Thank You Letter – October 2019, Tishrei 5780

Dear Precious Friends and Partners,

September 29th evening to September 30th, evening, 2019 marked the first day of the Hebrew month called Tishrei. It also also marked the start of the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Ha Shana called the Jewish New Year. Then began the ten “Days of Awe” in which we ask our friends and acquaintances for forgiveness for any offences we have committed in preparation for repentance before God on Yom Kippur. So I am asking you to forgive me when I have offended you during this last last year. Thank God he is our Lamb.

This new year in the Hebrew calendar is 5780. As many of you know the letters and the numbers in Hebrew are interchangeable and they always represent a symbol or spell a word which is prophetic for this coming year and indeed this new decade. 

 In 5780, eighty is symbolic of the Hebrew letter “Pey” or mouth. Symbolism behind the Hebrew letter “Pey” is to begin understanding what’s in store for Israel, the church, our globe, and our personal lives in the decade of “Pey”, or the “Mouth.”

Understanding of the times and seasons is nothing new to the Tribes of Israel, indeed, it’s even understood within Nature itself. Even before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the sons and daughters of the Tribe of Issachar were known to have a deep understanding of the times, and they knew by faith what it was that would need to happen next in order for the Jewish people to align themselves with God’s plans as described in 1 Chronicles 12:32,

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do”

Today’s times are no different. Especially thanks to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, those who have understanding of the Spirit of God have access to the Throne Room of God and are, likewise, able to see and hear what is on Heaven’s Agenda for the coming times. Holy Spirit filled believers are invited to join the children of Issachar to have understanding of the times and to know what it is the new Israel ought to do.  By WakingEve in Prophetic on July 3, 2019

This understanding is very significant right now because Israel is in the position where it cannot form a government. Having had two elections the leaders are still unable to form a viable, workable coalition. In response to this situation the Lord showed me something. What was it?

The reality is that in the future the Messiah will form the government of Israel and indeed the world, as it is written in Isaiah 9:7,

“Of the increase of His government and peace
There will be no end,
Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom,
To order it and establish it with judgment and justice
From that time forward, even forever.
The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

This time was prophetically foretold by a well known and respected Jewish Sage, or “Receiver of Messages” named Yitzchak Kaduri, of blessed memory who passed away several years ago.

Here is the reference,

“A report in Israel’s daily Yisrael Hayom this week addressed a report that’s been spread recently on Whatsapp groups and social media that Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, z’tl, predicted the current situation of the deadlock between Likud (Netanayahu) and Blue and White (Gantz) and the fights between the right and left. He said that they would be led by two men with the first name Benyamin!

The message on social media says that ”a sefer” or book, named “U’Shevuato L’Yishchak,” which Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, z’tl wrote in his youth was recently found in in the yeshiva of the Sages or mekubalim, Nachlas Yitzchak. A prediction was found in the sefer (book) saying: 

“On the eve of the year 5780, the year of tikkunim, (adjustments) there won’t be a governmentin Israel for an extended period of time. The camps will quarrel greatly with each other without reaching any decision. And then, on the day of Rosh Hashana, with the fight that will be in Shamayim (Heaven) and Hakodash Baruch Hu (The Holy One) and His legions will decide between them. This is all I can reveal, and from herein on I swore not to reveal more secrets.

It is important to note that this Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri also wrote very positively about Yeshua being the Messiah. He also ended this revelation” that he would reveal more “secrets” at a later time.”

So this year and decade is dedicated to “the mouth” and how the Lord says that we are to open wide our mouths and that in due season He would fill them with powerful, clear teachings from His perspective. In another place it is mentioned that this will be the year of “adjustments” so we

must be ready to “open our mouths” for His understandings and therefore His adjustments in our lives, our families and our nations. Here is the situation.

Israel needs a major democratic adjustment now and for the future!

I just received an email from our good friend Dr James Lunney, a retired Canadian Member of Parliament, asking us to PRAY for the national elections in Canada on October 21st, 2019.

On October 31, the United Kingdom, (except Scotland) is due to leave the European Union in a move called “Brexit” under Prime Minister Boris Johnson. What an adjustment this will be!

In the USA, hugely divided, the Democrats are calling for the baseless “impeachment” of President Trump. 

Many are hoping, praying and speaking out that there will be major “adjustments” in these nations and indeed around the globe. “Fasten your seat belts – He is driving!’

Thanks again for your support. But we need a major adjustment in our income. Without it we cannot proceed.

Thank God, He Never Fails!

In His love,

Jay and Meridel and sons and team.

Top Photo by Rafael Nir on Unsplash

Double Honour

Dear Friends: 

Today I received this email from our dear Canadian friends, Ralph Rutledge and his sister Norma Jean Mainse. David Mainse, of blessed memory, founded and hosted 100 Huntley Street, Canada’s nationwide Christian TV network. David was a great friend of Israel and of ours. Meridel and I have followed David’s anointed daily blog 100 Words. Now, since David’s graduation to Heaven last year his son, Ron Mainse continues to send out his Dad’s blog at the request of many.  

