Made in Israel

Israel today, in spite of continual attacks, war, terror and prejudice is a miracle of survival.  Israel has not only survived for seven decades and overcome great obstacles, it is now one of the most fertile countries on earth. Israeli innovations, especially in medicine and agriculture have impacted the quality of life for a huge part of humanity.  “Made in Israel” traces how Israeli inventors have become world leaders in start up companies. Now Israel is becoming known as the “Scale Up” country as more an more innovations are birthed, nurtured and blossomed via Israeli companies.  PS, We are close friends with Chris Mitchell, CBN bureau chief here in Jerusalem and he has authorized us to run this movie. Over the years he has used excerpts of our productions for their 700 Club TV show that is broadcast world wide.

Made in Israel: A Diamond’s Natural Colors Exposed

Once again Israel has come up with something new for the world to enjoy. According to the post in Arutz 7 a company named BRIZA has discovered a way to enhance and bring out the “natural colour” that each diamond possesses. Briza’s technology uses an electronic accelerator to simulate the conditions nature uses to color diamonds. The company has perfected the process to a degree that enables it to offer consistent results in 14 different colors.
On their website, Briza owner Amnon Barak says that “The diamond is comprised of carbon and other elements as well. Under the proper conditions, the carbon, plus these secondary components, combine to create color centers in the stone”  Now Briza has found a way to bring out this natural beauty. Now that is amazing!