and wanted to get pictures of the disaster. He describes the road as they drive down is saying that very quickly there were “walls of fire”.  He soon realized he must make a quick escape and turned around to drive to safety. There were two other cars and the bus full of prison guards coming and he warned them to make a run for it. The two cars turned around (Note: the driver of one of the cars–from Tiberias–is still missing). The bus, unable to turn around was already on fire and Roni saw three people–a woman and two men–running towards him asking for help. The video shows the pictures he was able to snap of them running from the bus through his rear window. They escaped to safety, but the guards and Haifa police commander, Ahuva Tomer, who was in one of the cars did not. Ahuva Tomer is now in critical condition burned over 60% of her body and fighting for her life.

American 747 Supertanker
The American ‘Evergreen 747 Super Tanker is now over Carmel joining fighters from many nations in the fight to control the massive fire that is still burning.
Meanwhile the crew of an air force plane fighting the fires spotted two men in a pickup truck trying to start a fire near one of the areas where a part of the blaze had recently been put out. The air force crew contacted police on the ground with the location of the truck and minutes later police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspects. In the last days arabs around the country have been starting fires to disrupt the efforts in Carmel. Hezbollah is celebrating the lost of life and forest in Northern Israel. “The great Carmel fire has embarrassed Israel’s firefighting capabilities and proved its almost complete incompetence,” crowed the Hezbollah-linked Al-Manar TV news network. The arab press is  claiming that Ithis shows Israel is weak and no longer able to defend itself because we had to ask for help–and the dancing in the streets continues.

PA Firefighters Arriving to Help Israel
On the positive side, twenty-one Palestinian Firefighters have entered Israel through the Salem crossing accompanied by Administration Personnel. According to Ayash, the Palestinian people viewed the disaster with a great deal of sorrow.  He said the cooperation has nothing to do with the relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “We came here to help without addressing the issue of Jews and Arabs,” Ayash added. “We will stay in the Carmel region until the fire is put out.” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had telephoned President Mahmoud Abbas to express his thanks at “neighbours helping neighbours”.
This disaster is estimated to cost 3-4 billion dollars and take decades to recover from. Israelis have already started the long task. They begin by laying their dead to rest, taking in the displaced and starting to rebuild. During this week of Chanukah we know one thing, that miracles do happen and that is proven by the biggest miracle of all–we are still here and we are still standing together.
Video~Commander Ahuva Tomer Driving into the Blaze (0:30)
Overview of the Events and Firefighting Efforts

Massacre in Munich

Thirty-eight  years ago, eleven Israeli athletes were murdered by terrorists during the 1972 Olympic Games. Ankie Spitzer, the widow of murdered athlete, Andrei Spitzer, along with other families has lobbied for a minute of silence to be observed on behalf of the athletes, in every Olympic opening ceremony. They have not been successful, but they are still trying and now have a website dedicated to this cause. They are hoping to persuade the Olympics to recognize the 40th anniversary of the tragedy at the 2012 Olympics in London.
The eleven athletes were murdered in cold blood on 05 September 1972, by terrorists from the Black September group, who said their operation was backed by PLO Chairman and Fatah leader Yasser Arafat. Five of the eight members of Black September were killed by police officers during a failed rescue attempt. The three surviving terrorists were captured, but later released by West Germany following the hijacking by Black September of a Lufthansa airliner. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s successor as leader of Fatah, has been accused of having funded Black September’s terror activities.

On 10 July 2010, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority Chairman,  eulogized Mohammed Oudeh, better known as Abu Dauod, the mastermind of the massacre who had just died. Said Abbas, “He is missed. He was one of the leading figures of Fatah and spent his life in resistance and sincere work as well as physical sacrifice for his people’s just causes”. Abbas’ eulogy and praise for the planner of the murders came less than a month after he told American Jewish leaders in Washington that he will work to stop incitement of violence against Jews. Palestinian Media Watch posts the following:  During a visit to Bethlehem this week, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas held up a stone model of the map of “Palestine” that erases Israel. [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 26, 2010.  This is the partner Israel is asked to enter into a peace agreement with!

26 October 2010~Abbas’s Palestine

Abu Daoud, was born in East Jerusalem, and openly acknowledged his role in the Olympic attack, both in his memoir, Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich, published in Paris, and in an interview with the Arab TV network al-Jazeera. According to Dauod, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas provided the funds for the Munich Massacre. Abu Daoud would not reveal where he resided–saying only that he lived with his wife on a pension provided by the PA.

One can only pray that by 2012 the Olympic committee and the people of the UK will see fit to remember those athletes who came with joy and high hopes to compete in “friendly” non-political games and lost their lives. The minute of silence would serve as a reminder that politics and the Olympic Games should never be mixed.

You can read more about this tragedy:

Would US Trained Palestinian Forces Attack Israel?

There have long been concerns here in Israel that the Palestinian forces being trained and armed by US General Dayton could one day turn on Israel. This is not so far-fetched. Several terrorist murders in the past have indeed been carried out by PA forces using arms supplied by the US.  The following segments are taken from a report in Arutz 7 online news:
Palestinian Forces Armed & Trained by the USA
The IDF’s Nachshon Battalion’s recent training exercises have included simulated battles against Palestinian Authority security forces. The mock battles were intended to prepare the soldiers for the possibility that the PA security forces in Judea and Samaria, that were trained in the past five years by US Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, would one day turn on Israel. 
…it was held against the backdrop of recent “accelerated contacts, far from sight and from the media, for a reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority (led by Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas) and Hamas.
…An agreement between Abbas’s PA and Hamas would “completely change reality in Judea and Samaria

…Central Command has also noticed a tightening of ties between Judea and Samaria terror cells and those that operate in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Gaza.
Palestinian Authority Forces

The PA charter still calls for the complete and utter destruction of Israel. As for the Oslo agreements? NOT ONE has been complied with by the Palestinians. Not a single one has been kept.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, and indeed all of Israel for evil is rising in our world. What will be the result if the world refuses to see the clear and present danger? Who will stand in the gap if Israel is squashed? Those who believe know the answer.