Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported to Iran~Unbelievable!

In an astounding report, CBN tells the story of Iranian Christian asylum seekers who left Islam, but are now to be deported back to Iran, where they will face torture and even death. Who would condemn them to this fate? Sweden~Yes, Sweden.
Swedish immigration lawyer Gabriel Donner, said Sweden has a badly run asylum process and, in some cases, an anti-Christian bias…There’s a lot of bias regarding Christian converts because the standard argument is, “Well, nobody converts to Christianity out of true belief. Why would anyone do anything of the sort?”
It is inconceivable that Sweden would take such an irresponsible approach to the lives of these people, while at the same time the PM stated that “Sweden is in need of more immigration to sustain its future welfare”…
You can read the complete story HERE. At the end of the article there are seven questions that CBN asked the Swedish Migration board~along with their callous response. 
One has to ask why Sweden welcomes tens of thousands of Muslims who are destroying the country, yet Christians are turned away! Truly, our world is descending into madness…Pray for these poor people to be protected!

Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported

Syria the Muslim Bortherhood and Israel

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Mordechai Kedar  has twenty-five years of experience in the IDF Military Intelligence and is a world expert on understanding the geo-political and military situation in the Middle East. He is one of the leading international authorities on the political discourse of Arab countries, terrorism, the Arab Spring and Palestinian statehood, and has published many works. Currently he is a lecturer at  Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Kedar analyses and explains the dynamics facing Israel: Syria, Iran, war and politics. Fluent in Arabic and able to debate Muslims in their own language, Dr. Kedar has made several appearances on Al jazeera. Most famously, perhaps, is when he spells out the truth about Islam and Israel, much to the dismay of the interviewer! You can watch the clip at 28:28~Dr. Kedar also explains how he came to be interviewed.
In this video he speaks at the Sinai Indaba (South Africa) conference, and addresses the very real problems that are stirring up the Middle-East. Do Listen to what he has to say~He predicts exactly what has happened to date and identifies mistakes the west has made~and continues to make. Unless we learn to understand the mind-set of the people in this region, it will only get worse!
Dr. Mordechai Kedar at Sinai Indaba 2012

Part 8~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 8~Final Thoughts 
Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock
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Part 7~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

When watching the news it appears that the only problem in the world is Israel and the Jews~This is Wrong! 
Time and again the Islamists declare “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”this is an age old chant clearly stating that once the Jews are eliminated~the Christians will be next! 
Jews have been almost totally cleansed from all Muslim countries and Christians are now the next in line. Communities that thrived for two thousand years, such as the Christian Copts of Egypt, are vanishing as people are faced with the choice to flee or die. In the west there are now Sharia courts, Islamic schools, No-Go Zones for Non-Muslims and an growing suppression of all things Christian (from a tiny gold cross to “Christmas”), because it offends Muslims~Why is there no outcry?
What will our part be in this coming battle? What Can We Do? Dr. Rawlings explains in detail, these six ways that everyone can help:
                                      1] Pray and Be Informed
                                      2] Pray in Unity
                                      3] Pray Without Ceasing
                                      4] Pray for the Iranian People
                                      5] Pray for Your Nation

Part 7~For Such A Time As This
Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock
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Part 6~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

In Part 6, Dr. Rawlings examines the “false prophets”, and the Islamic belief in a “false” messiah.
Much of what drives the Iranian quest for power is their belief system. At the core of this system is of course what they consider their holy book and the prophet Mohammed.
Much of what drives the Iranian quest for nuclear power and war is what Dr. Rawlings terms the “Spirit of Persia” or the Mahdi.  
You will see how scripture has foretold of these things and how the world will react and in fact we are seeing this now, in our times! More disturbing, is how the Islamic world is now claiming that when Islam becomes the “only” world faith, and Jesus (of the Bible) will embrace Islam, and turn against Christianity to “Break the Cross”!!

Part 6~False Messiah and False Prophets
Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock
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