Jay and Meridel Rawlings left Canada with their family and made Israel home in 1969, inspired by the instructions of the Still Small Voice that said:

If you love me love my people and go among the nations and set up a standard and publish and declare and conceal not and publish, Jer. 50:2.

Since that time the Rawlings have worked in a variety of capacities creating educational, informational and inspirational media tools to help people understand Israel in her historic cause. The Rawlings have four sons who have all entered into the media world in various capacities. David is the producer director with Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision, Chris is the founder/director of GenesisX Graphic Arts Company. He designed our website. Josh is the director of Videone a DVD Productions company and consultants Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision. Daniel is currently in high school at the prestigious Art School in Jerusalem, majoring in film production.