PA Claims: Mary is Palestinain & Jesus was the First Shaheed

The Palestinian Authority always looks for ways to incite Christian hatred of Jews worldwide and this year is no exception. In 2009 Arutz 7 ran this post which claimed similar baiting comments. The incident that started things off this year was an AFP report that  a mayor in Nazareth objected to Christmas trees in the squares.
The story in its entirety can be read on Arutz 7 here. Here is an excerpt:
The suburb in question, Nazareth Illit, was established for the express purpose of creating a Jewish neighborhood next to Arab Nazareth. Over the past decade, however, thousands of Arabs have taken advantage of Israeli democracy to move  into the Jewish neighborhood, and it has become dangerous for Jews to walk down certain streets due to Arab harassment. Mayor Shimon Gapso and many of the Jewish residents see the demand by Arabs to put Christmas trees in public squares as just another act of Arab-nationalist chutzpah.
Of course, what they always fail to report is that in the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Christians have been murdered, tortured, and intimidated into leaving ever since the PA took over. Nowhere is this more evident than in Bethlehem, a city which Christians hold sacred as Jesus’s birthplace–although PA authorities are happy to receive tourist revenues during the Christian holiday seasons. If you are in doubt just check the population drop in Christians since the PA has been in charge! In Bethlehem, the Christian population went from a 60 percent majority in 1990 to a 40 percent minority in 2000, to about 15 percent of the city’s total population in 2008. That figure continues to drop with threats and persecution. The same is true of Gaza where the Christian population is down to about 3,000 and don’t forget that Hamas had Christian graves dug up because they were “contaminating the ground”.
Christians are welcomed and protected by the Israeli government. As long as they are not trying to proselytize, Jews don’t pay much attention to the tens of thousands who walk through the streets to visit their Holy Places. In fact, if you go to Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem on most nights (including Motzei Shabbat–when Shabbat ends) you will find Christian groups singing their songs. Crowds gather to listen and some take pictures, but nobody bothers them.

Let’s be honest here, if Israel were to be taken over by the Islamists every Christian and Jewish site would eventually be a mosque. These are the facts. Don’t fall for propaganda. 

The Same Old Lies

A Blessing to All from Israel

For Israel, as in countries all over the world, this has been a tumultuous year. To many it seems that the world is getting closer and closer to the end of days. In Israel, particularly in Jerusalem,  the air is always “heavy”.  There is a spiritual intensity that is always present. The sages say that it is because the Temple Mount is the center of all things:
“As the navel is set in the centre of the human body, so is the land of Israel the navel of the world…situated in the centre of the world, and Jerusalem in the centre of the land of Israel,  and the sanctuary in the centre of Jerusalem,  and the holy place in the centre of the sanctuary, and the ark in the centre of the holy place, and the foundation stone before the holy place, because from it the world was founded”…Midrash Tanchuma, Qedoshim. 

But for many this weekend the center of the world is the tiny town of Bethlehem, for it was there that their world, their salvation was born on a Holy night over two thousand years ago. All over the world this night is observed–or at the very least it is known. Some mark the day with reverence, some with decorated trees and gifts, and others with hatred–what do they fear? The message of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men? How strange, that a gift of peace to the world, brought in a package of love can be feared by some. What is it about a tiny baby that strikes fear into the hears of some? Think about it…

There have been rumors that in the town of Bethlehem this year the symbol of the cross is banished because of fears of Islamic fundamentalism. Always there are those who think they can stifle the Holiness. You can read about it HERE but this post is not about aggression. Meanwhile, on the occasion of the celebrations for Christmas, the Israeli military has ordered troops deployed in the occupied Palestinian territories to facilitate the passage of Christian pilgrims at checkpoints–Bear in mind that this year Christmas Day falls on the Jewish Sabbath–these troops work on their Holy Day to insure Christian Pilgrims are safe.  Now that, is the true spirit that we hope will spread to the world.

David was filming a concert in Bethlehem this week, and we hope to have some postings for you after the weekend. He did say he had no problem entering and driving through the city. He said he could feel the “spirit” in the air and it was a wonderful evening.
As always the days fly by and the news is to great to cover. This blog is new and in the coming days and months with help from above we hope to bring you news from Israel as it happens. We want to share with you the daily living, good and bad. 
But, for today–for this weekend celebration of the Holy Birth–we at Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision send to you our friends and partners our heartfelt wishes for a Safe, and Holy Christmas Day, filled with Peace, Goodwill, and the love of your family.

Kudos to the Governor of Arizona

I read this letter on Mesopotamia West. I am reprinting it for you to read. All around the Politically Correct world we are being denied the right to openly celebrate our Holidays and Holy Days. We are being forced to take the “Christ” out of Christmas, and the Menorah out of Hannukah because it may be “offensive to some cultures”. I reject this completely. Christmas has always been the celebration of the Birth of Christ–End of Story. We must stand up and refuse to allow our history and Judeo-Christian faith to be erased. Merry Christmas to Governor Jan Brewer and all or our friends everywhere. Here is the Governors letter:
Dear Friends,
An Executive Order that I issued last year encourages the celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah and prohibits any censorship of these religious holidays.

As you may know, in the past, state and local officials in Arizona (and elsewhere) have attempted to strip both Christmas and Hanukkah of their meaning, including establishment of policies forbidding state employees from placing religious items of celebration at their desks, re-naming of Christmas trees as “holiday” trees, and renaming of Menorahs as “candlesticks.”

Under my administration, I will call things what they are…a Christmas Tree and a Menorah…and will gladly allow both Christmas and Hanukkah to be celebrated at the State Capitol. I encourage my colleagues and fellow elected officials to do the same.
Finally, during this Christmas season, make a difference in our community by volunteering your time or making a donation to a worthy cause. An organization that I support, Hope & A Future, is making a difference this Christmas by providing gifts and clothing to foster children. I encourage you to learn more about Hope & A Future and make a difference in our community through this charity or another charity of your choice.

Merry Christmas! 
May God bless you, your home, and all of Arizona,
Sincerely, Jan Brewer Governor

Amen Governor!

Christmas Around the World~Arlington Cemetery

Christmas pictures are making the rounds so we will be sharing some of them with you each day. I am starting with Arlington Cemetery, because this story is truly inspiring. Maybe the rest of the world isn’t interested but what is wrong with the US Media that there is little of no mention of those who have given their all for freedom? Shame on them. Follow the links to learn more of the wonderful project and do watch the video below–be sure to have tissues on hand.

Christmas at Arlington Cemetery
Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell…

The background story about  the many wreaths at Arlington Cemetery is beautiful. Each year some 5,000 wreaths are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine. The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He’s done this since 1992. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out. Making this even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one the poorest parts of the state.

Blessings of the Season to Merrill Worcester and the people who work to do this amazing work. To the teachers in Maine who are teaching students real values–you will reap the rewards of the seeds you are sowing–never stop! You can read more about this wonderful work at the link.

With all the bad things going on in the world this is one touching act of love that should be shared. Please do pass it on to everyone you know. May God Bless and Keep all the Fallen Soldiers and Protect those who are still fighting.

Arlington Wreath Project~Always Remember