Reminder: Why Israel Can NOT Withdraw to Pre~1967 Borders

This Must Be Watched Again and Again~Until the Reality Sinks In!

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Video From the Gaza Border: Bring Gilad Shalit Home

On the 28th of August 2011, David and Daniel traveled to Keren Shalom on the Gaza Border to film an event held to mark Gilad Shalit’s 25th birthday.

It has been 1,890 days (more than five years) since he has received even the tiniest communication or sign from his family~and it has been more than two years since his family has received any sign of life from Gilad.

Just ten days ago, the supporters of Gilad Shalit staged a peaceful Hi-jacking of a bus of Gazans returning from a visit to Hamas prisoners in Israel jail.

Trucks of Goods Crossing into Gaza

Standing at the border crossing one sees the trucks arriving from within Israel to provide the citizens of Gaza with food and basic commodities, children’s games and electrical goods and more. On this day there were truck loads of cement as well.

Gilad Shalit does not enjoy even the basic conditions demanded for any captive, in accordance with the Geneva Convention. He receives no visits, letters and no contact whatsoever with the outside world.

Hamas Prisoners in Israeli Jail

Gilad Shalit is held captive in inhuman conditions, while his family lives without any knowledge of his physical or emotional state. In stark contrast the State of Israel allows Palestinian/Hamas prisoners to receive visitors, letters, study for degrees and many other benefits. The picture to the left was posted from an Israeli jail by Hamas terror prisoners~to Facebook!. Need we say more?

 The purpose of this protest is to ask for reciprocation between the treatment of Gilad Shalit and that enjoyed by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

*It Should be Noted:
Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by terrorists who infiltrated into Israel, killed two soldiers and wounded four others. Gilad was Not a criminal, whereas the prisoners held in Israeli jails have been convicted of terror attacks and murder of Israeli citizens.

Statement to the Citizens of Gaza:   (Hebrew and English follow the video)
As citizens of Israel we strive to live in peace with you. Even at this time when the region is far from quiet, we are hopeful that, one day, peace will arrive and we will be able to live side by side with you, as good neighbors, in mutual respect that will lead to mutual prosperity in our region.

We call on you, the residents of Gaza, to do the right, and human thing, and to work to correct this terrible injustice and to help return Gilad Shalit to his parents.

Bring Galid Shalit Home !

Letter To People of Gaza in Arabic and Hebrew

Canada Will Surely be Destroyed from the Inside!

This is the kind of mentality that is trying to take over in Canada. At 3:16 she calls Canada an occupying state–it is indigenous territory. Regardless of what questions she is asked, she will not give a direct answer. If people don’t realize what is happening these useful idiots will have chaos rule in no time. Like a broken record she can only repeat the same meaningless sentences. At  4:40 the interviewer tries to get her to clarify but this moonbat  just rambles on about the rules need to be clarified. He asks over and over if she wants open borders and there is no answer.  Neither she nor the group she is speaking for recognize Canada as a legitimate entity!! Wow–and she lives in Canada!
Canada–this is your future~May God have mercy!

Europe 2029: Believe It!

Please watch carefully. The figures at the end are most likely low and the danger much greater. What will the people of the free western world do? What will you do? Think fast because the time for action is almost past. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Attacked in Gaza but Still Wants Israel to Give Up Jerusalem…

The dhimmi French Foreign Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, was attacked as she tried to enter Gaza. There are mixed reports as to why but it appears she spoke in favour of Gilad Shalit who has been held without any communications whatsoever (Not even a Red Cross Visit)  since 2006! The Gazans claim they were protesting for prisoners in Israeli jails–who are able to earn Masters degrees, marry, have conjugal visits, and every other ridiculous perk. To say there is any comparison between these pampered terrorists and a boy who was kidnapped in a cross border raid and held in total isolation is the peak of hypocrisy. But what did the dhimmi FM say afterwards? That Israel needs to give up more if its tiny country and also our capitol city to the PA. Yes, of course–that should fix everything…

To Americans~From Your Neighbor, Canada

I was looking for something to end the week with–something that would bring a smile to your face and leave you feeling good. Thanks to our good friend Sarah, I think I have it!

Surprisingly, it seems Americans know less about Canada than people in the Middle-East! Last year, when Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Whistler (in British Columbia) Tom Brokaw did a piece to enlighten our American neighbors.This is a nice clip that points out  how  our two countries have been living side by side as good neighbors, respecting each others rights and standing together. We share much more than what may be the longest border in the world. Citizens on both sides should be proud of the long, lasting, friendship~I pray we will retain this unique relationship and only allow it to grow stronger.

To our Canadian friends–please watch with pride, especially at 3:15~the Highway of Heroes~we will do a story on this later. To our American friends, this is for you–sent with love…Enjoy!

MK Danny Danon to 5th Column~Be Very Afraid

MK Danny Danon told Arutz Sheva that he will be the Knesset member heading the committee of inquiry into ultra-leftist groups’ sources of funding. The Israeli parliament recently voted to establish this committee to look into the funding for the groups who are acting against the state of Israel
MK Danon is optimistic: “I hope we can stop these groups, which received 40 million shekels from the European Union in the last five years alone… We will try to discover the truth and in the end we will recommend changes in legislation as well.”
For years there has been a fifth column operating from within Israel. They work against the state and have been (filmed) on more than one occasion instigating riots and attacks against Israelis while claiming to be pro-peace. Among the organizations and persons Danon intends to invite to the committee, he lists:
  • B’tselem–director, Jessica Montel
  • The Center for Defense of the Individual–director, Dalia Kirstein
  • Yesh Din–director, Roi Maor
  • Ir Amim–director, Yehudit Oppenheimer
  • The Public Committee against Torture in Israel–director, Yishai Blanc
  • Adallah–director, Mahmoud Yazbek
  • Peace Now–director, Yariv Oppenheimer
  • Gisha–director, Kenneth Mann
  • Association for Civil Rights ion Israel – President, Sami Michael
  • Mousawa–Anwar Jamal, Tariq Bashir, Jafer Farah; as well as
  •  Breaking the Silence, Machsom Watch, The Israeli Committee against Home Demolitions and the Center for Alternative Information.

Danon said that he “recommends to Yariv Oppenheimer [Peace Now Director] and the other directors of the NGOs that are a fifth column within Israel to start sprucing up their CVs, because soon they will be unemployed…it is time to find the sources of the monies for these groups that act without letup against the state of Israel.” He added: “We will try to find out who are the ones who arrange the riots at the Bil’in checkpoint, who funded the legal motions in the matter of Highway 443. We will reveal the bodies that roam the Galilee and purchase private lands with Saudi money. The leftists seem afraid and they must have a reason for fearing this committee.”

Hooray–It is about time!