After the Terror Attacks on Charlie Hebdo & French Jews…

Charlie Hebdo Cover~Post Terror Attack
Have we not learned anything at all from the horrific attacks that just took place in France? When will the media and politicos admit that the gradual creep of “Islamism” is picking up speed, and with it the attacks on free speech, democracy and anything “non-muslim”.

At one time it was easy to ignore attacks that took place in “3rd World” countries. People seemed to have an unspoken agreement that it was not “our” problem, here in the free world. As Muslim immigration picked up pace, the ever welcoming western world bent over backwards to welcome new citizens. After all, weren’t most of us immigrants at one time?

Those who dared to express concerns, and warn of the dangers of large groups of people insisting on bringing 7th century laws into our countries, have been harassed, black-listed and now, slaughtered.

As the attacks on western society rise in number, why are the media and political spheres insisting that it has nothing to do with Islam?

The truth is, it has everything to do with Islam, and those followers who refuse to acknowledge that non-Muslims have rights as well. This is a fact that will not change unless Islam itself undergoes a reformation. Over the centuries peoples of all faiths have progressed as free, democratic societies have evolved. It is called “change”, something which Islam avoids.

Rather than the leaders and opinion-makers of the free world uniting to demand that Muslims either cease their barbaric practices or go back to where they came from, we hear the same tired, “multi-culti, politically correct” lines…”It’s Islamophobia!” and more recently, “We Fear A Back-lash Against Innocent Muslims!”…over and over again, ad nauseum…

Wake Up People! The middle-east mind-set is not the same as that of the rest of the world. All the pandering means to them is “weakness”. That’s right~weakness! It is a sign that they are winning and forcing us to submit to their primitive objectives. Make no mistake, these are people who do not value life, rather, for them, the greatest achievement is death~preferably while killing as many “kafirs” as possible.

All the whining and crying about “backlash” is just another part of their “jihad” to conquer and subdue the free world. This is from an article by Daniel Greenfield~well worth reading the entire article:

Muslims are not the victims of the Hebdo massacre.
They are not the victims of mass murder in a Kosher supermarket.
They are not the victims of the Sydney Siege.

They are the perpetrators.

The sooner we face reality and accept that there is a real and present danger, the sooner we can unite to defeat this evil and send it back to where it came from. If we continue in this way, we are bound for dire consequences.

Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.

Because they hated knowledge And did not choose the fear of the Lord,

They would have none of my counsel And despised my every rebuke.

Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way,
And be filled to the full with their own fancies…Proverbs 1:28-31

Belgium is Becoming an Islamic State~What About Canada?

Quote from Video: “This is the Beginning of the Islamization of Antwerp
And To All You Infidels:  Adjust OR Get Out” (PS: Now They Are Getting Out~Story HERE)

The above video was posted in November 2011. Now Less than two years later, Muslims are becoming the majority power in Belgium and native citizens are being forced out. There are many stories about Canadian Jihad (like THIS) but sadly, people choose to ignore the obvious. It is not Multi-Culturalism when the entire native population is brutalized and forced out! This is how radical Islam spreads~When Good People Do Nothing!
Meanwhile, Back in Canada…

A Word To The Wise~Please, Please Listen Carefully!!

Ami Horowitz~Movie Maker With a Twist!

The first clip is a sample of what Ami Horowitz filmed during the Occupy Wall Street protest, along with an brief interview. 
The second clip (You Really Need to Watch This) is the official trailer for his movie U.N. Me which will be released in June 2012. There is sure to be a whole lot of righteous indignation at the UN over this 

…The Truth Hurts (Big Time)

Ami’s New Movie Coming Out in June 2012~This Will Be Good!

Islam and the Battle For Our Minds

Reporter Eric Stakelbeck brings another outstanding report that points out the gross failure of the media to communicate truth on the dangers all people in the west are facing. He is joined by Michael Widlanski, author of the book, Battle For Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat.
You will see clips of government officials who are so intent on “cover up” they will not even “name the enemy”. Watch and listen to the very people who are supposedly working for the safety of the people refuse to speak truthfully.
This is not a new phenomenon! it has been creeping into society for years, but political correctness, corrupt officials and lies have placed the word in severe danger. For too long, government decision makers, the mainstream media and even the intelligence community are misleading everyone about the nature of the Islamic jihadist threat. We run the risk being sent back to the dark ages if we don’t wake up. 
In Stakelbeck’s words, “there is a battle for our minds going on and the enemy is winning…”  
Dear Friends, Please Listen Carefully and Pray!