Meridel, Jay and son David in 1969

We first met David on a Saturday morning in Sept 1969. Norma Jean served us coffee at their kitchen table, while Ron and Ren pranced through the house, slamming the screen door as young teens do! Maybe they thought we were cool because of our Corvette parked in their drive way. Jay and I had recently been shown the left foot of fellowship by well meaning Pastors, when we prayed for their young people to receive the Baptism of the Holy spirit. Hurt, but not deterred; reading the Friday paper, Jay said, “I have to find someone I can speak with.” That was how he found the Rev. David, Mainse, who hosted at 15 minute TV show in Hamilton Ontario at the time.   

We told him of our rather unusual call to ‘sell everything and go to Israel.’ David listened intently and later challenged his entire church to pray that we would sell the Corvette Sting Ray in order to be debt free. Our departure date for Israel was October 20th 1969. David said very carefully looking directly into our eyes: “I do NOT understand your call, but I know this, you are both called by God!”  

“My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they will never perish; neither shall anyone snatch hem out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of my Father’s hand: I and my Father are one.” John 10;27-30 

As David mentions in his article below, he and Norma Jean were our pastors in 1969 when the Lord called us to leave Canada and to do two things. First He said to Meridel, If you love Me, Love My People,” and secondly He said to me, “Declare among the nations; Proclaim, and set up a standard; Publish – do not conceal it.” Jeremiah 50;2a 

So with these brief instructions we gave away our belongings and began a lifetime of blessing Israel. We first began to ‘fish’ for the Jewish people by visiting the heads of Jewish Communities around the globe, 120 nations and seven years later, we made Israel our home. No Jewish soul ever turned us away. The solemn message is even MORE relative today than it was back then: “Behold, I will send for many fishermen, says the LORD, and they shall fish them: and afterward I will send for many hunters and they shall hunt them from every mountain and every hill and out of the holes of the rocks.” Jeremiah 16:16 

Dear David Mainse did not elaborate… since that photo was taken (see below), both Jay and I completed our earned doctorates: his in history and mine in psychology. We are citizens of Israel and very much at home with our Jewish heritage, which we knew nothing of prior to coming to Israel. 

Left to right: Chris, Daniel, David and Josh

Over the last forty years, Jay and team have produced 150 documentaries  on the unfolding of Israel’s Biblical, natural and prophetic history with our son David working along side of us for 20 years. Because we were are no longer able to support him financially he has taken a position at Media Line in Jerusalem. You can see his weekly news feeds on You Tube at:  Chris is a Product Designer and team leader working in Finland as a design specialist at Digitalist a company that creates digital solutions & innovations for companies such as Samsung, Intel, Nokia, Time Warner and more. Josh is also a web designer working for high tech start ups in Israel and New York. Daniel is our cameraman/editor for Jerusalem Vistas. This spring and summer he has been miraculously healed of inflammation of the brain. Thank God! All of our men contribute their expertise to the work. Amen!

Meridel & Jay in Greece July, 2019

 October 20th will begin our 50th anniversary from the day we left Canada for Israel. We will be rejoicing greatly with Jerusalem and with all who love her! Now we will see what the LORD will do with our sons!

You might remember my firsts book; Fishers and Hunters, then; Honour Thy Father???  Together Jay and I wrote: Love My People – Volume 1 Timeless Secrets. I have been blessed to counsel privately and present seminars with instructive workbooks for survivors and educators who attend my seminars on sexual abuse.  We are in the process of publishing my latest work: Healing the Indelible Stain.

 Jay and I are presently building a summer home in Greece, a place of rest and recreation for our tribe. Seven of us live in Europe and seven of us live in Israel. We delight in hand picked encounters day by day as we go about the business of the Master in this new outreach for the Lord!

We send you our love and would be delighted to hear from you.

Jay’s favourite scripture is: “Love, never fails!” 1 Corinthians 13:8

With love and thanksgiving, 

Meridel Rawlings 

Tel: 054 4711786, call us if you are in Jerusalem. 

Box 84156  Mevasseret Zion, 9079097 ISRAEL 

Now back to David’s Mainse’s blog: DOUBLE HONOUR 

Canadian and long-time Christian leader in Israel, Jay Rawlings, holds his Bible on the path that leads to the Eastern Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. Jay and his wife, Meridel, have built many bridges of relationship between the Jews and Christians. Jay has a Masters Degree in Hospital Administration and was Assistant Administrator of Henderson Hospital in Hamilton as a young man. I had the privilege of serving as their Pastor when God called them to world missions, specifically with a calling to bless God’s ancient people, the Jews. Jay sold his much-loved Corvette Stingray and with their little son, David, they left all to follow Jesus. Jay and Meridel are surely worthy of “double honour,” as they have served as true elders, as Paul said, “in the Word and doctrine.” by the Reverend David Mainse.



Thank you letter – August 2019

Jerusalem Vistas Canada Society August 2019 Thank You Letter

Shalom and warm greetings to our dear friends and precious partners,During the first days of August every year we remember with fasting the horrific destructions of our people over the centuries by marking the day called the Ninth of Av or Tisha B’Av in Hebrew.

