The Forces of Evil: We Willl Wipe Out Israel

Thankfully, there is an organization like MEMRI to track, translate and reveal to the world what is really being said in the Arab countries of the Middle East. You don’t have to like Israel, but if you love the country you live in, and the freedoms you have, this should be a wake up call for you. Remember, once Israel is not longer standing in the gap the dream of the Islamic Caliphate will spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Pay Attention!

Send Your Questions to PM Netanyahu

The response to the last internet question and answer session with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was watched by over a million viewers. If you have a question you would like answered, Prime Minister Netanyahu is going to do it one more time. His replies will be posted on the internet. You can send your questions to:
The PM is specifically asking for citizens of the Arabic-speaking world to post their questions~this will be very interesting to watch!

The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust

On the 1st of June 1941, thousands of armed Iraqi Muslims were on the rampage, with swords, knives and guns. The two days of violence that followed have become known as the Farhud (Arabic for “violent dispossession”). It was the end of a Jewish community that had existed for 2,600 years~from the time of Babylon. There are reports of up to 200 killed, and thousands wounded, but some say the number much higher. The Israeli-based Babylonian Heritage Museum says about another 600 unidentified victims were buried in a mass grave.
Mass Grave for Over 600 Farhoud Victims
“On the first night of Shavuot we would stay up all night studying Torah in the synagogue. As we set out we heard screams of, ‘Allah Allah!’ and shots. We went onto the roof to see what’s happening, and saw fires, people were on the roofs in the ghetto screaming, begging God to help them. The violence continued through the night. A red hand sign, or hamsa, had been painted on Jewish homes, to mark them out.”

Over the next years,  80% of Iraqi Jewry (110,000 Jews) emigrated from the country~most to Israel. 

In this interesting report by Eric Stakelbeck, author and investigative journalist Edwin Black talks about his book, “The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust”. They discuss the pogrom in Bagdad and the Arab-Nazi alliance. If you are interested in the truth about the middle east, please take the time to watch.
* There are some commercials in the clip as it was taken from You Tube

Syrian Teen~Tortured to Death

When even Al Jazeera is reporting that the Syrian government is torturing and murdering the citizens you would think people would take note. Al Jazeera obtained this footage of the disfigured body of 15-year old Thamer al Sahri who was arrested in April for participating in an anti-government protest. His body was released on Wednesday.

*Note* There is a disclaimer that states the video comes from a reliable source, but due to restrictions on journalists in the country it was not able to be independently verified. 

There are questions that should be asked…Where are the UN and Humanitarian organizations? Why are there no sanctions being declared against Syria?

Palestine~From the River to the Sea

In this disturbing film, by acclaimed director Pierre Rehov, you will follow along as he explores the issue with firsthand footage of the refugee camps and and in depth analysis by world experts as well as interviews with the Arab refugees themselves. Why there are still millions of Palestinians who, 63 years after the birth of Israel are languishing as refugees in poverty? Why are there still refugee camps within the Arab countries? Israel dismantled its camps in the 1950’s and gave full citizenship to what are now Israeli Arabs, while in contrast the refugees in the surrounding Arab countries have been kept in limbo since 1948–stateless and without papers. 
In this film you will see the lies, corruption, propaganda and false hopes that have developed as this group of people is virtually held as pawns in a board game. Originally there were about  480,000 who left in 1948 on the advice of their Arab leaders, but this has grown to whopping 6 million plus, who are living in refugee camps today.
You will see that UNRWA is the only agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific region or conflict. UNRWA has 1 staff for every 10 Palestinian refugees, while UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) for the rest of the world has 1 staff for every 4,000 refugees! Of the more than 400 million dollars per year given to UNRWA about 50% goes to UNRWA employees–and there are other funds that are not accounted for.
The facts are not pleasant! Please take the time to watch each of the four segments of this film. Go to Pierre Rehov’s website and learn more. Listen to what the Arabs themselves are saying. What they are demanding is nothing less than the complete destruction of the Israeli state and it’s people. Are you willing to support this?

From the River to the Sea~Part 1
From the River to the Sea~Part 2
From the River to the Sea~Part 3
From the River to the Sea~Part 4

Islam Will Soon be the Majority in Belgium

For all the people swooning over multiculturalism, please watch this clip. In Belgium, 50% of the school children are now Muslim. There are areas (including the one in this clip) where western people dare not go or film without a police escort. The Muslims stick together and reject the natives citizens of Belgium. Instead of integrating, into their host country, they have used pressure and threats to force Belgium to integrate with them. 
This is only the beginning people. Time to wake up and realize that civilization as we know it is being threatened.

This report from 2008 shows that the problem is not “sudden”. Islamists only recognize Muslim laws–not the laws of the country they live in.Are you willing to live under Sharia Law?