Days Go By and Life Goes On…

Today, is not a particularly sunny day, but it is warm enough to go outside with just a sweater or light jacket. 
The joys of working outside the city are manifold. There is peace, quiet, trees, birds and yes, even goats.
After the record snowfall, we received just a few short weeks ago, it was almost surprising to see the rich green of the plants and trees. Many, many trees and bushes were crushed and broken, but already they are beginning to regenerate and show signs of being even stronger than before. It is difficult to picture everything buried in snow!
Looking out the window of the office I saw a movement at the end of the property.
Upon closer investigation, it turned out to be a herd of goats, chewing their way along. There is a path that runs along the valley and it is not uncommon for herds of goats to slowly travel through. They seem to know exactly where they are going, even when the herder is nowhere to be seen.
A hawk circled lazily overhead, there were various birds singing and flitting from tree to tree~and of course~the goats!
In short, it is just a normal day, but one that reminds us of the Greatness of God and His Amazing Creation…

Anjem Choudary Says: Lee Rigby Will Burn in Hell…

The horrific slaughter of Lee Rigby in broad daylight by two Muslims is shocking and should be a wake up call for everyone. 
For anyone who is not aware, he was wearing a “Help for Heroes” t-shirt (in support of a charity that assists disabled military personnel) when the barbaric duo spotted him and ran him down with their vehicle. They then jumped out and proceeded to slash him to pieces with knives and cleavers. One of the killers then posed for the cameras and declared he was doing this in the name of his allah along with a lot of other rubbish. Lee Rigby was so badly mutilated he was almost decapitated and could only be identified by dental records.
One would think that common decency would dictate that those against military service would at least keep silent, but not so for Anjem Choudary.
This vile man is a licensed attorney, but refuses to work. He prefers to incite against the very country funding his easy lifestyle, while encouraging fellow muslims to collect welfare, or what he considers “Jihad Payments”. He is well known for his hatred of anything “non-islamic” and proudly spouts his venom at every opportunity. 
Choudary’s free speech, lifestyle, welfare benefits ($38,000 plus per year) are all staunchly protected by the British “system”. Meanwhile, the people of the UK are being attacked, raped, beaten, and in the case of Lee Rigby, brutally murdered in broad daylight.
England was once considered a great empire, but it has submitted and bowed down to Islamic threats in the name of multi-culti, political correctness. It is Not Multi-culturalism when you must surrender your own culture, bow like a dhimmi and revert to the barbaric seventh century customs dictated by islam.
Look around at any country where Muslims have immigrated. There is a pattern emerging, and it is not pleasant. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Any Kind is being squashed like a bug. The clock is ticking and we are nearly out of time…
If you have any doubts, just listen to this video…and remember, this is the man whose “rights” are staunchly protected! Unless you speak out now, for your faith and freedoms, they will be erased…

This Vile Creature Receives £ 25,000 (Welfare) per Year~There Are No Words…

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A Lion Called Christian

We have been very busy this past week and regretfully, posting has been slow. There are new  clips coming, but in the mean time, do enjoy this heart-warming story…
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