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J&MReynWe bring the “Good News from Israel” to advance the understanding of the Jewish and Christian faiths worldwide through teaching, education and study of the Holy Scriptures as they relate to the peoples of the land of Israel. This is accomplished via media productions, including films, TV programs and other recordings that that we produce and broadcast worldwide via internet and TV.

Israel Vision provides you with the kind of media tools that give you and your family, community, church, synagogue, school or discussion group a balanced view of unfolding events in the Middle East. Because of increasing anti-Semitism worldwide Israel Vision productions are in demand. They provide historic facts, as well as on site investigative reports that often fill the information gap. They challenge, inform and inspire a wide audience to stand up against bigotry, racism and ignorance and to make a difference.

“Thank you for your commitment to truth from Israel. It makes a difference because it made a difference in me. ”

Jean Ayrton, UK.


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