Islam: What The West Needs to Know

More and more we are seeing our freedoms and rights encroached upon, and yet, the world turns a blind eye to what is happening.

We are seeing every religion save one discriminated against. The free nations of the west, founded on Judeo-Christian principles are now under attack. Any reference to God, prayer, the Ten Commandments or the Bible are no longer allowed in public places. People are being told they can no longer wear tiny gold cross necklaces as it “offends some”. Meanwhile, schools are teaching the tenants of Islam, exceptions are made for Islamic prayers, dress, food and their dislike for certain parts of western life. We are slowly being reduced to dhimmi status in our own countries.

Movie Description:
Through an examination of the Koran, other Islamic texts and the example of the prophet Muhammad, this documentary argues, through a sober and methodical presentation, that violence against non-Muslims is and has always been an integral aspect of Islam. 

Regardless of what you know or think you know, this is a “must see” movie! Our laid back attitude of political correctness will destroy us. Please watch and educate yourself…

Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within…

A Christian born in 1964 in Lebanon, Brigitte Gabrielle saw first hand what civil war was like. Now living in America, she is a well known speaker and founded Act! for America, to help empower others to “fearlessly speak out” in defense of America, Israel and Western civilization.
Ms. Gabriel is the author of two New York Times Best Sellers, BECAUSE THEY HATE: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, and THEY MUST BE STOPPED: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. She was named one of the “top fifty” most prominent speakers in America.

In this clip Brigitte speaks to a congregation about the very real danger facing the west. You will hear about her background and how civil war devastated the country of her birth, Lebanon. She names associations, provides background on infiltration of our schools and even the highest post in the land. Yes, the current pResident not only caters to these infiltrators, but he has placed them in the position of trusted advisers. Please Listen Carefully!

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

There have been endless stories on the eligibility of the current resident of the white house.

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, people were celebrating~Some, because he was the first black American to be elected to the highest office, and some who fell under the spell of the “Hollywood” aura surrounding him.

Many questioned his back-ground~or lack of it~and as the days unfolded they questioned his legitimacy and even his loyalty to the United States and the Constitution.

With elections looming the citizens of America are concerned and rightly so. For the first time ever their triple “A” financial rating has been downgraded and the future looks very gloomy. Add to that the constant bowing and grovelling to the despots and terrorists of the world, his lack of respect for the American flag and the Military who so bravely support their country, and the shameful treatment of allies, and one can understand the concern.

The first clip below is the news report while the full press conference (2nd clip) outlines in detail how the investigators came to their conclusions. It is very compelling evidence indeed. If you watch to the end you will hear the “media” immediately go on the attack. I wonder how long it will take before somebody screams racist?
There are some basic questions everyone should be asking~and indeed should have been asking three years ago. Why is it that there was never an original birth certificate in the first place? Why has Barack Hussein Obama spent millions of dollars sealing every bit of information on himself and his mother from the public? After three years as the head of the United States of America why is it that there is absolutely no personal information on this man? Where are the the friends and neighbours, the ones who always pop up with “I knew him when…” ? Why are there are no teachers, or not even a single girl-friend to share anecdotes on the man who came from out of nowhere to become the first black American president?

While time will (hopefully) produce the truth, shouldn’t people be asking these questions Now??

Local News Report
Sheriff Joe Arpaio~Cold Case Results~Full Press Conference
Condensed Video Showing “Why” BHO’s Document is Fake

Fundamentalist Muslims Directing the Toronto Police Force??

Toronto has been in the news a lot lately, but sadly it is not always good news. There is a trend that can be seen from this short list:
* A school turning the cafeteria into a prayer room;
* Rabid anti-Jew hate fests being allowed in Queens park;
* Canadians being trained for jihad;
* Tax dollars being paid to muslim hate preachers;
* Bloggers being threatened for reporting facts, and being told that this is Islamic Canada and the police will (apparently) enforce the will of the crooks in question (you really have to read this one to believe it)

The list goes on~Now the police department is consulting fundamentalist muslims regarding policy, including hijabs for policewomen, and perhaps even the full niquab in the future.

Right after the byline is an interview on the topic with Tarek Fatah. It makes one wonder if Toronto will soon become a No-Go Zone for all non-muslims…

* Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids

Walid Shoebat Speaks About His Life and More…

Popular speaker, Walid Shoebat has been the center of much controversy and even accused of being a fake. In all cases those who come up with “evidence that he is not what he claims to be” have been proven wrong.
Born in Bethlehem, Walid is the product of a Palestinian Muslim father and an American Christian mother. As a Muslim he hated Jews, until he married a Catholic girl and was required to do some “critical thinking”. He bought a Bible for ten dollars and began reading. In the end, he embraced Christianity, and now spends his life trying to educate people.
This is rather long lecture, but I assure you, it is well worth watching. As you watch, please consider seriously what he is saying.