Part 5~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 5~The Eurasian Alliance
 Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Holy Land: Christians In Peril

Bethlehem Baptist Church

This documentary by Pierre Rehov investigates the plight of the Christians living in Bethlehem (now a majority Muslim city).

Sadly, since the making of this film, the Christians living in Bethlehem have been subjected to increased persecution.

The once vibrant Christian population living in the city where Jesus was born is rapidly disappearing. This is a phenomenon that takes place in every area where there is a majority Muslim population. Non-Muslims are marginalized and mistreated. Those who are able, flee. Those who remain suffer harsh treatment until they either convert to Islam or  are “removed”.

In fact, the Palestine Authority has now made the declaration that the Baptist church in Bethlehem is unlawful, and will no longer receive rights as a religious institution. Where are the protests? Why is the UN silent? Why is the deliberate persecution of Christians in the Middle East being ignored?

* Note: This is the entire move (ie) After the credits for Part I~Part II will begin and so on…

Apples of Gold~Israel’s Story

This award winning film recounts the history and struggles of the Jewish people beginning with the time of the early Zionist movement.

You will see how politics, finance and oil have played a part in isolating the only sliver of democracy in the middle east. Nothing has changed

We are pleased to present you with this 74 minute film in nine parts. Our website has the full version posted in a single part at: 

Do take the time to watch this amazing story~it is as valid today, as the day it was made.

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Black Africans~Victims of Ethnic Cleansing by Libyan Rebels

This is horrible and disgusting but not news to anyone living in the Middle East. In Arabic, the word for Black = Slave.
So why do western countries continue to funnel money into these countries to support the implementation of Sharia Law and the systematic murder / Ethnic Cleansing of anyone who is not an Arab Muslim? 
Why are the receivers of western funds not expected to have the same racial and religious tolerance that they demand the rest of the world show to Islam? 
Where are all the “Civil Rights” and “African American” groups? The silence is deafening…Would anyone out there care to offer an opinion???

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam blog.