Allen West~Amazing !

In the past we have shared reports by Erick Stakelbeck. He is accurate and to the point. In this clip he interviews Allen West, the amazing new Congressman from Florida. They discuss West’s youth in the inner city, socialism, war, Jerusalem and West does not hold back on his beliefs. 
Allen West does not hesitate and provides straight forward answers~and he does not need a prompter. You will rarely see someone like this in the political arena–a good man!

Allen West Speaks to WIN (Women Impacting the Nation)

Allen West is a straight shooter, he is not ashamed to admit his Christian faith or his support for Israel and the Jewish people. He remains true to what he believes and appeals to men and women alike.  His mother should be so proud to have such a son. The only pity is that he is not in the running for the US President position. I think he would turn the US back onto the path they once walked that made them the outstanding nation in this world…
Allen West at Women Impacting the Nation~Part 1
Allen West at Women Impacting the Nation~Part 2

Allen West~Thoughts on the Future

The first question asked is “How will your faith and principles influence your decisions and actions and career in congress”.  How wonderful to hear a man speak so openly. He is not ashamed to say Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, and should not be divided or to weigh in on the problems of the current so-called “peace process”
This is the man who proudly proclaims that his mother taught him: “a man must stand for something, or he will fall for anything”.  If only the western world had more “honest, real” men like him in the seats of power.  This is a wonderful interview, no matter which country you live in!