It is a somber time when one considers all the enormous suffering of our forefathers at the hands of evil despots, ungodly empires and there uncaring people. Here is an abbreviated list of such events that occurred on or around the ninth of Av.

  1. The Twelve Spies sent by Moses to observe the land of Canaan returned from their mission. Only two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, brought a positive report, while the others spoke disparagingly about the land. The majority report caused the Children of Israel to cry, panic and despair of ever entering the “Promised Land”. This day as a day of] crying for the generations”, alluding to the future misfortunes which occurred on the same date.
  2. The First Temple built by King Solomon was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BCE, and the population of the Kingdom of Judah was sent into the Babylonian exile. The First Temple’s destruction began on the 7th of Av (2 Kings 25:8) and continued until the 10th (Jeremiah 52:12). According to the Talmud, the actual destruction of the Temple began on the Ninth of Av, and it continued to burn throughout the Tenth of Av.
  3. The Second Temple built by Ezra and Nehemiah was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE] scattering the people of Judea and commencing the Jewish exile from the Holy Land that continues to this day.
  4. The Romans subsequently crushed Bar Kokhba’s revolt and destroyed the city of Betar, killing over 500,000 Jewish civilians (approximately 580,000) on August 4, 135 CE.
  5. Following the Bar Kokhba revolt, Roman commander Turnus Rufus plowed the site of the Temple in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, in 135 CE and covered it with salt.;
  6. Over time, Tisha B’Av has come to be a Jewish day of mourning, not only for these events, but also for later tragedies which occurred on or near the 9th of Av. References to some of these events appear in liturgy composed for Tisha B’Av.
  7. The First Crusade officially commenced on August 15, 1096, killing 10,000 Jews in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland.
  8. The Jews were expelled from England on July 18, 1290 (Av 9)
  9. The Jews were expelled from France on July 22, 1306 (Av 10)
  10. The Jews were expelled from Spain on July 31, 1492 (Av 7)
  11. Germany entered World War I on August 1–2, 1914 (Av 9–10), which caused massive upheaval in European Jewry and whose aftermath led to the Holocaust.
  12. On August 2, 1941 (Av 9), SS commander Heinrich Himmler formally received approval from the Nazi Party for “The Final Solution.” As a result, the Holocaust began during which almost one third of the world’s Jewish population perished.
  13. On July 23, 1942 (Av 9), began the mass deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka.
  14. The AMIA bombing, of the Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires, killed 85 and injuring 300 on July 18, 1994 (10 Av)
  15. The Israeli disengagement from Gaza began in the Gaza Strip, expelling 8000 Jews who lived in Gush Katif; August 15, 2005; 10 Av,
  16. While the Holocaust spanned a number of years, most religious communities use Tisha B’Av to mourn its 6,000,000 Jewish victims, in addition to or instead of the secular Holocaust Memorial Days. On Tisha B’Av, communities which otherwise do not modify the traditional prayer liturgy have added the recitation of special prayers related to the Holocaust.”

Regarding point 14 above, yesterday I was reading to Meridel a quote from a book that I have written (and she will later edit) called Timeless Secrets Volume 2 “Miracles Among the Nations.” I was remembering our time in Argentina when visiting the Jewish community in Buenos Aires. We had gone there as a family in 1974 to warn the local Jewish community leaders about the dangers looming on the horizon for them. We also tried to encourage them to make “aliyah” or emigrate to Israel where they will be safe according to the Bible. Many did. Thank God.

One evening an Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) agent came to meet us and asked me, “Where are you getting your message about the dangers for the Jews in Argentina today?”

I told him. “The message comes, right from here pointing to my Bible. “But, he responded, where does it say it is dangerous for Jews to live here?”  “Right from here.”  

“Yes, but where?” he asked.  I then read from Jeremiah 16:15 and 16:

“But the Lord lives who brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north and from all the lands where He had driven them.

  For I will bring them back into their land which I gave to their fathers.

Behold I will send for many fishermen says the Lord, 

and they shall fish them; 

and afterward I will send for many hunters 

and they shall hunt them

 from every mountain and from every hill and out of the holes of the rocks.”

Jeremiah 16:15-16

I said, “Sir, this means that there is a time coming when people like us will go around the world calling the Jewish people back home – gently, but after that will come a time when cruel hunters will come!”

He was curious and wanted to know more places in the Bible that things like this are written.  We assured him there were lots.  I sat down with him as Meridel put the children to bed.  I wrote out several scripture references warning the Jews to flee the Diaspora and to come home to safety.

As he left he shook his head and smiled, “I will tell my bosses this but they won’t believe it!”  I said, “Yes, I think they will!” I responded.

Sadly Jeremiah’s words came to pass in two horrible and tragic terror attacks in Buenos Aires just as we had warned. See point 14 mentioned above.

This year the Ninth of Av fast is from sunset August 10 to nightfall on August 11, 2019.

Thank you again for your support of our prophetic media ministry. We deeply appreciated each one of you.

In His love, 

Jay Meridel and sons and team.

Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

Israel Visionin uutiskirje, Toukokuu 2019

kirjoittanut tri Jay Rawlings

Shalom kallisarvoiset ystävät ja yhteistyökumppanit!

