Short Film: Summer in the HolyLand

Mentoring is one of the joys of life for  Drs. Jay and Meridel Rawlings. Their home and studio is often a ‘stopping’ place for young men. Creativity lives at this address, and young people are encouraged to ‘reach for the sky’: ‘to be all they can be’. It is a ‘safe place’ where ideas are permitted to abound. Ideas and hard work. The short film you are about to see was entered into a world wide ‘You Tube’ contest. The theme had to reflect one’s city and nation.
Beauty shots of Israel make up a beautiful backdrop to this unassuming tale of ‘loneliness’. The story line was conceptualized by Michael Hildsden and his bride Becky. Love came to life under the able hands of three friends. Michael asked Daniel Rawlings to produce, while Paul Chobaniuk added the  art direction with Michael Hilsden directing and doing camera work. Thanks go to many others who worked on the project. May this be the first of many. It won 3rd place in the Neumannfilms “Summer In”~Short Film Competition. Congrats guys and  Becky of course. Hope you enjoy!

Summer in the HolyLand

An Appeal…

Thanks to the wisdom and understanding of the Spirit of God, my precious family and your giving we have championed Israel’s historic and Biblical cause in the media. By God’s grace we have regularly given “biblical reports” based on the instruction of the “Still Small Voice” when in 1969 He said to us,

1]  “If you love Me…love My people!”;  and

2]  “Declare among the nations, lift up a banner and publish and  proclaim. Do not conceal but broadcast it far and wide!”…Jeremiah 50:2a
For forty four years we have worked to be faithful to His instructions. Today the future of our work is seriously threatened by lack of finances. Although support has dropped off yearly, we continued by cutting back on all costs. Now there is nothing left to cut back.

To continue we must, either have more income from our faithful partners or have more partners. It is as simple as that. We normally receive sizable funding, but this year it did not materialize. For the past quarter, I have struggled to pay costs as well as basic salaries and back bills for 2013, but we have reached an impasse. To continue must have a major infusion of funds.

As our beloved partners I hesitate to ask you for more help but when I asked the Lord about it in prayer, He said:

“You have not because you ask not!!…James 4:2b

Now I am asking You to Please join us in Prayer for this shortfall to be met. You can partner with us in our work by using our PayPal button above ~OR~ request that we make a direct debit to your credit card ~OR~ send cheques to:
      Jerusalem Vistas
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An Appeal from Jay Rawlings

James Lunney, MP~Interview From Mamilla Mall Jerusalem

This summer, Canadian MP, James D. Lunney traveled to Israel to meet with parliamentarians from around the world. Mr. Lunney is the current conservative Member of Parliament for the Nanaimo-Alberni riding on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
The trip was organized to allow leaders to experience the “facts on the ground”. In addition to meetings, they toured various areas in Israel, including Judea and Samaria, in their search for the truth on the current situation.
The various representatives were meeting in the Mamilla Mall to discuss their findings, not only of the conditions in Israel but of her surrounding neighbours and the turmoil currently going on.
For many years James Lunney has been a close friend of the Rawlings family. Jay was pleased to be able to have some time with James, to thank him for his assistance and support over the years and to ask some questions about the trip and possible ideas for the future. Do listen for a keen insight on Israel in the Middle East.

James Lunney, MP Speaks to Jay on Issues and Solutions for Israel