Part 5~Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 5~The Eurasian Alliance
 Israel, Iran and The Bible~God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Part 4~Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 4~Iran’s Influence~Local and International
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Part 3~Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

We learned in Part 2 of the unique relationship between the Jews and Persians~and the unprecedented move by the Persian king~to allow the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.
Now, in Part 3 we open the book of Daniel and examine the workings of the realms of darkness and light in the battle for the tiny Jewish nation.
In fact, one of the very first attempt at a “holocaust” took place when Haman tried to destroy all of the Jews. We learn of the relationship between the earthly and heavenly realms and spiritual and physical wars.

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Part 3~The Spiritual Battle over Persia (Iran)
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Part 2~Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

In Part 2 of Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock, Dr. Rawlings takes us back in time to ancient Persia.

This is the beginning of an examination of the specific relationship between the Jewish people and the Persian nation.

After the Jews were exiled to Babylon, the Persians came into power. Most are familiar with the book of Esther, that tells of how, with God’s grace, the king acted to save the Jewish people.

In what could be termed an almost unprecedented experience, the Jewish exiles are given permission by King Cyrus to return to Israel in order to rebuild Jerusalem.

The biblical books of the prophets Isaiah, Ezra, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah and Chronicles tell of Jewish life in Persia and the return to rebuild the temple.

Part 2~Historical Context
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Israel, Iran and The Bible~A New Teaching DVD

We are pleased to announce the completion of Jerusalem Vistas~Israel Vision’s new Teaching DVD titled:

Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock 

On a daily basis we read about the threat presented by the conflict between Iran and Israel. Dr. Jay Rawlings examines the Bible for insight from the scriptures and Biblical Prophecy. Israel is God’s Time Clock, and in this new DVD, the only authoritative source (The Bible) is our guide to find out exactly “what time it is now”. With a nuclear middle east on the horizon, these “signs of the times” are becoming more and more frightening.

The entire series will be available on DVD for purchase from 01 September. Meanwhile, we will be posting portions for your viewing on this Blog. Below you will find Part 1~The Introduction. In the following days the remaining sections will be available~you will not want to miss them.
Israel and Iran~God’s Prophetic Time Clock, is a timely and sobering analysis of Middle East tensions. We hope and pray that the signs of impending disaster are wrong…

Part 1~Introduction
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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Pastor Umar Mulinde: A Man with The Heart of a Lion

When members of the world’s Christian community gathered in Jerusalem for the 4th Jerusalem Assembly, Jay, Meridel and David arranged to bring Pastor Mulinde to Jerusalem to meet with some of the leaders.

The story of Pastor Umar Mulinde and his journey from preaching Islam to Christianity is one that everyone must pay attention to. As a former Muslim he speaks honestly about Islam and the danger that it represents. Pastor Mulinde emphasizes that he does not hate Muslims. He tells us “we don’t fight Muslims”, rather, the fight is with the “Spirit of Islam”.

We had posted some excerpts from this meeting (See Links at End of Post), but to our dismay the main portion of the films were lost. With prayer and perseverance, David was able to recover the lost footage. We are pleased to be able to post the two missing segments (Below) where Pastor Mulinde speaks honestly, from his heart, about his struggle against continuous attacks and persecution. His complete faith in the Lord has sustained him, and each time we speak with him this faith seems to have grown stronger. This soft-spoken young man remains determined to speak out and will never allow the spirit of evil to silence him. 
1st Meeting~Evelyn, David, Jay, Meridel & Umar

In Part 2 (below) Pastor Mulinde reaffirms his faith and the fact that persecution will never silence him. His simply spoken words are an uplifting example for us all:

“One thing I know is that this attack cannot reduce my self-esteem, because I was attacked physically, but spiritually I am alive. The Umar Mulinde in me is alive and cannot be burned with acid. That’s why I have some pain and wounds, but I can talk boldly because the real person inside me is healthy and I thank God for that!”

All of us who have had the privilege of meeting Pastor Umar and Evelyn Mulinde have been deeply touched. They have no hate, no wish for revenge~just a steadfast belief and acceptance that the Lord is in control. Many people speak from podiums and pulpits, but this young pastor speaks from his heart with a message that cannot be denied or passed over. Words cannot portray the spirit that surrounds this young family, but all who encounter this man will come away deeply affected by the fire in his heart that burns for the Lord. We look forward to the day when he will return in joy and triumph to his church in Uganda and the thousands who are waiting to great him and we pray that his message will be heard around the world.
Please continue to pray for Pastor Umar Mulinde, his wife Evelyn and their children. Pray that as he undergoes his final treatments, the Lord will ease the pain and bring comfort to this gentle man with the Heart of a Lion…

Part 1~Pastor Umar Mulinde Tells His Story
Part 2~Is The World Listening?

Here are Links for Information on Pastor Mulinde’s Amazing Story:

Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center  Where Pastor Mulinde is Being Treated:

Bishop Quinten Moore in the Israeli Knesset~03 April 2012

On 03 April 2012, the attendees of the 4th Jerusalem Assembly were invited to the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament). The various speakers spoke of their love and support for Israel and the Jewish people. These speakers, from various countries and backgrounds brought with them essential modern-day Christian Zionist messages.
While attending the 4th Jerusalem Assembly in Jerusalem, Bishop Moore also met our dear friend, Pastor Umar Mulinde. They met in the lobby as Pastor Mulinde arrived to speak with some of the leaders who attended the assembly. During this impromptu meeting, these two pastors from opposite sides of the world discovered they had a mutual friend! You can watch the encounter and learn more HERE
In this clip, Bishop Quintin Moore of The Christian Communion International, and lead pastor of The Father’s House speaks and gives this blessing:
The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace…Numbers 6:24-26
Bishop Moore~Christian Communion International