Varhain viime lauantaina kännykkäni alkoi piipata. Tiesin välittömästi mistä kyse. Meridel ja minä aloimme rukoilla ja esirukoilla.

Kännykässäni on sovellus nimeltä ”Red Alert” eli punainen, siis kiireellinen ja tärkeä hälytys. Se hälyttää aina, kun Israeliin osuu raketteja. Hätäpiippauksia tuli yksi toisensa jälkeen lähes tauotta. Maan eteläosaan osui satamäärin hengenvaarallisia, räjähteillä lastattuja raketteja Gazasta. Kännykkäni pärisi hätäpiippauksia tuntikausia.

Tähän aamuun mennessä, toukokuun 6. päivään, yhteensä 700 rakettia on iskeytynyt asutusalueille Askeloniin, Asdodiin, Siderotiin, Beersebaan ja moniin muihin asutuskeskuksiin. Vain 12 km meistä etelään, Beit Shemeshiin osui niinikään. Hävitys, tuho on rikollismaista. Israelilaisista 150 on haavoittunut, osa hengenvaarallisesti, ja 4 henkilöä on kuollut. Pommisuojista turvaa etsineistä ihmisistä 1,5 miljoonaa on traumatisoitunut vakavasti.

Israelin hävittäjät vastasivat ja tuhosivat Hamasin rakettien ampumatukikohtia. Siinä yhteydessä kuoli 23 terroristia ja toimijaa. Surullista kyllä, sivuvaikutuksena vahinkoa koitui muillekin ihmisille, sillä terroristit piileskelevät palestiinalaisten ja heidän kotiensa, sairaaloidensa, lastentarhojensa ja koulujensa suojissa. He toimivat tällä tavalla, jotta uutisissa Israel esitetään julmana hyökkääjänä. Päinvastainen on totta.

Rukoilettehan kanssamme, että tämä hulluus loppuu ja Gazan tilanteeseen saadaan pysyvä ratkaisu. Useimmat palestinalaiskansalaiset haluavat sieltä pois. Vaan heitä heidän omat Hamas-johtajansa pitävätä siellä (pantti)vankeina. Samaan aikaan Israel toimittaa heille sähköä, vettä, polttoainetta, ruokaa ja lääkkeitä, siis Israelin vannoutuneille vihollisille. Maailman lehdistö ei koskaan raportoi näistä tosiasioista.

Jumalan sana on ainut lohtumme.
Te saatte kuulla sodan ääniä ja sanomia sodista, mutta älkää pelästykö. Näin täytyy tapahtua, mutta se ei vielä ole loppu.” Matteus 24:6
Mene, kansani, kammioihisi ja sulje ovet jälkeesi. Pysy piilossa hetken aikaa, kunnes viha on mennyt ohi,” Jesaja 26:20
”Armahda minua, Jumala, armahda minua, sillä sinuun sieluni turvautuu. Minä turvaudun sinun siipiesi suojaan, kunnes onnettomuudet ovat menneet ohi.” Psalmi 57:2
”Jumala on meidän turvamme ja väkevyytemme, varma apumme hädän hetkellä.” Psalmi 46:2”Ei hän pelkää pahaa sanomaa. Hänen sydämensä on vahva, hän turvaa Herraan.” Psalmi 112: 7”… ja teidän elämänne on Kristuksen kanssa kätkettynä Jumalassa.” Kirje kolossalaisille 3:3”Tämän olen puhunut teille, että teillä olisi minussa rauha. Maailmassa teillä on ahdistus, mutta olkaa rohkeat: minä olen voittanut maailman.” 
Johannes 16:33

Kiitos rukouksista nuorimman poikamme Danielin puolesta. Kymmenen päivää sitten hän joutui äkisti puhevaikeuksien vuoksi sairaalaan; samaan paikkaan, missä minulle suoritettiin avosydänleikkaus. Sairaalassa hänelle tehtiin useita kokeita, mm. tietokonetomografia ja magneettikuvaus sekä otettiin selkäydinneste- ja verikokeita. Hänellä arveltiin olevan tulehdus

aivoissa. Syytä ei tiedetä. Nyt Daniel on kotona saamassa tulehdusestolääkitystä ja rukousta. Näemme paranemisen edistyvän joka päivä, mutta hän joutuu vielä sairaalaan kuukauden kuluttua toiseen magneettikuvaukseen ja Israelin taitavimpiin kuuluvan neurologin vastaanotolle.

Kiitos rukouksista. Me olemme edustajanne tässä maassa ja pyydämme apua kanssaihmisiltä tällaisella hetkellä.

Israel Vision Newsletter – May 2019

Written by Dr. Jay Rawlings

Shalom Dear Friends and Partners,

Early last Saturday morning my phone started beeping. I instantly knew what it was. Meridel and I started to pray and intercede.

I have an App on my phone called “Red Alert” and it sounds an alarm whenever Israel is being hit by rockets. It kept ringing and hardly stopped. Continuously the southern part of the nation was hit by hundreds and hundreds of deadly explosive-laden missiles from Gaza. My phone alarm sounded for hours.

