Multiculturalism and Islamification in Britain

This is a very frightening look at Britain–the once great country that spread its influence around the world. Now, they face cultural suicide foisted upon the British without their consent by a political left liberal elite who hold national identity and national pride in contempt. I urge you to watch the entire film–this shameless political correctness and pandering is not unique to Britain–it is spreading all over the free world. We need to wake up and take action to preserve freedom and democracy or we will loose it completely.

Live to Die~Why Did YouTube Ban This Video??

This video and commentary was posted at Bare Naked Islam’s Weblog. You can also find it on LiveLeak.
As you watch this video think about all of the hate-filled rhetoric that is thrown at Christianity.  All of a sudden, desecrating the Bible, Churches, or the Cross is OK, but you will be arrested or worse if you say anything about Islam or its murderous, pedophile prophet. This is what the “Politically Correct” mindset wants us to accept side by side with our “Western Culture and Values”. Make no mistake–Islam does Not want to live side by side with anybody. They want to exist as a single entity dominant over the world. Don’t sit by and think that “reaching out” will bring peace. Don’t think you can ignore it, Don’t wait for it to “blow over”It Will Not.

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