Sweden’s Multicultural Nightmare

On November 24th, 2010 Sweden’s parliament, the Riksdag, voted for the most sweeping changes to the country’s constitution since 1974.  The document contained many significant changes to Sweden’s constitution, but public debate on it has remained conspicuously silent. Pat Condell gives his unique opinion on this and a few other “Swedish Delights”

Can Canada Handle its High Immigration?

An article on Mesopotamia West addressed the growing immigration problem in the UK as compared to Canada.  According to the Cameron government, Britain, with a population of 61 million is having trouble absorbing 200,000 immigrants (figures from 2009). During the same period the Canadian government had an immigration number 20 percent larger with a population half the size of the UK! (33 million). It has been noted in other articles that the majority rely on public welfare and do not assimilate into society, rejecting the laws of the land. How can taxpayers absorb these costs and how can a country function if there is no respect of law and those who are tasked with enforcing it?
Are you concerned about immigration to Canada by those who refuse to assimilate? According to this article on Mesopotamia West there are those who are and there is something you can do about it. This is a partial quote:
You can do your bit to defend Western freedoms by signing an on-line petition urging Canadian politicians to stop Muslim immigration to Canada (h/t ib). The petition makes an important point; that Islam is a political ideology. 
Islam is both a religion and a political ideology, and its politics are supremacist. That is, the doctrines of mainstream Islam command the followers of this faith to work toward the dominance of their religion over all other religions and the subjugation of all other political systems beneath the Islamic political system (Shari’a).
Is this a growing problem that is being ignored by politicians caught up in political correctness? What will the future hold when the country has more people drawing out of the system than  paying into it? What future is there going to be for our children–our grandchildren? Do take time to read the whole article here, which also includes the link to the petition.