Greetings from Albania, Greece & Israel!

Dear and Precious Friends,

Shalom, Shalom!

Warm greetings to you from Albania and Greece and of course Jerusalem, Israel.
We just spent nearly 2 weeks visiting the Balkan areas of northern Greece and southwest Albania.
We have been so blessed meeting these dear people whose hearts are open to the Lord everywhere.
 Praise God I was able to lead Manuel to Jesus. He is a young Albanian student who is running his own summer car wash business and he eagerly received the New Testament that I gave him. I encouraged him to read John 3:16. He has a very bright future. We feel like this is a brand new mission field for us to reach from Greece. 
We recorded some Video reports there as well. While filming at the ancient synagogue ruins in downtown Saranda, Albania, a young lady came rushing up to Meridel and me and asked if she could interview us. She was from ABC, the national Albanian TV channel. Now our interview will go all over Albania. You will see this report soon on our Israel Vision YouTube channel. Miracles are happening! Praise God!

Also, just to let you know, we have made a tremendous connection in Cuba through our Swiss friends Rene and Brigitta Bregenzer. Their friends there led us to a Cuban professor of English at the University of Havana. He is busy this summer translating “Stain Remover.” Through you, our partners, I was able to transfer some funds to him today.  We are so grateful for your partnership with us in getting the message of Jesus’ love into Latin America especially in light of the fact that the problem of sexual abuse is rampant there. They desperately need Meridel’s book. We call for prayer for Cuba at this time of national unrest.
Please pray that we can find good translators for “Stain Remover”.  We are believing for the book to go into Russian, Portugese, German and Chinese. For responses so far I refer you to Meridel’s Still Small Voice website:  Join yourself and tell others.

We have been so encouraged to hear from you this summer. Keep up the good work dear friends of Israel Vision /Jerusalem Vistas. Check us out on Facebook:

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Tell others!

May God bless you all mightily is our prayer.

Jay and Meridel

The 70th Anniversary of the Exodus 1947 ship

Remembrance of key events in the modern history of Israel is a powerful way to preserve their significance. The “Exodus 1947” ship arrived in Palestine in July 1947 with 4500 hopeful new immigrants only to be intercepted by the British Navy. Most were turned back to Germany. It was a tragic event that added strength to the longing for and creation of the new State of Israel on May 14th 1948. This event was remembered by the unveiling of a bronze memorial to the ‘Exodus 47″‘ immigrant ship in Haifa harbour 70 year later. This touching event was attended by survivors of the ship now in their late 70’s to early 90’s.

Made in Israel

Israel today, in spite of continual attacks, war, terror and prejudice is a miracle of survival.  Israel has not only survived for seven decades and overcome great obstacles, it is now one of the most fertile countries on earth. Israeli innovations, especially in medicine and agriculture have impacted the quality of life for a huge part of humanity.  “Made in Israel” traces how Israeli inventors have become world leaders in start up companies. Now Israel is becoming known as the “Scale Up” country as more an more innovations are birthed, nurtured and blossomed via Israeli companies.  PS, We are close friends with Chris Mitchell, CBN bureau chief here in Jerusalem and he has authorized us to run this movie. Over the years he has used excerpts of our productions for their 700 Club TV show that is broadcast world wide.