This morning , May 6th, the current total is 700 rockets that struck the population areas of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot, Beer Sheva, and many other population centers even reaching to Beit Shemesh just 12 km south of us. The destruction and carnage is criminal. There have been 150 Israeli citizens injured, some critically while leaving 4 dead and 1.5 million people severely traumatized seeking refuge in their bomb shelters.

Israeli jets responded taking out scores of Hamas rocket launch sites killing 23 terrorists and operatives. Sadly some collateral damage occurred because the terrorists hide right in the middle of Palestinian, homes, hospitals, kindergartens and schools. They do this on purpose so that the news portrays the Israelis as the cruel aggressors. The opposite is true.

Please join us in prayer for this madness to stop and that a permanent solution will be found in Gaza. Most of the Palestinian citizens there want out. However, they are held as captives by their own Hamas leaders. Meanwhile Israel supplies, electricity, water, fuel, food and medicines to them, Israel’s sworn enemies. The world press never reports these facts.

The Word of God is our only comfort.

You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Matthew 24:6

Go, my people, enter your rooms (shelters) and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by. Isaiah 26:20,21

Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge.
I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed. 
Psalm 57:1

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1
They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. Psalm 112:7Your life is hidden with the Messiah in God. Colossians 3:3

‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’ John 16:33

Thank you for praying for our youngest son Daniel. Ten days ago he was suddenly admitted with speech difficulties, to the hospital where I had my open heart surgery, They gave him many tests including one CT scan and 2 MRI’s as well as a spinal fluid tap and blood tests. They decided that he had an inflammation of the brain. The cause was unknown. He is now home on anti-inflammatory medicine and prayer. We see an improvement every day. But he must go back to the hospital in one month for another MRI exam and a consultation with one of the leading neurologists in Israel. Thank you for your prayers.

We are your feet on the ground here, reaching out to our fellow citizens at such a time as this.

Jay’s Monthly Thank you letter for March 2019

Dear and Precious Friends and Partners,

As I was praying about writing this letter to you this month, I felt the “Still Small Voice” say to me, “Tell them about your early days in Israel.” I wasn’t sure how far to go back, but then this verse came to me in my Bible reading,

And now, friends, we ask you to honor those leaders who work so hard for you, who have been given the responsibility of urging and guiding you along in your obedience. Overwhelm them with appreciation and love!

1 Thessalonians 5:12 MSG

That’s it! I want to overwhelm you with appreciation and love – today. I want to honor, many of you leaders, pastors and evangelists, both men and women around the world, who have worked so hard and given so royally to help Meridel and myself and our team to educate a large worldwide audience about God’s faithfulness to His Word and keeping power concerning His covenants to Israel.

When we came to Israel as a family in 1969, we had no idea what we were going to do. All we knew was that our marching orders, way back 50 years ago, were twofold, First, Meridel heard the Lord say to her, “If you love me? Then love My people.

Secondly, the Lord gave me a scripture from Jeremiah 50:2a which says, in the MSG Bible,

 “Get the word out to the nations! Preach it! Go public with this, broadcast it far and wide: 

Back then, five decades ago, we were a young married couple with one son, David, nine months old. We had no clue how to be obedient to and to fulfill these clear and quite simple instructions. We felt like Meridel’s pioneering forefathers when they came to Canada from Switzerland, England, and Ireland in the 1800s. Likewise, my grandparents came to Canada in the early 1900s, very poor, uneducated, with a few clothes on their backs. They arrived from England, Scotland, and France. They too were pioneers!

Like countless thousands and thousands of thousands, they faced the cold, foreboding Canadian winters. A vast uninhabited wilderness lay before them. This scenario of settlers seeking a better life also happened in America, Australia, South Africa, and South America to name a few places.

We too felt like we were pioneers in Israel. We discovered, that our first task was to pray! Then to listen for His instructions and act upon them in obedience. 

In 1969, Israel was a lot different than it is today. Following Israel’s miraculous victory in the 1967 Six Day War, there was a sense of euphoria in the nation. But this, however, would be short-lived, as by 1973 the Yom Kippur War, severely hurt Israel. In the beginning, Syrian and Egyptian tanks devastated the IDF or Israel Defence Forces in the Sinai and on the Golan Heights. Initially, this war, which the Arabs started on the Holiest Day of the Jewish year, caused huge losses in personnel and equipment. It was also a case of nuclear brinkmanship between the USA and the USSR. The current situation today is quite similar in that Syria involves Russia, Iran, Turkey against Israel and the USA.

Back then in the late 1970s, our first prayer meetings were held out in the woods where we could sing and praise God without calling attention to ourselves. Month by month a small group of us would turn up for these meetings. Our children played around us as we interceded and petitioned Heaven’s Gate.

At that time, I would estimate that there were about 25 to 50 Jewish believers in Yeshua in all of Israel. Slowly the numbers began to increase. The relations between the Arab believers and Jewish believers in Yeshua began to blossom. Miracles started to happen in spite of strong persecution by the ultra-Orthodox religious Jews. Thank God for the bravery, grit, and perseverance of the early believers, Arab and Jew, and internationals alike.

