Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision is a team effort in every sense of the word. The annual budget is met by the good will of partners who financially assist us on a regular basis. We are grateful for everyone who participates with us in sending out the good news from Zion worldwide.

1967-1976 – The Rawlings travelled to 120 nations worldwide, visiting Jewish communities to encourage “aliyah.”

1976-1979 – They were T.V. correspondents in Canada for 100 Huntly Street, a daily Canadian program.

1979 – The Rawlings were the Field Producers for the ground breaking Apples of Gold film – a modern history of Israel.

1971-1991 – The Rawlings worked clandestinely in the Soviet Union filming refuseniks. The fruit of this labour was the award winning Gates of Brass major film production used to unite Jewish and Christian efforts to free Soviet Jewry. “Gates of Brass was the single greatest instrument used in the fall of Soviet Russia.” Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka – Ottawa, Canada.

1980 – Co-founders of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

1990 – Israel Vision T.V. Studios established. Jay has produced a variety of award-winning television productions such as Apples of Gold, Gates of Brass, Love your Neighbour, Praise and Worship Music from Israel, One Jerusalem Rally, and Israel’s Flying Carpet, while Meridel has authored a number of best-selling books including Fishers and Hunter, Honour thy Father and Healing for the Family.

1999- 2004 – Broadcasting weekly worldwide via satellite.

The Rawlings have raised their four sons in Jerusalem.