A Huron Christmas Carole~Inspiring!

Christmas is almost upon us. In some areas, this time of year is purely spiritual while in others it is only commercial. We see people fight and trample over one another to get “that gift or item” that suddenly they discover that they can’t live without !??
Through it all, there are some who relish the time with family and friends, and those who actually remember why there is Christmas at all. At Jerusalem Vistas, we like to search for interesting and inspiring hymns and carols for the season~to remind people of why we celebrate.
In that vein, we found a unique contribution from a Canadian Musician and Actor, Tom Jackson. The carol was so inspiring we have included a  few other clips that provide a feeling of “Christmas Spirit”. They tell the story of a man who is known not only for his acting and concerts, but for his Humanitarian work. Each year he raises money for the community homeless shelters and those who are “down and out”.  He claims that his parents taught him that being generous was a gift, and that he was “blessed with his upbringing”. Tom Jackson admits that he was on the bottom of the ladder~living on the streets~and that it “opened his eyes”. Over more than twenty years his concerts have raised in excess of $ 200 million for community shelters and the needy.
The Huron Christmas Carol, was taught to the Indians by priests when they arrived in the country. Listen to the words~it is the “Christmas Story” put in a way that those (who could not imagine where or what Bethlehem was) could understand the holiness. 
Do take the time to listen to the interviews as well as the song. This is the story of a believing Christian who does what he can to help others~and while you watch, think about how we can all do something small in our own community, for those who will be without this year, and every year…

The Huron Carol by Canadian Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson Speaks of His 2013 Christmas Concert Tour
2011 Interview With Tom Jackson

An Interview With Tom Jackson at His Home in Calgary

From “He Who is Generous” to “Needy Children Must Suffer”!

Originally, when people began calling for separation of “Church” and “State” it may have seemed harmless. Many thought that this would simply mean no prayers, or forcing one denomination over another. or something similar. 
These days it has been taken to a whole new level. We have now regressed to banning toy drives for needy kids!
 We are no longer allowed to call “Christmas” by its name (Christmas), we can’t have Christmas trees, or Christmas plays,  and Christmas Carols are strictly forbidden.
In the western world, we have celebrated Christmas in one way or another for hundreds of years. It has traditionally been a time for Peace, Family, Joy and general good feelings for all people. Even non-Christians, such a Jews and Buddhists, and those who considered themselves “secular” joined in the seasonal festivities and merry making. During WWII, there were many stories where both sides took a break from the fighting for that one day.
Now, a school is being threatened  with legal action for filling “shoe boxes” with small items such as pencils and tiny toys for needy children. These people who are so high on their own self-righteousness are preventing one group of kids who “have” from “giving” to another group of kids who “have not”. How can this be for the good of anyone? How can teaching children to give to the needy be a bad thing?
This insidious act~and many more like it~is directed solely at anything that hints at Christianity. Think about it~Where is the protest when Muslims hold their prayers in schools? Why is there no protest when we are forced to serve halal foods in schools, and why can’t a Christian wear a simple cross, yet a Muslim is allowed to wear a full headdress or even a burkha (full face and body cover)? There are no legal actions when Muslims want to celebrate Ramadan or when non-Muslim kids are told to “not eat their lunch” in front of Muslims for a  month. The list is endless~but are we willing to open our eyes!
Our Calendar begins with the birth of Christ, which is marked at Christmas~should we now change that? If we are going to abandon everything “faith based” then should it not reach across all boundaries to all facets of all religions?
This politically correct insanity has invaded our lives~it is destroying our history and culture, and sucking the joy out of absolutely everything~while at the same time promoting a total lack of morals of any kind. We have become a society of “do what makes you feel good” and “I” am the most important~Anything Goes!
The time to stop the madness is now! Speak up because very soon it will be too late!

Atheist / Humanist? Groups Have Overstepped The Boundary! It’s Time to Stop the Madness!

Now Jesus is Banned in Bethlehem~at Christmas!

Pastor Steven Khoury of Holy Land Missions:
“In the birthplace of Christianity, we have seen over the years that the Christmas holiday has been reduced to snowmen and bells…The essential message of the holiday season has been taken away for fear of what the dominant religious factors in Bethlehem would say.”
In answer to this conundrum, Pastor Khoury decided to take action and erected a large Christmas billboard at the main street entrance to Manger Square that declares in English and Arabic:

Jesus born to die and rose again. Invite him into your heart so you might live~Merry Christmas

By 20 December, the electric cable around the sign had been cut by vandals to ensure that it would not be lit up during the night. Nobody in the area of the billboard will sell access to electricity for fear of repercussions. The municipality has informed Pastor Khoury of the outcry and campaign by the (Majority Muslim) community to have the sign removed.

Jesus and his message have been lost
in the city that God chose for him to come into this world…Pastor Steven Khoury
Once a mainly Christian city, Bethlehem is now Muslim and the dwindling Christian community has been reduced to an estimated 3% of the total population. Tourists (and the money they bring) are welcome but Jesus is not.
Bethlehem is controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Israel does Not restrict tourists and in fact, this Christmas, the Jerusalem Municipality provided free transportation to tourists going to Bethlehem (Jews Not Allowed). In the Old City of Jerusalem, like in past years, free Christmas Trees were handed out.
Pastor Khoury has been going out with a portable generator and several high beam spotlights and lighting the sign up himself. Anticipating that the sign might be coming down any time, Khoury quickly put together this film next to the billboard sign. Have any major media outlets, anywhere in the world even mentioned this??
During this Holy season, please pray for Pastor Steven Khoury and the Christians of Bethlehem…
Tourists (and their Money) are Welcome~Jesus, Not so Much…

This is Pastor Khoury’s Video from the Beginning of the Month