He Said Allahu Akbar~The Attack On Fort Hood

On 05 November 2009, a Palestinian American, Major Nidal Malik Hasan walked onto the military base at Fort Hood, shouted Allahu Akbar, and proceeded to kill thirteen soldiers plus an unborn child.
The Obama Administration, with their penchant for political correctness have refused to lbel this murderous act for what it is~A Muslim Terror Attack.
This desecrates the memory of those who lost their lives and adds trauma to those who were wounded. Obama and his minions have removed all reference to Muslim, Islam and Terror in their security and training documents and they will literally choke if asked to accurately describe “Terror Attacks by Islamists” because in their politically correct fantasy land, no such thing exists.
At the end of the clip you will see the following suggestions~Do Take the Time to Make Your Voice Heard…

Contact the President, your Senator and Congressman…
The Fort Hood Victims and Their Families Deserve an Apology;
Purple Hearts for the Soldiers and Fair Compensation for All of Their Injuries.
Call It What It Is~An Islamic Terror Attack!

Ami Horowitz~Movie Maker With a Twist!

The first clip is a sample of what Ami Horowitz filmed during the Occupy Wall Street protest, along with an brief interview. 
The second clip (You Really Need to Watch This) is the official trailer for his movie U.N. Me which will be released in June 2012. There is sure to be a whole lot of righteous indignation at the UN over this 

…The Truth Hurts (Big Time)

Ami’s New Movie Coming Out in June 2012~This Will Be Good!

British and Proud on St. George’s Day

The below speech was made for St. George’s Day
It less about history, however, and more abut the fact that it is rare to see anyone in the political spectrum (in free democratic countries) stand up and say how proud they are of their history and what they stand for. More often we witness a self-condemnation of what freedom and democracy has brought to the world~without recognizing the alternative.

We all know the world is not perfect, but it does become tiring to be told that we must feel shame for working hard to put a roof over our heads, educate our children and (shocker!) hold with traditional values of right and wrong.

The rest of the free western world needs to take heed and learn to be proud of what we have accomplished. Yes, there is still a long way to go before we will get it right, but currently we are throwing out the baby with the bathwater (and maybe the tub as well…)


Islam and the Battle For Our Minds

Reporter Eric Stakelbeck brings another outstanding report that points out the gross failure of the media to communicate truth on the dangers all people in the west are facing. He is joined by Michael Widlanski, author of the book, Battle For Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat.
You will see clips of government officials who are so intent on “cover up” they will not even “name the enemy”. Watch and listen to the very people who are supposedly working for the safety of the people refuse to speak truthfully.
This is not a new phenomenon! it has been creeping into society for years, but political correctness, corrupt officials and lies have placed the word in severe danger. For too long, government decision makers, the mainstream media and even the intelligence community are misleading everyone about the nature of the Islamic jihadist threat. We run the risk being sent back to the dark ages if we don’t wake up. 
In Stakelbeck’s words, “there is a battle for our minds going on and the enemy is winning…”  
Dear Friends, Please Listen Carefully and Pray!

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

There have been endless stories on the eligibility of the current resident of the white house.

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, people were celebrating~Some, because he was the first black American to be elected to the highest office, and some who fell under the spell of the “Hollywood” aura surrounding him.

Many questioned his back-ground~or lack of it~and as the days unfolded they questioned his legitimacy and even his loyalty to the United States and the Constitution.

With elections looming the citizens of America are concerned and rightly so. For the first time ever their triple “A” financial rating has been downgraded and the future looks very gloomy. Add to that the constant bowing and grovelling to the despots and terrorists of the world, his lack of respect for the American flag and the Military who so bravely support their country, and the shameful treatment of allies, and one can understand the concern.

The first clip below is the news report while the full press conference (2nd clip) outlines in detail how the investigators came to their conclusions. It is very compelling evidence indeed. If you watch to the end you will hear the “media” immediately go on the attack. I wonder how long it will take before somebody screams racist?
There are some basic questions everyone should be asking~and indeed should have been asking three years ago. Why is it that there was never an original birth certificate in the first place? Why has Barack Hussein Obama spent millions of dollars sealing every bit of information on himself and his mother from the public? After three years as the head of the United States of America why is it that there is absolutely no personal information on this man? Where are the the friends and neighbours, the ones who always pop up with “I knew him when…” ? Why are there are no teachers, or not even a single girl-friend to share anecdotes on the man who came from out of nowhere to become the first black American president?

While time will (hopefully) produce the truth, shouldn’t people be asking these questions Now??

Local News Report
Sheriff Joe Arpaio~Cold Case Results~Full Press Conference
Condensed Video Showing “Why” BHO’s Document is Fake

Is France Facing Civil War~What About the Rest of Us?

French President Sarkozy, Angela Merkel of Germany and even David Cameron of the UK, recently stated that multiculturalism has been a big failure. France now has 751 “No Go” Zones–That’s correct–751! No entry for anyone but Muslims. Police, Firemen, Ambulance, Doctors–none will enter these areas. They function as micro states run by Shariah law. So what is there to protect the citizens of France, or Germany, Britain, Scandinavia or even North America? Many citizens fear it will lead to civil war–because governments are so anxious to be “Politically Correct” they are willing to sacrifice their own country. One has to ask what the future holds…

Europe 2029: Believe It!

Please watch carefully. The figures at the end are most likely low and the danger much greater. What will the people of the free western world do? What will you do? Think fast because the time for action is almost past. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Islamization: A Terrifying Reality~Part Two

In our previous post on Islamization (Part One), the demographics speak for themselves. This film shows what happens as the demographics increase in favour of immigrants–in this case Muslims. When political correctness forces the rest of the population to give way, when there is nobody to stop the madness–this is how the take over happens. Where is your country in this list?