Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported to Iran~Unbelievable!

In an astounding report, CBN tells the story of Iranian Christian asylum seekers who left Islam, but are now to be deported back to Iran, where they will face torture and even death. Who would condemn them to this fate? Sweden~Yes, Sweden.
Swedish immigration lawyer Gabriel Donner, said Sweden has a badly run asylum process and, in some cases, an anti-Christian bias…There’s a lot of bias regarding Christian converts because the standard argument is, “Well, nobody converts to Christianity out of true belief. Why would anyone do anything of the sort?”
It is inconceivable that Sweden would take such an irresponsible approach to the lives of these people, while at the same time the PM stated that “Sweden is in need of more immigration to sustain its future welfare”…
You can read the complete story HERE. At the end of the article there are seven questions that CBN asked the Swedish Migration board~along with their callous response. 
One has to ask why Sweden welcomes tens of thousands of Muslims who are destroying the country, yet Christians are turned away! Truly, our world is descending into madness…Pray for these poor people to be protected!

Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported

Finland Suffers Teacher Shortage~For Islamic Studies…

Just days ago it was reported that there is in fact a shortage of teachers~for Islam~in Finland. Accordng to Ahlul Bayt News Agency many of the current teachers are immigrants, but in recent years they have been joined by Finnish women who  have converted to Islam. Even so, there is still a shortage of Islamic teachers.
The first official text book, Salam–islamin polku, or “Salam–the Path of Islam” has just been released for children in the first and second grades. Books for higher grades are due to be released in the spring of 2012. 
Currently the Helsinki elementary schools are 8% Muslim. The “Teacher’s Education 2020” report predicts that in 2020 a quarter of students in the capital region will be of immigrant origin. (Ed: I suspect that the numbers will be substantially higher and that conversions will increase.When Finns marry a Muslim it is the Finn that must convert to Islam~If a Muslim marries a non-Muslim these are considered invalid marriages)
Egypt Today reports Finland has the most liberal immigration policy in Europe:
“Tara Ahmed, a 25-year-old Kurdish woman, came with her husband to Finland seven years ago to work. ‘There are a lot of services offered to us here,’ she says. Like most immigrants, Ahmed and her husband took advantage of the free Finnish language lessons offered by the government, which pays immigrants €8 per day to attend. The government also provides immigrants with a free home, health care for their family and education for their children. In addition, they get a monthly stipend of €367 per adult to cover expenses until they start earning their own living.
After that story was published, the number of Muslim immigrants to Finland skyrocketed. For example, immigration from Somalia alone more than doubled in 2010, from 2009. Most of the Somali adults coming to Finland are illiterate. In September 2010, Finnish authorities admitted that Somalis were abusing the family unification procedure to facilitate human trafficking.
Finland’s largest cities now have areas where more than one-fifth of the population is of foreign origin, which is causing native Finns to move out sparking claims that it has reduced the population capable of paying taxes, leaving behind only those consuming welfare services.
Although the immigration is now primarily from the Middle-East and Africa, Islam was first introduced to Finland by the Baltic Tatars in the 19th century. The came as merchants and soldiers, then were later joined by other family members. Yes, this is still happening~all around the world. Boatloads of men seek “illegal” entry, then once they have a foothold, they bring their families…which generally include multiple wives and many, many children. 
Finland, like every democratic country, is being pressed to build mosques and Islamic centers,  supply prayer rooms with special washing facilities. There are a number of  “Islamic Societies”, and a Muslim social networking site, “Muxlim”. There are an abundance of sites offering Muslims advice on remaining separate from the native population while working to their own “ways” established, which includes finance, halal food, bans on alcohol and pork, separation of genders and having all women cover their hair. Can Finns cope with the changes?

Swedish Welfare is Abusive~Somalians Protest

This article was posted by Tundra Tabloids about a demonstration of new Swedish immigrants that took place in front of the Social Welfare Office. It is obvious that these people from Somalia know how to protest and state their demands, but they do not seem to want jobs.
If there is anyone from Sweden reading–I would be very interested in printing your comments…

Canada Will Surely be Destroyed from the Inside!

This is the kind of mentality that is trying to take over in Canada. At 3:16 she calls Canada an occupying state–it is indigenous territory. Regardless of what questions she is asked, she will not give a direct answer. If people don’t realize what is happening these useful idiots will have chaos rule in no time. Like a broken record she can only repeat the same meaningless sentences. At  4:40 the interviewer tries to get her to clarify but this moonbat  just rambles on about the rules need to be clarified. He asks over and over if she wants open borders and there is no answer.  Neither she nor the group she is speaking for recognize Canada as a legitimate entity!! Wow–and she lives in Canada!
Canada–this is your future~May God have mercy!

Honor Killings in Sweden

This is only the beginning. Immigrants claim to want to escape the problems of their own countries, but think nothing of murdering their own children who want to leave primitive beliefs behind. This story is about Sweden but every western country has its own “Honor” killing horrors.

Muslim Boy Traumatized by Hearing His Teacher Say “Ham”

You know you just can’t make this stuff up. I don’t know what is the bigger outrage, the fact that this kid’s family is pressing charges or the fact that the teacher has actually been charged with mistreatment motivated by xenophobia for telling his geography class that the cold, dry weather of Trevelez (Granada) was favorable for the curing of Hams. 
I should note here that  it is in fact Most well-known for its mouth-watering cured ham, jamón serrano”. So now history, geography fairy tales, piggy banks are to be banned or changed? When do we finally say Enough?

Fallout of Muslim Hatefest on Remembrance Day

The video below shows how the Muslims in the UK observed Remembrance Day. As a result two of them were charged. Ugly scenes erupted outside Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court, south-east London, as Muslims gathered to support Mohammed Haque and Emdadur Choudhury, who are accused of using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour”. Their supporters chanted democracy, hypocrisy”  The full story is available at Bare Naked Islam’s Blog HERE.
It is particularly offensive that they desecrate the flag and memory of those who gave their lives for democracy and freedom. It is disgraceful that these people immigrate and live off public taxpayer money yet spit and revile the very people whose country they have immigrated to. It is beyond comprehension that this kind of behaviour is tolerated. This is not allowing citizens to exercise freedom of speech, this is encouraging terror-like behaviour. When is the west going to wake up?

Is France Facing Civil War~What About the Rest of Us?

French President Sarkozy, Angela Merkel of Germany and even David Cameron of the UK, recently stated that multiculturalism has been a big failure. France now has 751 “No Go” Zones–That’s correct–751! No entry for anyone but Muslims. Police, Firemen, Ambulance, Doctors–none will enter these areas. They function as micro states run by Shariah law. So what is there to protect the citizens of France, or Germany, Britain, Scandinavia or even North America? Many citizens fear it will lead to civil war–because governments are so anxious to be “Politically Correct” they are willing to sacrifice their own country. One has to ask what the future holds…