Hamas Celebrates Terrorists

Gilad Shalit~Free at Last!
There are many articles regarding the release of Gilad Shalit. What is most appalling (apart from the fact that he looks like a holocaust survivor) is the fact that Hamas has been celebrating the fact that murder and terror works. And who could argue with that?
While there seemed to be money for a 10,000 square foot stage built for the celebrations, the world is bashing Israel for not opening the borders. Remember, There is also a border which Egypt is keeping closed as well. 
UNESCO slobbers over the PA who have systematically been destroying any trace of Jewish heritage~desecrating cemetaries and tombs of the patriarchs~while trying to re-write history to say they have been here since the beginning of time.
Even today, there are two boats, trying once again to break the legal blockade on Gaza. The world loves terror and cold blooded butchers. The question is…Why?
One final note~as you watch this film of the terrorists brandishing weapons and being cheered as heroes~have a close look at how tanned and healthy they are compared to Gilad Shalit (above) on his release. They will immediately return to terror activities, while Gilad must fight to rebuild his physical and mental health.
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A Salary for Terrorists~And a Luxury Hotel for Gaza

Terrorist Kills Family~Receives Kr 6000 per Month
Bob Hope sang Thanks for the Memories, and “palestinian” Terrorists are singing Thanks for the donations. Europe and the west pump billions into the PA, but It seems Norway is particularly generous. 
Not only does the Norwegian government have high ranking officials that sympathize with Hamas, it’s also sending aid money to the Palestinian Authority that goes directly to the pockets of convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli jailsbut only to those who do real terror, like killing Jews~apparently there are no payments for petty theft. 
The family pictured above was killed by such scum, and he now receives Kr 6,000 per month  ($1,111) as a salary, while his family receives additional social benefits~and, as he approaches his 10th year in Israeli jail, they will receive a “pay raise” of 50%.  Do go to Tundra Tabloids and read the full story. And Don’t tell me the PA wants peace!
As the sun sets in the west, the world continues to insist that Israel is “occupying” Gaza and the people are starving~but wait, yet another luxury hotel has just opened~oh, the horror…

Give Peace a Chance

The video below suggests a new perspective for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians based on the discovery of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo peace conference of April, 1920. 
This long hidden document explains the legal rights of the Jews as well as the Palestinians. 
A group of professionals calling themselves Give Peace a Chance, feel that, by returning to the negotiating table and respecting historical facts and international law there can be real peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Palestine~From the River to the Sea

In this disturbing film, by acclaimed director Pierre Rehov, you will follow along as he explores the issue with firsthand footage of the refugee camps and and in depth analysis by world experts as well as interviews with the Arab refugees themselves. Why there are still millions of Palestinians who, 63 years after the birth of Israel are languishing as refugees in poverty? Why are there still refugee camps within the Arab countries? Israel dismantled its camps in the 1950’s and gave full citizenship to what are now Israeli Arabs, while in contrast the refugees in the surrounding Arab countries have been kept in limbo since 1948–stateless and without papers. 
In this film you will see the lies, corruption, propaganda and false hopes that have developed as this group of people is virtually held as pawns in a board game. Originally there were about  480,000 who left in 1948 on the advice of their Arab leaders, but this has grown to whopping 6 million plus, who are living in refugee camps today.
You will see that UNRWA is the only agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific region or conflict. UNRWA has 1 staff for every 10 Palestinian refugees, while UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) for the rest of the world has 1 staff for every 4,000 refugees! Of the more than 400 million dollars per year given to UNRWA about 50% goes to UNRWA employees–and there are other funds that are not accounted for.
The facts are not pleasant! Please take the time to watch each of the four segments of this film. Go to Pierre Rehov’s website and learn more. Listen to what the Arabs themselves are saying. What they are demanding is nothing less than the complete destruction of the Israeli state and it’s people. Are you willing to support this?

From the River to the Sea~Part 1
From the River to the Sea~Part 2
From the River to the Sea~Part 3
From the River to the Sea~Part 4

Attacking Israel’s Borders

The news is ablaze with the confrontations between so called “Palestinian Arabs” and the IDF. But sometimes things are not as they seem. Apparently, a large number of these people are not Palestinians at all, but impoverished Syrian farmers from the north of the country. 
The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has offered to pay them for attacking Israel’s border! According to the Reform party, the farmers, who are suffering from a severe drought, make less than the average Syrian salary of $200 a month. The Syrian regime has offered these poor people $1,000 to travel to the border at the Golan Heights and challenge the IDF.  In addition, if they are killed another $25,000  will be paid to their families.

It is said that Assad is trying to divert world attention away from his own brutality and massacres of unarmed Syrian civilians. As in every Arab country, the call to “blame the Jews” or “take back Israel” works wonders as a distraction from the brutal actions of despotic regimes.

More clashes are expected as desperate people are led like lambs to a slaughter–in the name of jihad of course. Even though the IDF is instructed to use restraint, eventually they will have to use force as these wildly  incited crowds rush for the chance to kill a Jew or die as a martyr. Hate is a powerful force, and in the Arab world nothing is stronger than hate for the Jews, although hate for all things western or democratic rates near the top of the list.

Arutz 7 posted an article from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Joel Brinkley, who claims that Assad is the World’s Most Dangerous Man. He sells missiles to Hizbullah, the terrorist group in southern Lebanon that is the avowed enemy of Israel and the United States. Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas leader, actually lives in Damascus and does his murderous business openly from a storefront.

*Note* If you don’t believe that Hamas is a murderous gang of terrorists, please follow this link and Read Their Charter–Carefully. This is what the flotillas, and so called peace activists support.
American intelligence shows that Syria has a vast store of chemical weapons. Assad had pursued a secret nuclear-weapons development program until Israel bombed it in 2007. More recent intelligence suggests that he is back at it, though this time the program is better hidden. Brinkley also pointed out that the day after President Obama sent a new ambassador to Damascus, Assad hosted a state visit by Ahmadinejad. The timing was no accident.

Brinkley has added his name to countless analysts who have questioned why President Obama supported the defeat of American ally Hosni Mubarak yet still tries to work with Assad, who openly works against the USA

The question is, how long will the world continue with this farce? How long will people scream and protest about the only democratic country in the middle east? How long will they join the oppressors in attacks against the only country in the middle east where Arabs have rights? One has to wonder…

Benjamin Netanyahu Circa 1978~Peace in Our Time?

Even back in 1978, Binyamin Netanyahu tells the truth about a “Palestinian State”–it would have but one goal only and that is to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Then as now, Israel was fighting terror on a daily basis–Not much has changed!
In 1978, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, was 28 years old, an MIT Grad, and Economic Consultant. He took part in a debate for the US TV show The Advocates. The topic was whether there should be a Palesinian state created in the area of the West Bank and Gaza.
He is debated (questioned?) by Fouad Ajami, a Lebanese-born American (now a professor at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). It is interesting to note that Ajami’s Shiite family came to Arnoun (Lebanon) from Tabriz (Iran), in the 1850s. In Arabic, the word Ajami means “non-Arab”; or “Persian”Not Palestinian! Thirty-three years ago the Arab world was demanding that Israel sacrifice itself to the “Palestinians” who, in their own charter, state that they are part of the Arab world. Please listen closely to the questions and answers–Learn from History.

The San Remo Mandate: Israel’s Right to the Land

The 1920 San Remo resolution answers a fundamental issue that plagues the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: whether Israel has a right to the land…The San Remo Agreement gave the entire area to the Jews and urged the world community to help them settle it (Article 6). This agreement was signed by 51 members of the League of Nations, and it supersedes the 1947 UN resolution regarding Israel. Listen and Learn…

* H/T to Mesopotamia West