Today, there are about 20 to 25,000 Messianic believers and an equal number of Evangelical Arabs. This coupled with many vibrant congregations, Bible Schools, Pro-Life works, prayer groups plus services to the poorest of the poor in Israel today, represent His hands at work. Over the years I have made several promotional documentaries on the vibrancy of the Gospel work going on in Israel today. Thank God for these miracles.

In obedience to the Lord, we continue to send our regular TV and Internet reports on interesting prophetic subjects happening in Israel today. We have also started a pioneering work in Greece. In fact, our son Josh and I are there as I write this letter to you. Again it is pondering work for the Lord.

( I now know what the Apostle Paul must have felt like when writing in this part of the world, it’s a bit lonely)

We send our love and appreciation to you for your support to our ongoing, “pioneering works for the Lord.”   May you be overwhelmed with love and appreciation, – TODAY

In His service,

Jay, Meridel, sons, and team.

Israel Vision – Middle East Update

Ori Ansbacher, aged 19, was a gentle Jewish soul who volunteered with disadvantaged kids of all faiths. On Feb. 7th, 2019, while walking alone in the forest near Jerusalem, she was raped, stabbed multiple times and decapitated.

Arafat Irfayia: Ori’s murderer, a proud Palestinian from Hebron smirks, “I wanted to return to an Israeli jail. “Now officially a Hero of the Resistance, according to the Palestinian Authority, he will receive $3,700 US. salary monthly for life (paid by UK & EU taxpayers). He will likely spend at most 10 years in a comfortable Israeli jail and will also enjoy the honor of having schools and roads named after him.

Here in Israel, we feel that justice has been turned upon its head. This despicable murderer is no doubt the victim of the P.A.’s educational system of hatred of Israel; brainwashing their children and youth to believe the highest honor is to murder an Israeli.

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak,  since the Oslo Accords in 1982 was ‘Inspector’ on behalf of Israel for anti-semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric perpetrated in Palestinian school books. Recently he confessed to never having looked between the covers of their school books. My question is, AT  WHAT PRICE? We have a generation of adult Palestinians who believe the highest good is to murder Israelis. It was Plato who said:

“The most important quest in life is who gets to teach the children and what they teach them?” How true.  “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

Iran is on the move, celebrating 40 years as the Islamic Republic. They boast of their strong presence in Lebanon and Turkey to fight the terrorism of Israel. They work to assure the world that they have never attacked any nation.FACT:  Iran installed enough long-range missiles in Lebanon to attack Israel day and night for three weeks non-stop. One must use critical thinking in reading any ‘so-called’ news.

Alan Dershowitz addresses the worldwide surge of anti-Semitism

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– Why are so many grandchildren of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who brought us the Holocaust once again declaring war on the Jews?

– Why have we seen such an increase in anti-Semitism and irrationally virulent anti-Zionism in Western Europe?


To answer these questions, a myth must first be exposed. That myth is the one perpetrated by the French, Dutch, Norwegians, Swiss, Belgians, Austrians, and many other western Europeans: namely that the Holocaust was solely the work of German Nazis aided perhaps by some Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian collaborators. False.


The Holocaust was perpetrated by Europeans: by Nazi sympathizers and collaborators among the French, Dutch, Norwegians, Swiss, Belgians, Austrians and other Europeans, both Western and Eastern.


If the French government had not deported more Jews than their German occupiers asked for, to the death; if so many Dutch and Belgian citizens and government officials had not cooperated in the roundup of Jews; if so many Norwegians had not supported Quisling; if Swiss government officials and bankers had not exploited Jews; if Austria had not been more Nazi than the Nazis, the Holocaust would not have had so many Jewish victims.


In light of the widespread European complicity in the destruction of European Jewry, the pervasive anti- Semitism and irrationally hateful anti-Zionism that has recently surfaced throughout Western Europe toward Israel should surprise no one. “Oh no,” we hear from European apologists. “This is different. We don’t hate the Jews. We only hate their nation-state. Moreover, the Nazis were right-wing. We are left-wing, so we can’t be anti-Semites.”Nonsense. The hard left has a history of anti-Semitism as deep and enduring as the hard right. The line from Voltaire to Karl Marx, to Lavrenti Beria, to Robert Faurisson, to today’s hard-left Israel bashers is as straight as the line from Wilhelm Mars to the persecutors of Alfred Dreyfus to Hitler.


The Jews of Europe have always been crushed between the Black and the Red – victims of extremism whether it be the ultra-nationalism of Khmelnitsky to the ultra-anti-Semitism of Stalin. “But some of the most strident anti-Zionists are Jews, such as Norman Finkelstein and even Israelis such as Gilad Atzmon. Surely they can’t be anti-Semites?” Why not? Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas collaborated with the Gestapo. Atzmon, a hard leftist, describes himself as a proud self-hating Jew and admits that his ideas derive from a notorious anti-Semite. He denies that the Holocaust is historically proved but he believes that Jews may well have killed Christian children to use their blood to bake Passover matzah. And he thinks it’s “rational” to burn down synagogues. Finkelstein believes in an international Jewish conspiracy that includes Steven Spielberg, Leon Uris, Eli Wiesel, and Andrew Lloyd Webber!


