Syrian Father~He’s All I Have…

Israeli Dr.’s & Syrian Boy~ Photo by Pyotr Paliter
Again and again we hear that Israel is the worst of the worst. We listen to those who call for our total destruction and we see videos and pictures that claim we are blood-thirsty, violent, abuse women and torture  children.
Oh Really?? Here is something that you will NOT hear about in your local media.
Since the civil war in Syria began, there have been many unspeakable atrocities. Israel’s northern border is right next door to Syria. In fact, Meridel visited the towns on the border in September and you could hear the guns in the background at one point. So where do the working class people, those without money and resources go for help?
Many times, they try to cross into Israel and are met by the IDF, who have setup a medical facility to treat casualties. Some patients even arrive with notes from Syrian doctors describing the injuries. **Remember, these people are raised to hate Israel and think of Jews as the “small satan”. At all times the wounded are treated with respect and great sensitivity. Imagine their surprise when they see and experience the real truth!
Treating A Wounded Syrian Fighter in Israel
One of the many stories is that of the six year old boy in the picture above. He was seriously injured in a blast that had killed his mother and sister and wounded his older brother (who later died). Six weeks after the father pleaded the doctors to “save the boy~he’s all I have left”, it looks like Israeli doctors have been able to do just that!
Arriving near death, in a coma, the child was transferred to Rambam hospital in Haifa. There doctors performed complex surgeries which included removing, then replacing sections of his scull.
Weeks later he received treatment from a speech therapist, a physical therapist, and others, who helped him to regain as much of his previous function as possible. 
Women, children, fighters, there is no discrimination. According to the IDF Blog, the commander, Col. Bader states:
“There has not been a single case in which an injured Syrian was denied medical treatment by the IDF or by a civilian hospital…I’m sure of that.”
Those of us who live here, and see our troops on a daily basis, are also sure of that. The people of Israel’s Defense Forces do their utmost to provide aid wherever and whenever they can~their actions speak louder than any words. 
You could ignore stories like this and opt to go with the more popular “Boycott Israel” crowd, but we hope you will look beneath the surface of their lies and see the truth. Nobody claims Israel is perfect, but with all our problems, and being surrounded by millions who scream for our destruction on a daily basis, we do try to do the very best we can.
Please Pray for the young people of the IDF as they man the front lines in these very troubled times.

Syria and The Golan Heights

During the early part of September 2013, Meridel traveled to the Golan Heights, specifically to the Druze town of Majdal Shams, to investigate the effects the Syrian uprising is having on those living on the Israeli side of the border.
The town of Majdal Shams is primarily Syrian Druze, and many have immediate family members just a few kilometers away in Syria.
Located at the foot of Mount Hermon, it is the largest of the four Druze villages in the Golan with a population of about nine thousand. 
The village has been under Israel’s control since the Six Day War of June 1967.
Since 1981 they have been considered to be “permanent residents” of Israel. The status of “permanent resident” in Israel, means that the people are free to travel, live, work and study anywhere in the country, and they are also entitled to state services such Kupat Holim health insurance. 
Although they are invited to apply for full Israeli citizenship, only a scant ten percent of Golan Druze have taken this option. Those who do apply for Israeli citizenship can vote, run for Knesset and receive an Israeli Passport, but they are not drafted by the Israel Defense Forces.
It is no surprise that to this day, the Syrian authorities consider all of the people of Majdal Shams to be Syrian citizens. Syria longs to have control of the area, which would give them a prime vantage point from which to attack Israel.
With such a history it is not surprising that the residents are reluctant to appear on film, or make their views known. At least fifty percent have at least one sibling, parent, or child in Syria. Their fear for the safety of their families on the Syrian side of the border is very real. They also fear for their own safety as the ceasefire line runs directly along the eastern edge of town, leaving them open to “revenge” attacks.
Listen as Meridel provides some history of the area, and the people. Amazingly, she is only sixty kilometers from Damascus, and you can actually hear explosions in the background.

Meridel Reporting from Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights

Christians Under Attack in Syrian Town of Maaloula…

A small village where Christians and Muslims have lived peacefully for hundreds of years has been attacked and taken over by Rebel Forces. Maaloula, a scenic mountain community located fifty-six kilometers north-east of Damascus, is on the UNESCO list of tentative world heritage sites.  It is also one of the few places in the world where residents still speak the ancient Middle Eastern language of Aramaic.
The rebel advance was spearheaded by Jabhat al-Nusra, or the Nusra Front. Reports claim that approximately 1,500 rebels entered the town shouting “Allahu Akbar”, and began attacking Christian homes and churches. People have reported seeing dead bodies in the street.
A CNN report says:
Christians make up roughly 10% of the population. Syria is ruled by a government dominated by Alawites, whose faith is an offshoot of Shiism. The regime is opposed by an opposition with a large Sunni presence. Aid agencies say Syria’s 2 million Christians are often targeted for suspected sympathies to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
The USA is preparing to attack Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in order to aid the Rebels~But~there is a real concern that the rebels have been infiltrated by Militant Islamists from Al Qaeda. They have sworn that if they take control they will wipe out all minorities~with Christians being the first to feel the blow. 
Please pray for this tiny Christian community…

Here is Maaloula Before Civil War Broke Out…

Here is Maaloula Now…

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