God vs. Atheism~Which is More Rational?

The argument for or against faith seems to be heating up on a daily basis. Those who claim “atheism” usually have very loud voices, but are they the majority? People of faith, most of the time, are comfortable in their belief and while they stand strong, they are much calmer and quieter. I remember a simpler time when people just believed…

Many years ago, we attended the Christening of a beautiful baby girl. Some of the guests only attended out of friendship, having already “lost faith”. The younger brother (about five years old) was confused and decided to leave before we even started. The minister went to him, asked his name, and if his dad had a car. He asked what the name of the car was. When the child could not answer he told the boy to ask his dad. *Note, this was all done in a very quiet, personal way, with the minister kneeling in front of the child to be on “eye-level”.  The boy returned with the name and the minister asked if he had noticed the letters on the back of the car. The boy nodded in the affirmative. The minister took his hand and led him to where the family were waiting. He explained to the child: The letters on the back of your dad’s car spell the name of the car-maker. They put their name on it so everyone will know who the maker was. This is what we are going to do today. With the words we pray, we are going to put the name of the Maker, God, the Creator of all, on your sister. Just like you, and all of us, she will belong to Him forever.
We were all very moved. The “just friends” in attendance claimed they had never thought of things in just that way, and after the short service said they had a new respect for “their Creator”. More important, was the fact that all of us, including a young child, were able to grasp and retain the fact that God was the Creator of all, and that we all belonged to Him. Simple? Yes, but why should faith not be? Does everything have to be dissected, labeled and packaged in a tidy little box? 
I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you,
that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing;
therefore Choose Life, that both you and your descendants may live…Deuteronomy 30:19 (NKJV) 

For those who insist on science and philosophical debate, here is something to think about from Prager University.

Each of Us Must Find Our Own Beliefs~Those Who Believe in God Have Chosen Life

Days Go By and Life Goes On…

Today, is not a particularly sunny day, but it is warm enough to go outside with just a sweater or light jacket. 
The joys of working outside the city are manifold. There is peace, quiet, trees, birds and yes, even goats.
After the record snowfall, we received just a few short weeks ago, it was almost surprising to see the rich green of the plants and trees. Many, many trees and bushes were crushed and broken, but already they are beginning to regenerate and show signs of being even stronger than before. It is difficult to picture everything buried in snow!
Looking out the window of the office I saw a movement at the end of the property.
Upon closer investigation, it turned out to be a herd of goats, chewing their way along. There is a path that runs along the valley and it is not uncommon for herds of goats to slowly travel through. They seem to know exactly where they are going, even when the herder is nowhere to be seen.
A hawk circled lazily overhead, there were various birds singing and flitting from tree to tree~and of course~the goats!
In short, it is just a normal day, but one that reminds us of the Greatness of God and His Amazing Creation…

Islam and the Battle For Our Minds

Reporter Eric Stakelbeck brings another outstanding report that points out the gross failure of the media to communicate truth on the dangers all people in the west are facing. He is joined by Michael Widlanski, author of the book, Battle For Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat.
You will see clips of government officials who are so intent on “cover up” they will not even “name the enemy”. Watch and listen to the very people who are supposedly working for the safety of the people refuse to speak truthfully.
This is not a new phenomenon! it has been creeping into society for years, but political correctness, corrupt officials and lies have placed the word in severe danger. For too long, government decision makers, the mainstream media and even the intelligence community are misleading everyone about the nature of the Islamic jihadist threat. We run the risk being sent back to the dark ages if we don’t wake up. 
In Stakelbeck’s words, “there is a battle for our minds going on and the enemy is winning…”  
Dear Friends, Please Listen Carefully and Pray!

What Would Make You Believe in God?

Earlier we posted a clip entitled The Middle East Problem in a Nutshell. Here is another one from the same source that poses an interesting question. Think about it–and think of those you may know who are not convinced that there is a God. For that matter, have you had doubts yourself? A very wise teacher once said that we should not try to “prove God” by science. Belief in God must come from within. What do you think?

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