“But Israel is doing bad things to the Palestinians,” the European apologists insist, “and we are sensitive to the plight of the underdog.”


No, you’re not! Where are your demonstrations on behalf of the oppressed Tibetans, Georgians, Syrians, Armenians, Kurds, or even Ukrainians? Where are your BDS movements against the Chinese, the Russians, the Cubans, the Turks, or the Assad regime? Only the Palestinians, only Israel? Why? Not because the Palestinians are more oppressed than these and other groups. Only because their alleged oppressors are Jews and the nation-state of the Jews. Would there be demonstrations and BDS campaigns on behalf of the Palestinians if they were oppressed by Jordan or Egypt? Oh, wait! The Palestinians were oppressed by Egypt and Jordan… The West Bank and Gaza were an open-air prison between 1948 and 1967 when Egypt and Jordan were the occupying powers. And remember Black September, when Jordan killed more Palestinians than Israel did in a century? (3,000) I don’t remember any demonstration or BDS campaigns — because there weren’t any.”


When Arabs occupy or kill Arabs, Europeans go ho-hum. But when Israel opens a soda factory in Maale Adumim, which even the Palestinian leadership acknowledges will remain part of Israel in any peace deal, Oxfam parts ways with Scarlett Johansson for advertising a soda company that employs hundreds of Palestinians. Keep in mind that Oxfam has provided “aid and material support” to two anti-Israel terrorist groups, according to the Tel Aviv-based Israeli Law Group.


The hypocrisy of so many hard-left western Europeans would be staggering if it were not so predictable based on the sordid history of Western Europe’s treatment of the Jews. Even England, which was on the right side of the war against Nazism, has a long history of anti-Semitism, beginning with the expulsion of the Jews in 1290 to the notorious White Paper of 1939, which prevented the Jews of Europe from seeking asylum from the Nazis in British-mandated Palestine… And Ireland, which vacillated in the war against Hitler, boasts some of the most virulent anti-Israel rhetoric. The simple reality is that one cannot understand the current western European left-wing war against the nation-state of the Jewish people without first acknowledging the long-term European war against the Jewish people themselves.


Theodore Herzl understood the pervasiveness and irrationality of European anti-Semitism, which led him to the conclusion that the only solution to Europe’s Jewish problem was for European Jews to leave that bastion of Jew-hatred and return to their original homeland, which is now the State of Israel.


None of this is to deny Israel’s imperfections or the criticism it justly deserves for some of its policies. But these imperfections and deserved criticism cannot even begin to explain, much less justify, the disproportionate hatred directed against the only nation-state of the Jewish people and the disproportionate silence regarding the far greater imperfections and deserved criticism of other nations and groups including the Palestinians.


Nor is this to deny that many western European individuals and some western European countries have refused to succumb to the hatred against the Jews or their state. The Czech Republic comes to mind. But far too many western Europeans are as irrational in their hatred toward Israel as their for-bearers were in their hatred toward their Jewish neighbors.


As author Amos Oz once aptly observed: the walls of his grandparents’ Europe were covered with graffiti saying, “Jews, go to Palestine.” Now they say, “Jews, get out of Palestine,” by which is meant Israel.


Who do these western European bigots think they’re fooling? Only fools who want to be fooled in the interest of denying that they are manifesting new variations on their grandparents’ old biases. Any objective person with an open mind, open eyes, and an open heart must see the double standard being applied to the nation-state of the Jewish people. Many doing so are the grandchildren of those who lethally applied a double standard to the Jews of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

Remembering my father Victor Alloway Rawlings


Every year in early November during the days leading up to Remembrance Day on the 11th; I think of my father, Victor Alloway Rawlings. He volunteered for service as a Canadian Soldier, leaving his pregnant wife and loved ones as so many hundreds of thousands of other men. She received the telegram in April 1945 announcing that at the age of 28 he died liberating Holland from the Nazi horror of World War II. His death, as that of any loved one, was sadly tragic to all who knew him; coming on 09 April 1945 He fell just three weeks before the Armistice or the Nazi surrender to the allies that was signed on 08 May 1945, marking VE Day or Victory over Europe. 

I don’t believe my Mother ever got over her loss. I was 2 months old at the time, and have an illustrated love letter that he wrote to me just weeks before he died. It is a treasure. Thankfully, I can say with assurance that he was a believer and that one day I (we) will be united with him in heavenly places. 

Through the tender mercies of our God,
with which the Dayspring.
(The Messiah) from on high has visited us;
to give light to those who sit in darkness
and under the shadow of death.
To guide our feet into the way of Peace ”
Luke 1:78-7 

Portrait: Victor Rawlings by James Christian Rawlings grandson. 

