From Sudan to Israel to Ethiopa to Canada…

Over five years ago, when Jay and Meridel were in Eilat a chance meeting introduced them to a very special young man from South Sudan, named Michael. They immediately “clicked”. As they spoke, Michael revealed an amazing story. Fifteen years earlier, he and his family were horrifically attacked by Muslim extremists~Simply Because They Were Christians.

As the village elders were slaughtered and burned, Michael and his only surviving cousin, Dobuol Bouy, hid in the bulrushes of a nearby riverbank. The next day he was forced to try to identify his parents but could not because they were so badly disfigured.

An officer in the conquering Muslim army held Michael and his cousin as virtual slaves. When the officer commanded them to convert to Islam, they said, “We will die first.” Seven years later, they escaped to Khartoum.

Penniless, they made their way 1600 kms (1000 miles) to Cairo. Michael and his cousin worked nights on menial jobs so they could study at school during the day. It was there that Michael met, and married Nicole, also a Sudanese Christian refugee.

All Sudanese refugees were harshly persecuted by the Egyptian Police who burned their hard earned identification papers. Seeing other refugees killed, Michael and his cousin decided to spend their last savings to try and reach the Israeli border in the Negev desert. Michael and Nicole (now pregnant), parted not knowing if they would ever see each other again. 

Escorted by Bedouin smugglers, amidst gunfire from the Egyptian police, they scrabbled over the barbed wire border fence and arrived in Israel battered and bleeding.

They soon learned that their fear of the Israeli Border Police was unfounded. They were given water, food and medical attention.

Finally, they were transferred to a holding center for refugees near Beer Sheva. Some time later they were sent to work in Eilat, Israel’s southern most tourist town.

The Hotel where they worked recognized their natural leadership qualities. Michael and his cousin were quickly promoted to positions as  department managers.

Meanwhile, Nicole, thin and malnourished, carried her newborn baby to the Israeli border. She crossed into Israel determined to find her husband.

Miraculously she was sent to Eilot Kibbutz five kilometers north of Eilat, and she soon found her beloved Michael.

 It was in the hotel where Michael and his cousin were working when Jay and Meridel met them. Since that time, they have been linked by the Lord in a powerful way. Immediately Jay and Meridel adopted them and became ”Abba and Ima” (Hebrew for Dad and Mom).

When Jay asked them “How can I help you the most?” They responded, “We would like to go to Canada. Can you help us?”

Jay learned of Canada’s refugee and human rights resettlement program for which Michael, Nicole and family~including his cousin~certainly qualified. Thus began a long process at the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv~filling out numerous application forms, locating a sponsor church in Toronto and eventually getting scholarships for them to study in a college in Scarborough, Ontario. Jay also appealed to Ottawa for help.

Everyone waited, and waited, and waited some more~almost five years!

Finally in May 2013, an email from the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv arrived, asking for help in locating Michael, Nicole, the children and cousin Dobuol Bouy. Jay found Michael and Nicole in a refugee camp in Ethiopia and Dobuol Bouy in South Sudanl. We all wept when we heard each others voices.

The family are living under very difficult conditions. They are housed in a multi-family tent, with food and water rationed. Michael never asks for anything but only said, “Abba it is very hard here.” Jay and Meridel are sending what they can on a regular basis, but it is not enough. They need milk for the childrean and other basics. They also need to find money to purchase their tickets to Nairobi, Kenya. This is where the Canadian Embassy has a Visa Office. Their papers now have to be transferred from Tel Aviv to Nairobi. How long this will take~no one knows. They need miracles!

It is our goal to travel to the Ethiopian Refugee Camp where Michael, Nichole and their children are; to comfort them.

Once there, we will film them as they tell their amazing story, and show the world what conditions they are now existing in.

This could then be used not only as a teaching tool, but as a means for this family to finally achieve their goal~Freedom~to live, work, worship, study and raise their children without fear of persecution.

“In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence,
and His children will have a place of refuge”…Proverbs 14: 26
Please Pray for These Precious Souls~If You Can Help Us to Help Them It Will Be A Blessing

The School District Said Prayer Was No Longer Allowed…

So, This Valedictorian Tore Up His “Approved” Graduation Speech and Improvised…

Write Up From the Video:

After the school district ruled that a prayer was no longer going to be performed at any school functions including graduation, which prayer was replaced with a moment of silence Valedictorian Roy Costner adds the Lords Prayer into his speech, with the crowed showing tons of support. Liberty High School Graduation 2013 @ Littlejohn~Roy B Costner Valedictorian address. Video was recorded by Brian Dismukes
Here is the Entire Speech…I’m Sure His Parents Are Very Proud

The Present and Future of Christians in the Middle East…

A renowned specialist in the Arab world, Islam and the Middle East, Dr. Mordechai Kedar speaks to gatherings all over the world in an effort to educate people. Dr. Kedar is fluent in Arabic and able to challenge challenge scholars and journalists alike “no holds barred” in their own language. [Links to more of his lectures below the video]
Dr. Kedar understands the “Middle East Mind” and knows that if the Middle East is to ever be able to experience “true peace”, western countries must change their way of thinking. We are losing because we are not facing reality.
People must learn about, and understand the mindset in the Middle East. Until such time as people pull their heads out of the sand and realize that the “same old~same old” has never, and will never work, the wars, strife, brutality and oppression will continue not only to reign in the Middle East,  but we will be over run and defeated in our own countries~in our lifetimes.
Christendom is Destroying Itself…

Links to Dr. Mordechai Kedar:

Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported to Iran~Unbelievable!

In an astounding report, CBN tells the story of Iranian Christian asylum seekers who left Islam, but are now to be deported back to Iran, where they will face torture and even death. Who would condemn them to this fate? Sweden~Yes, Sweden.
Swedish immigration lawyer Gabriel Donner, said Sweden has a badly run asylum process and, in some cases, an anti-Christian bias…There’s a lot of bias regarding Christian converts because the standard argument is, “Well, nobody converts to Christianity out of true belief. Why would anyone do anything of the sort?”
It is inconceivable that Sweden would take such an irresponsible approach to the lives of these people, while at the same time the PM stated that “Sweden is in need of more immigration to sustain its future welfare”…
You can read the complete story HERE. At the end of the article there are seven questions that CBN asked the Swedish Migration board~along with their callous response. 
One has to ask why Sweden welcomes tens of thousands of Muslims who are destroying the country, yet Christians are turned away! Truly, our world is descending into madness…Pray for these poor people to be protected!

Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported