US Military: Bibles Banned~Ramadan Rules Enforced

You Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up!
I found this interesting report on Blazing Cat Fur’s blog
The US Air Force banned Christian Gideon’s volunteers from the base in March, saying:
“They can place their literature within our facility, but they are not allowed to stand there and talk with applicants or hand them (the Bibles) out
The question to be asked is: Does this same ban apply to Muslims and their literature on Islam? Take for example, the fact that US military personnel are not only expected to adhere to Islamic practices during Ramadan, they are actually having briefing sessions. From a report in the Stars and Stripes:
…US personnel accustomed to drinking their coffee on the drive to work will have to put that habit on hold for about a month. It’s one of a few lifestyle changes Americans will have to make during the holy month of Ramadan.
Base cultural advisers have spent the last few weeks conducting Ramadan briefs to educate Americans about the holy month…(Ali) Hassan encouraged personnel to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent, many of which are set up at various locations around Bahrain during the holy month and welcome non-Muslims.
A few of the Rules to be followed: (Taken from Stars and Stripes):
* Eating, drinking, chewing and smoking in public are civil offenses in some Islamic countries
* Men should wear long sleeves and pants. Women’s sleeves should extend below the elbow and pants or
   skirts should cover the knees.
* Avoid critical remarks about fasting or any religious practice
* Most restaurants will be closed except those in 4 and 5-star hotels
* All consumption of alcohol by US military personnel is prohibited at any off base public venue in the US 
  Navy 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility during Ramadan.
While the rules are not torture, and it is not clear if this will be a blanket policy for all US Military bases, the real question that must be asked is: How much reciprocation do Christians (or any non-Muslims) receive from Muslims~In Our Own Countries? We are expected to respect a culture and views that are foreign, and indeed conflicting with our way of life, yet we must “respect” the foreign culture, while the foreign culture rejects anthing of ours. This is the height of politically correct stupidity.
Christians for the most part, do respect others. Now, it is time for Christians to start demanding that same level of respect for themselves. We are entering into dangerous territory when we allow our own beliefs to be sacrificed in the name of “political correctlness”.

St. George’s Church Near Beit Jala Attacked by Muslims

It is Muslims (Not Jews) Who Attack Christians in Israel!
Lela Gilbert, author of Saturday People, Sunday People, Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner, reported:
A Bethlehem Greek Orthodox Church (St. George’s Church~Khadar~near Beit Jala) was attacked by Muslims during its annual St. George’s Day services on May 6. Some local Muslims either tried to park a car too close the church and/or tried to enter the church during a service honoring St. George~the initial instigation isn’t clear. But when the intruders were asked to leave, one of them stabbed a Christian man who was outside the church serving as a guard. He was hospitalized. Several then started throwing stones at the church. 7 or 8 Christians were injured and some physical damage was done~broken windows etc. The police didn’t show up for an hour.
Ed. Note:
The Palestinian Authority is responsible for the area, they do Not seem to care if Christians or Jews are attacked 

Mobs of Muslims Attack Jewish Children on Temple Mount

In Israel, religious Jews are now in a period known as “Counting the Omer”. During this time there are various observances, including visiting the Kotel (Wailing Wall) each day, while some like to view Judaism’s Holiest site, the Temple Mount.
Yesterday, a small group of Haredi fathers and children went up to the Temple Mount to see Judaism’s holiest site. What happened next was frightening.
A baying mob of muslims began spitting, screaming alla-hu-akbar, and throwing obstacles at the children. You can see the terror and confusion of these young ones. Yes, the police came to escort them to safety and hold back the mob, but these children will be forever traumatized.
Did you hear of this on the news? Have any politicians (Israel or anywhere else) spoken against this? The silence is deafening. Even sadder is the fact that this happens again and again as a show of power and an attempt to remove Jews from the Land of Israel.
Jews have nothing but awe and respect for their holiest sites.The only thing they want, is the right to send their prayers to God. When Jews ascend to the mount it is with utmost preparation and respect for the holy ground.
When Muslims pray daily on the mount, they pray to their holiest site, Mecca. That means that their backsides face their “al aqsa” mosque. It is used as a playground for picnics and soccer. It is used as a rallying point for riots, but nobody is banning them for showing disrespect. 
Lately the riots have increased in their manic ferocity. Unless something is done, it will not be long before a real disaster takes place. There is no respect for life in the minds of these people~hatred over rides all!
The world is changing and it is not towards good. Right is wrong and bad is good, morals don’t exist
Take time to read history (preferably from a book), and you will see the startling similarities as people turn against Israel.
The hatred that is now being spewed has become dangerous and frightening. When people see nothing wrong with children being attacked we must examine our moral compass.
The trend towards “political correctness” and turning a blind eye to evil for the sake of “multiculturalism” is destroying freedom world wide. Once again, the majority, the decent people, either “join in” or convince themselves that “nothing is happening here~move along”. Dear friends, something “is” happening and Good People must not stand by again while evil is allowed to prosper.
As we enter into another Sabbath weekend, Please keep Israel in your prayers…

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee…Psalm 122:6 (KJV)
שַׁאֲלוּ, שְׁלוֹם יְרוּשָׁלִָם; יִשְׁלָיוּ, אֹהֲבָיִךְ

They Only Wanted to Look Upon Judaism’s Holiest Site