Israel Syria and The Bible~Part 3 of 12

Part 3 of 12~Geographical Context
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Israel, Syria and The Bible~Part 2 of 12

Part 2 of 12~6,000 Years of History
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Israel Syria and the Bible~Introduction (Part 1 of 12)

Part 1~The Roots of Syria’s Civil Conflict and the Effect on Israel

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A Walk Through Our Valley in Israel…

Israel is a tiny country but it is filled with wonders, from the arid desert to the snowy mountains, and the lush welcoming valleys.
The best way to see and appreciate the Wonders of God’s Creation is to “walk the land”. The Jewish Talmud says that “one who walks four cubits (1.8 meters) in the Land of Israel will merit a portion in the world to come.” When one is privileged to be in Israel it is easy to see why the sages made this statement!
This year, on Tisha B’Av, Jay and Meridel did just that. On the Jewish Calendar the 9th of Av, or Tisha B’Av (15-16 July 2013) is known as the saddest day of the year for Jews. The list of tragedies is long, beginning with the Sin of the Spies. The destruction of the First and Second temples, and the fall of Beitar (the last fort to hold off the Romans), during the Bar Kockba Revolt were also added to the day. Later in 1492, King Ferdinand of Spain ordered the expulsion of the Jews, wtih Tisha B’av being the last day Jews would be allowed to walk on Spanish soil. Later, WWI, which eventually led to the Holocaust began on  (you guessed it) Tisha B’Av. Jump to 1942~on the eve of Tisha B’av~the Germans began mass deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka. Even as recent as 2005, we watched as 10,000 Jews of Gush Katif were expelled from their homes, and their towns were bulldozed to the ground. The next day, members of the terror group Hamas moved in and began firing rockets into Israel…and the people mourned on Tisha B’Av.

It is no wonder that people in Israel fast, mourn and reflect. They also spend time walking the land, amongst the lush growth, allowing the “Land of God” to bring them peace and regeneration.

Jay and Meridel are blessed to live on the edge of a beautiful Valley. With cameras in hand they took a walk, to find “peace” in the valley. Join them in their walk, and share a portion in the world to come…

Israel Shall Blossom and Bud, and Fill the Face of the World with Fruit…Isaiah 27:6

Part 7~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

When watching the news it appears that the only problem in the world is Israel and the Jews~This is Wrong! 
Time and again the Islamists declare “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”this is an age old chant clearly stating that once the Jews are eliminated~the Christians will be next! 
Jews have been almost totally cleansed from all Muslim countries and Christians are now the next in line. Communities that thrived for two thousand years, such as the Christian Copts of Egypt, are vanishing as people are faced with the choice to flee or die. In the west there are now Sharia courts, Islamic schools, No-Go Zones for Non-Muslims and an growing suppression of all things Christian (from a tiny gold cross to “Christmas”), because it offends Muslims~Why is there no outcry?
What will our part be in this coming battle? What Can We Do? Dr. Rawlings explains in detail, these six ways that everyone can help:
                                      1] Pray and Be Informed
                                      2] Pray in Unity
                                      3] Pray Without Ceasing
                                      4] Pray for the Iranian People
                                      5] Pray for Your Nation

Part 7~For Such A Time As This
Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock
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Part 6~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

In Part 6, Dr. Rawlings examines the “false prophets”, and the Islamic belief in a “false” messiah.
Much of what drives the Iranian quest for power is their belief system. At the core of this system is of course what they consider their holy book and the prophet Mohammed.
Much of what drives the Iranian quest for nuclear power and war is what Dr. Rawlings terms the “Spirit of Persia” or the Mahdi.  
You will see how scripture has foretold of these things and how the world will react and in fact we are seeing this now, in our times! More disturbing, is how the Islamic world is now claiming that when Islam becomes the “only” world faith, and Jesus (of the Bible) will embrace Islam, and turn against Christianity to “Break the Cross”!!

Part 6~False Messiah and False Prophets
Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock
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Part 5~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 5~The Eurasian Alliance
 Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Part 4~Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 4~Iran’s Influence~Local and International
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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