The “Sea Hitler” Gaza Boat~See the Hypocrisy

In this discussion Michael Coren calls John Downs to task.  Downs is a radio broadcaster whose bio indicates his “beat” is Toronto City Hall. His attitude towards Israel is typical of people who have not been here and have no idea of what they are talking about. Sadly, his type of uninformed aggressive attitude is spreading.

Due to the bias of people who are in the media good people are not being told the truth. Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle-East that is democratic, allows freedom of worship to all religions, protects the rights of women and gays, and holds its defense forces to the highest of standards–sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Arab-Israelis have more freedom and rights than in any other Arab country–anywhere. People like Downs refuse to listen to any opinion other than their own, drowning out truth and reason, while instigating baseless hatred.

Michael Coren, to his credit, has done his research, visited Gaza, and is not afraid to speak the truth. Good for him!

CUPW & the Canadian Boat to Gaza

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says mail bound for Gaza will be delivered by their members aboard the Canadian boat for Gaza…WHAT? Seriously, they are talking about  another Canadian Postal Strike, yet they are going to hand deliver mail to terrorists in  Gaza??

CUPW is one of many Canadian groups that have endorsed or are supporting an attempt to have a Canadian boat run the Israeli blockade of Gaza…Canada supports breaking a legal blockade to support a terror group?

“It’s part of our campaign of boycott, divestment and sanction against the Israeli State to respect international law,” said CUPW president Denis Lemelin…
So, breaking a “legal” blockade, established to prevent weapons flow to Gaza and going against the Only Democracy in the Middle-East is part of your campaign?

CUPW passed resolutions supporting the campaign, including one designating Israel an “apartheid state” in 2008…Do they even know the definition of Apartheid? Who authorized them to designate a free democratic country as apartheid? Do they know that Arab Israelis share equal rights in Israel while Jews have been ethnically cleansed from All Arab Countries?? Do they know that Christians are now being cleansed from every country in the Middle-East but Israel? By the way, have they tried going to Mecca with a Bible in their hands…didn’t think so.

The lies, misinformation and ignorance displayed by these people is beyond comprehension. Canada Post Union Workers are supporting Hamas–a designated terror group–that calls for the annihilation of all Jews; celebrates the slaughter of babies by handing out sweets, and once again this year, they send their children to “summer camps” to learn how to kill (Jews).

What is happening to Canada? If you are concerned about where your tax dollars are going, Here are two contacts for PM Harper:


You must listen to this next clip right to the end. When I listen to the hateful idiot President of the Ontario Federation of Labour I feel sickened. The lies he is perpetrating are fed to the public by terrorists, He has never even been here or to Gaza! I suggest you read this article by Elder of Ziyon, which provides proof that political tourists are getting  a full dose of brainwashing in Gaza~you will see where the mindless rhetoric comes from.  Thousands of missiles fired day after day, year after year at Israeli towns, the slaughter of Israeli children mean nothing to him, and even when Michael Coren–who has actually been to Gaza–tries to educate him, Sid Ryan refuses to listen. Palestinians (thanks to the American tax payer) are some of the fattest people on the Earth!

Shame on Unions for allowing such scum take leadership roles, and shame on anyone who supports them.

Smarmy Sid Ryan~Gazans Kept Marginally Above Starvation Level…

The Danger that Freedom is Facing

On Remembrance day 2010, in the UK, a rather large group of muslims did their best to desecrate the the memories of those who gave their lives for freedom. In this series of clips Michael Coren and Melanie Phillips discuss how this type of radicalism has developed and the  very real danger it poses. 
I urge you to listen carefully, and consider how extremism and (those who promote sharia) are becoming a threat to the freedoms that we enjoy. Some of the figures discussed are frightening. Please take the time to listen and think about the threat we are facing in the free world.

Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 1 of 4
Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 2 of 4
Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 3 of 4
Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 4 of 4

Michael Coren Interviews Sam Solomon on Islam

Sam Solomon is a unique man. He was raised as a Muslim, trained in Sharia law for 15 years, and after reading the New Testament became a Christian. He was imprisoned, questioned, and was to be put to death when the decision instead came to exile him on pain of death. One of the leading experts on Islam and Sharia law in the western world now, Mr Solomon has testified before congress and is a consultant to the British parliament for matters regarding Islam. You can see a series of interviews with him on Europe News
Here he is on the Michael Coren Show. Listen and Learn!