The Greek word for ‘peace’ is ‘Eirere’ in the above verse it refers to “a state of rest, quietness and calmness; an absence of strife; or tranquility.” It generally denotes a perfect sense of well being. “Eirene” includes harmonious relationships between God and man, men and men, nation and nations, family and families. Jesus as the “Prince of Peace’; gives true, lasting peace to those who call upon Him for personal salvation. My prayer is that you hold this peace very close to your heart and mind. And may you be enriched because of your loving kindness to us Rawlings living here in Israel. You cannot know how encouraging it is to receive your responses via our websites and letters. I pray you are as happy about hearing from us as we are hearing from you. I say within all sincerity. Times are not getting easier to any of us and friends have never meant more than they do right now. For those of you suffering health challenges, I want you to know that we take your words to heart and pray for you. Often the Holy Spirit will keep bringing you to mind until you are on your feet again. We are watchmen and count it a privilege. 

From the Greek word for ‘peace’, we have the lady’s name, Irene. Irene Bredlow and Meridel became best friends at age 18 when in 1960 they met and entered nurses training together at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. They were both adventurous, becoming life saviors, earning the bar to their bronze in swimming in their spare time. Both won special awards at graduation for their excellence work. Unknown upon graduation, was the calling to Israel that they both received. Today Irene lives about 1 kilometer from Tiberias in Poriyah in the Galilee. We get together when time permits, perhaps four times a year for fellowship, prayer, and fun. She and Meridel talk for hours and hours. I get to witness them laughing and giggling like girls. My job when we are together is to be their butler and chief cook. I become ‘Throck Morton’ and place a towel over my right arm as I serve their food. I enjoy it, they deserve a break, and spoil me as the butler! What fun! There are no friends like old friends! 

Irene has a beautiful ministry of serving those who love the Lord all around the Sea of Galilee. For years she volunteered as a nurse in Beersheba, and also in the Poriya General Hospital. She is also an excellent tour guide for visitors from abroad and takes them to the Biblical locations where the gospel stories unfolded. Her Bed and Breakfast ministry is known as Galilee Gardens. If any of you would like to visit the Galilee and stay with Irene; just let us know and we will make the connection. For sure, you will find “peace” in her home. 

Thanks again for your words of encouragement, and your prayers for us as a family and team. We are humbled by your own difficult circumstances and your assurance of prayers for each one of us. We will never underestimate the price you pay for your financial help. Together you make it possible for us to remain in Israel. We have one million seniors in this land who live under the poverty line. It is tragic. And we know that the LORD is watching out to keep us well and cared for. 

So we do count our blessing every day and are grateful. Only the Lord will be able to adequately reward you on that Day! 

In His Love, 

Jay Rawlings, Meridel, David, Chris, Josh and Daniel. 

Jay Rawlings, Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion, 90079097 ISRAEL

Sketch by Josh Rawlings when in high school. 

We wish you a sweet and blessed Jewish New Year!

Jerusalem Vistas                                                                                               September 2018

To our Jerusalem Vistas Partners and Friends:

We in Jerusalem are wishing you and your loved ones a sweet and blessed Jewish New Year.

We join with our Jewish family in marking this last month of Elul with sincere soul-searching accompanied with repentance. The path always seems to get narrower and steeper but blessed. 

The only hope for Israel, with Iranian forces amassing on our Northern Border in Syria, is Divine intervention. We all know that Israel’s enemies will continue to expand until they are stopped once and for all and that apparently is what the United States and Russia hope to do.  Do you believe it? I hope not. Man is only man. Our God who sits in the heavens shall laugh at the folly of men. Psalm 2. Do not for a moment be tempted to think that your prayers and support are not important! Thank you.

John Bolton, US National Security Advisor said recently in a press briefing in Jerusalem; “Putin has told Trump that he “would like to see the withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria, but he is not able to do it himself.” As the scriptures below forecast, we are living to witness this end time military build up “from the land of the north.”

Ezekiel 38:3,5. “Thus says the LORD God, Behold I am against you O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Mehech, and Tubal. I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws, and lead you out with all your army…Persia, (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya…they will come to a land that dwells safely to take a booty…”   (Booty-Israel has discovered one of the largest natural gas finds in the world today in their offshore gas wells)

It will be 50 years (as of Oct 2019) that we have been set as “Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem,” proclaiming Biblical events in the media as they have unfolded for over half of Israel’s modern lifetime. As you probably know we have been struggling financially for the last six months. We realize that many of our partners are elderly and are on fixed incomes. We are sensitive to these facts so we work to create a new support base, which is difficult because now that we are appealing to internet-based audience, people feel little compulsion to support Jerusalem Vistas.

How well I remember Dr. James Dobson, Founder of ‘Focus on the Family’ and what he did when the ministry was in dire financial need. After seeking the LORD, he wrote to his partners and said: “IF this ministry is no longer supported by its partners, I will have to close it.” 

It was just that simple, and that is exactly the situation that we at Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision find ourselves today.  I know that we are not afraid to change. Meridel and I feel very badly that none of our team have been paid their small salaries for the last three months. This has caused tremendous stress, piled upon the added stress of just living here. We cannot carry on in this manner. We have never shirked from ‘following hard after God’ and this crisis is absolutely no different. The truth is, the future of this work lies in your blessed hands.  If you have any way of helping us to go on, we pray that you will find a way to do so and do it immediately.


Here below are ways you can support our ministry. Thank you in advance for your support.
On our website, you can donate to us via PayPal.

In His Love,

Jay and Meridel and team